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Candy CMD 146 Smart

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3 Reviews

Brand: Candy

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    3 Reviews
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      19.11.2009 23:53
      Very helpful
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      Would not recommend

      I owned a Candy washing machine for 10 years prior to buying this machine without any problems.
      We bought this front loader washer/dryer in 2007. Every couple of months there has been a problem.
      The door switch has been replaced several times
      The bearings/ drum have been replaced
      On off switch has been fixed twice.
      The door seal has been replaced.
      Programmer has been replaced.
      The condenser has been replaced
      Balance springs have been replaced
      Wiring has been replaced on two occasions.

      The good points are that the service engineers come out within a couple of days.
      The machine is very simple to use and the lowest heat setting is fine for most washing.The delay function enables us to use the cheaper rate electricity (we have two tier electricity) Also means we can set it up if we are going to be away over night.
      The machine has a spin speed of 1400 rpm and most items of clothing only need 60 mins drying time.

      I would recommend a good service agreement if you are going to buy this machine.


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        26.03.2009 15:49



        Highly recommended for anyone who needs a combi machine!

        I have now owned this washing machine for 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier -

        Washing: It has a full array of programmes ranging from Hand Wash to Delicates to 30degrees to Boil Wash (19 in total) and these are easy to understand and select via the rotating dial on the right hand of the machine. The machine then allows the flexibility to change the spin speed and also the length of the wash programme via its "Super Rapid" button. Length of time remaining in a wash cycle is easy to work out via the left hand LED tower. (This doubles up as the delay start function which is great if you want the machine to run once you are in bed or similar).
        The machine itself is great for a flat both because its a combi and takes up minimal space but also because its very quiet - it has internal stabilisers which mean even at an absolute top spin speed it wont wake you or the neighbours!!
        The washing powder tray is located at the top left and there are nice big spaces in the draw which are clearly labelled - no confusion as to which bit (powder vs conditioner) goes where!

        Drying: Offers a sensor drying programme or you can select the time yourself - temperature is also variable via the material type that you select on the programme dial (cotton being hotter than synthetics!). Being a washer/dryer its not the most efficient dryer (towels will require c.80-90 minutes of drying) but it does the job! The crease-guard programme works well on items like cotton shirts and you can select the "iron-dry" setting so that your clothes dont come out so dry that you can't iron the creases out!

        All in all, this is a great machine with a clear and easy to use part computerised control panel! I would recommend to anyone!


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        29.05.2007 18:54
        Very helpful
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        a great washer dryer

        Candy CMD146 Washer Dryer

        Well having moved into our new flat and already settled in a great deal as everything is unpacked ready and waiting for our new arrival I thought I would while I still have the time write a review of our new washer dryer that came with the flat. We have gone into the shared ownership scheme run by the local council, as we were unable to afford the extortionate prices of homes in our area alone. This has really worked out well because the flat we have moved into is a lovely new build done to a high specification and comes already installed with things such as a fridge freezer and this particular washer dryer.

        At first I was a big scared when using the machine as to look at it you would think it is very complicated to use. It has an array of flashing lights and dials on the front making it look like something that will take years to learn how to use to its full capability. I am also never really one for reading instruction manuals and the like however this time I was taking no chances with my clothes being shrunk and decided on giving the manual a good read through before putting on a load of washing.

        The manual that comes with this washer dryer is a small 30-paged booklet that is easy to understand and simple to read. The instructions are given clearly for what each and every button, dial and light does. The instruction booklet I have to say is one of the best I have every come across as the text is written in simple English with no jargon or complicated information. This is one booklet that I would suggest you read thoroughly if buying this machine. At the back of the booklet there is a section to fill in that gives the purchaser a free years warranty on the machine and I have yet to fill this in and send it off but I am sure I will do this at some point in the near future.

        After doing a little searching on the internet I can tell you that even though this brand new machine came with the flat and we didn’t directly have to pay out any money for it that if you were wanting to buy it yourself you would be looking at paying from about £280 to £310 which I think for a machine that does both the washing and drying of clothes is a rather good price but one I am glad we did not have to fork out for!

        The machine has up to a 6kg load capacity that I find is really a large amount for the washing that I am doing at the moment but I am sure when the baby arrives no amount will ever be enough! The machine is a front loading machine and there are two separate glass plates on the door giving extra protection from the heat although the front glass plate still does get rather hot and it is advisable not to even lightly touch this at any point during washing or especially when drying.

        You are able to dry clothes straight from washing them or indeed programme the machine to stop after washing giving you a chance to sort out any clothes that you don’t want to be we dried and begin the drying programme after wards. Most of the time I tend to just use the washing programme and them take out all those items that really are not suitable for being tumble dried. The first time I used it however I set it to dry straight away and I found that all my boyfriends work shirts were impossible to iron as they were covered in creases so they had to be washed again in order for them to be ironed nicely.

        As I said there are several lights and buttons on the outside of the machine that all do a different job. These are listed nicely in the front part of the instruction manual from A to R and them descriptions are given throughout the following pages of the booklet.

        Door Security Light – this is a small red light that lights up when the door is locked. The door will only unlock after 2 minutes following the end of the washing or drying programme that has just finished running. The light will go out indicating that it is safe to open the door.

        The Start/Pause Button – This button allows you to begin the washing or drying programme that has been selected or even pause the machine after washing/drying has begun. The pause option is especially handy for when you realise you have dropped that one odd sock on your way to the machine and want it to make the wash, so pause the machine, after two minutes the door will open and you can add that blasted sock into the load before too much washing has taken place.

        Crease Guard Button – This is the button that you would press when you would like the washer to minimise the amount of creases put into a wash. The machine when selected in this mode will add more cool water at certain times throughout the wash giving a better crease free end result.

        Super Rapid Button – This button is one I always press and this reduces the amount of time that the washing takes by up to a whopping 50 minutes but can only be used when in the selected cotton or synthetic wash cycle.

        Activia Rinse Button – I have not ever used this button as this puts a whole extra rinse cycle into any washing programme. It uses up a lot more water but claims that by using it the washing load will be perfectly rinsed and is especially designed for people with sensitive skin. This maybe the case but I find using a whole lot more water is more wasteful and I think I will just stick to using my non-bio powder and be satisfied with that.

        Delay Start Button – This button is for when you want to put a wash on but not for a few hours. You are able to select a desired start time for the wash and have it for a 3, 6 or 9 hour delay time. This I suppose is handy for if you put the washing in ready for the morning and select 9 hour delay then the machine will begin for when you are awake in the morning and be ready for you to sort once you have woken up and eaten breakfast. This is not a button I think I will use that much as surely it is easier just to get the washing ready and push the start button when you are ready! I can’t see the point of leaving it on standby for such a long period of time.

        Spin Speed Button - This button goes alongside an array of small red LED lights to indicate which speed has been selected. I have always got the spin speed selected at the highest possible amount as this is said top draw as much water as possible from the clothes before drying. Of course with delicates such as woollens having on the highest speed is not advisable, as this will just ruin the look of the garment so therefore a slower spin speed should be selected. You can change the speed selected by pushing the button, which will then light the different LED lights indicating selection.

        Time to end indicator Light – this small LED red light shows roughly how much time the selected programme has left to run before it is finished. The light changes as the wash progresses and gives you an idea when to expect the wash to finish. There are various options that can be displayed such as above 60 minutes, les than 60 minutes, less than 30 minutes, less than 15 minutes and a light indicating the end of the programme.

        Drying Programme indicators - This is shown as different pictures indicating different drying times. You can clearly see what has been selected because of the red LED light, which will light up next to selected picture. The options for this function are extra dry program for items such as towels and a picture of a shirt and a sun depicts this programme. The cupboard-drying programme dries to, as you would expect enough to hang up in the cupboard so this is best for normal items. The picture shown to depict this selection is a coat hanger and finally the last programme is the iron drying one that is depicted funnily enough by an iron. I find this is often still too dry for items such as thin white shirts as these are best ironed straight from the wash.

        There is also an option to select not a drying programme but a drying time and these are also shown that they have been selected, by a small red LED light. You can choose from a time period between 120 minutes, 90 minutes, 60 minutes or 30 minutes. There is on all options a cool down phase and this is indicated by a small fan shaped icon and again the LED light.

        The other main part of the front section selection board is the large dial that is turned to select the washing programme. This is easily labelled with the different fabrics circling the bottom of the dial. Above each of these fabric subheadings are temperature settings and these are shown clearly and simply enough for anyone to understand there basic meanings. The dial can be turned right round to any of the different fabric or different temperatures. You are also able to turn the machine off from this dial and also select only the use of the tumble dryer.

        Overall I would say that this machine is wonderful. Having only had a very cheap washing machine before it is a very nice change to have the ability to dry if needed. The machine at first looked complicated but once the instructions were read I found it very simple to use. There are large compartments to put the washing powder, conditioner and any stain remover and these are easily removed for cleaning and large enough to put lots in for those larger loads.

        All the clothes that I have washed in this machine have come out looking good, clean and I have not as yet lost any socks!! The drying programs are very good with so many options there really is a programme for anything and everything. The noise of the machine is not at all overpowering and compared to my last one is relatively silent. Even when the machine is going through the fastest spin cycle the noise is still at an acceptable level. The machine does not shake too much either and this also helps to keep the sound volume low. The clothes come out nice and clean and dry from the machine after it has finished the drying programme and makes towels exceptionally soft and fluffy.

        I think, even though for me the price is a lot to pay out, that it is one of the cheaper washer dryer combined machines but well worth every penny as it works so well. It looks smart sat in its closet all of its own and when running you wouldn’t even know it was there! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who asked as I think you really cant go wrong with it.


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      • Product Details

        Front Load Drum All-in-One Washer / Dryer / Efficiency: BAA / 13.23 lb / load / Features: Dial Controls / Delayed Start Timer / Time Remaining / Short name: Candy CMD 146

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