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Hoover HNWL 7146 Nextra 6

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Hoover / Front Load Drum All-in-One Washer / Dryer / Efficiency: BAA / 13.23 lb. load / Features: Dial Controls / Delayed Start Timer / Colors: ...

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    2 Reviews
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      02.02.2011 00:15
      Very helpful



      Really easy to use a great washer/dryer

      This is the first washer dryer I have had and I find it very useful as I do not have any out side space to hang my washing and its great having them combined as you can put a wash on and set to dry after the wash and just leave it and when you come back your washing will be washed and dry.

      Product Description

      Washer/dryer - front loading
      Max load capacity - 6 kg
      Max drying capacity 4kg
      Spin speed 1400 rpm (max)
      Energy consumption per cycle 1.14 kWh
      Average water consumption per cycle 135 litre
      Voltage 230- 240 V
      Dimensions (wxDxH) 60cm x 54cm x 85cm
      Weight 77kg


      Washing machines are supplied to operate at a voltage of 230-240V 50 Hz single phase. So check that the supply circuit is rated to at least 13A.

      The cold water pressure should be between 0.5 and 8 bar.

      The Dispenser...

      There are 3 compartments

      The mainwash detergent compartment maximum dosage is 200ml of powder
      The fabric conditioner compartment maximum dosage 200ml
      The prewash detergent compartment maximum dosage 100ml powder

      The dispenser can get quite dirty and there can be a lot of build up in the conditioner compartment the dispenser can be pulled right out with a firm tug and cleaned easily enough in the sink but this needs to be done often enough to make it easier to clean in the long run.

      The control panel...

      There are a lot of options but they are well labeled you don't need read a manual to work them out unlike some machines.

      There is a start/pause button you press this to start your wash once you have selected or the options you need you can also press this at any time if you want to pause your wash by holding down for a few seconds. The door lock indicator light will remain on for about 2 minutes and then the door can be opened when this light goes out. To restart the wash program again just press the button again once.

      You can also cancel and change the program you have selected by turning the program selector to off and then choosing a new program.

      Countdown Display...

      The countdown display indicates you with small lights...

      60' 30' 15' stop }this indicates the minutes left
      (there are 4 small lights hear)
      3h 6h 9h door closed }this indicates how long the delay start is

      above is my attempt of a diagram to give you the idea of how it looks

      So I find the countdown display great it shows you how long you have left on your wash so if you have more than 15mins but less than 30mins left the 15' light will show. If you put a wash on to follow by a tumble it will tell you how long is left on the wash and then when that is finished it will go to how long is left on the tumble not the combined time for both.

      It also displays how long is left from your delay start you have until the wash starts. To select the delay start option you press the button once for 3h twice for 6h and three times for 9h and then press the start button and just walk away.

      Wash and dry options...

      Time Saver

      This is a button you press that can be used on the cottons and synthetics programs. By using this the wash time can be reduced by 50minutes, depending on the selected program, temperature and load, without affecting the quality of the wash.

      Stain Blaster

      This can only be used in the cotton cycles, There are sensors that affect both the selected temperature, keeping it a constant level throughout the wash cycle. The drum is made to turn at two different speeds at the crucial moments

      Sensitive Care

      This option treats with care the fibers of garments. The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water this is so that the detergent dissolves better it also increases during the rinse so to get all the detergent out.. great if you have alleges.

      Temperature Selector

      This is a knob to select the temperature you require during you wash there is 8 temperature there is a snowflake buy selecting this the wash temperature is equivalent to the water inlet temperature (so you save on energy) the over temperature are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90.

      Drying Selector
      Only a maximum of 4kg of laundry can be loaded for the dryer.

      You select what program you requirer to run after your wash before you press the start button if you don't want to dry after you just leave the dial on the no dry option.

      There are 7 options

      Sensor drying programs,

      Extra Dry
      Store Dry
      Iron Dry

      Time drying programs

      120 minutes
      60 minutes
      30 minutes

      Program Selector

      There are 21 programs on the dial they are:

      Cottons 90c- this includes a pre wash program
      Colourfast 60c
      Non-fast 40c
      AA 40c- This allows you to obtain the best washing performance with a full load
      Synth's 50c -This includes a prewash cycle
      Mixed 40c
      Acrylics 40c

      High dry- you use this for just drying at a high temperature
      Low dry -you use this for just drying at a low temperature

      Extra rinse

      Woolmark 40c
      Delicate 30c
      Silk 30c
      Sports 30c- this is for mixed sportswear fabric that cannot be washed on hotter programs

      Time savings
      A wash 59' 60c- Max load 3 kg cotton fabrics and items colourfast to 60c
      Daily wash 44' 40c- Complete wash cycle (wash, rinse, spin) lasts about 44 mins max load 3 kg
      Daily 29' 40c- Max load 2kg complete wash lasts about 29 mins

      There is a filter that needs cleaning as this is a tumble dryer as well this needs to be done at least once a month is took me a while to find it though. There is a kick-plate at the bottom you need to pull this away from the bottom and up then you need to use a screwdriver holding the filter in and pull that out and clean it.

      Over all I think it as a great washer dryer and I have no complaints really apart from it can be very loud on a spin cycle but no more than most washing machines.


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      05.06.2009 23:28
      1 Comment



      a good waher dryer.

      I have had this washer dryer for 18 months and would recommend it. This washer dryer has a maximum load of 6kg for washing and 4kg for drying.

      It has an efficiency rating of A, however the normal wash cycles last for over an hour.

      The control panel is a mixture of buttons, dials and LED indication lights, all of which are straight forward to use. It features a programme selector, drying time selector, temperature selector, sensitive care option, stain blaster option, time saver and delay start. I haven't used the stain blaster, sensitive care option or delayed start.

      The time remaining of the wash cycle is shown by the LED indicating more than 60 minutes left, less than 60 minutes, less than 30 minutes and less than 15 minutes left. There is also a door locked indicator.

      There are 8 options for the dryer.

      There are the following wash options, 3 cotton programmes, 1 mixed fabric, 2 synthetics, 1 acrylic, 2 drying, 5 rinse & spin & drain and 7 special programmes.

      There are 8 temperature settings.

      I have found this to be an excellent washing machine, the only problem I have found is the conditioner section of the drawer does not always empty and black bacteria builds up in the conditioner drawer is also prevelent.


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