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Brand: Hoover / Weight Capacity: 7.99 Kg / Washer Type: All-in-One Washer / Dryer / Load Type: Front Load / Wash Presets: Delicates, Hand Wash, Wool, Soaking, Cotton / Extra Settings: Quick Wash / Extra Settings: Temperature Boost / Extra Settings: Pause Option / Spin Speeds: max. 1400 rpm / Washing Method: Drum / Control Features: Dial Controls / Control Features: Digital Display / Control Features: Delayed Start Timer / Annual Energy Consumption: 272 kWHrs / Energy Consumption per Wash: 1.36 kWHrs / Water Consumption per Wash: 15.85 Gal. / Energy Efficiency: A+ / Wash Efficiency: A / Spin Drying Efficiency: A / Exterior Color: White / Overall Depth: 54 cm / Overall Height: 84.99 cm / Overall Width: 59.99 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      29.07.2010 11:00
      Very helpful



      A washing machine that will do exactly what you want it to.

      At nearly £400 this product is not cheap, but is a good brand and I think ours has been a good investment. It has an 8kg capacity, which is about standard, and can take a good week's worth of washing for two people. There are numerous different settings, which are actually quite easy to work out. I tend to use the 'daily' wash, which takes 59 minutes to complete, but there are longer washes, and even a rapid 14 minute wash is you are in a real hurry. I think this is an excellent feature.

      Once you have chosen the length of wash, it is then easy to adjust the spin speed and the temperature, so you can be as environmentally friendly, and as kind to your clothes as you like. I have been very impressed by how dry the clothes are when they come out of the machine, even on the lower spin speeds, a real advantage over older washing machines that I have used. There is also a timer funtion, so that you can put a load on in the morning, or the evening, and it will be ready when you need it to be.

      The product has been very reliable for the year or so that we have had it, but one slight issue is that the drawer for the washing powder gets very dirty and is difficult to clean. Overall though, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, as it is a quality make and very flexible.


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      03.01.2009 10:56
      Very helpful



      See Review

      Until a few months ago we had been happy with the indesit washing machine that we had owned for some time, that was until it decided to breakdown and with the expense involved in getting it fixed we decided just to get a new one.
      Giving the fact electricity is now so expensive we decided we would replace the old machine with an AAA rated machine and the new machine must be able to take a bigger load. We have two young children who like to get in a mess. I have seen the Mrs doing 4 and 5 washes a day. So we thought if we got a bigger load machine that would cut the number of washes required.


      Under £350
      Bigger Load
      AAA Rated
      Cold Fill Only


      Now normally I would just go to the retailers and check out the deals they had, but this time we decided we would do it all online. So the search began.... I read many of reviews on machines on Ciao and Dooyoo. I spent numerous hours trailing through the usual websites such as Curry's, Argos, Tesco, Comet and John Lewis.
      Most of the sites I visited did have lots of information available to read on many machines but it is still not as good as going in to the shop.

      So why this particular model

      Hoover Vision 842 was the model for us, now we chose this particular model for a few reasons. Hoover was a name we were familiar with and one which we felt had made an impression on the market with the products.
      It is an AAA rated machine with a massive 8kg wash load; superb 1400rpm spin speed and well within our budget. What more could we ask for? Well next day delivery would be lovely

      **Cost and Availability**

      We bought ours back in September 2008 for £288.36 from a website called kaleidoscope, It's not a company we have used before but as they where the cheapest we decided to but it from them. The price was amazing in comparison to all the other retailers; it was some £40 cheaper than others. And as a new customer I received 10% off which was even better. I placed the order on the Tuesday and taken delivery of the machine on Friday. I was impressed with that to say the less.
      Today's Prices - 03/01/2009
      Pixmania - £287.87 - Plus delivery of £19.95
      That's the cheapest I can find.

      It's Here

      Ok so it's home and you have removed the transit bolts and its now installed - Hold there I would suggest that you read over the instructions to make sure you are really get the most from your brand new AAA rated 1400rpm spin speed appliance. Don't worry the instructions are very easy to follow and only provide you with a basic understanding of how to use your machine and believe me within a few weeks I guarantee you will be using it without referring to your instructions. Don't be like many other household and stick the washing machine on the same setting each and every time you use it. I find it hard to believe that you only need one setting on your machine. So gets familiar with all the different settings and if your only washing a few items or items which are slightly soiled then adjust the settings accordingly. Doing this will cut down wash time and it will save you electricity and water.

      **The Hoover Washing Machine offers**

      AAA Rated
      - Super low usage on electricity when in use, Top of the class when it comes to wash performance which gives it A rating and with its 1400rpm spin speed you also getting a fantastic A rating here.

      Up until now we have always had a standard machine which was able to take 6kg and now we have the fantastic load of 8kg's - To say the least when you have kids this is just fantastic and I would recommend it to all families. We can get a kids single duvet in no problems at all and no t to mention how many towels.

      Spin speed of 1400
      - Yeah a massive 1400 rounds per minute when in its full spin which gives you fantastic results when taken the washing out after a wash. You also have the option to reduce the spin speed accordingly - at a touch of a button you can adjust the speed to 1200, 1000, 800, 600, and even switch the spin of all together. Me being me I have tried that and all you get is soaking wet clothes. For best results I would suggest having the spin speed set at the highest setting. This will ensure that your clothes come out as dry as possible and it will also minimise drying time.

      Huge variety of programmes
      - 16 different programmes all together, yeah 16 what the hell am I going to do with all of them. Well unlike many other machines who claim to have 16 or 18 different settings which normally include the spin options and rinse options. This machine actually has 16 different wash settings for you to use. I am not planning in listing all the settings one by one I will just list the ones that I feel you should know about. In addition to your standard settings you also have:
      Daily Wash 40c - Fast 44
      This is an option that we use most as it's a wash rinse and spin which uses bother soap powder and fabric softener. It's ideal for clothes which are not heavily soiled.

      Daily Wash 30c - Fast 14
      I love this setting! You know what it's like when you want someone freshened up in a hurry; well this is ideal for you. Washes at 30c and run through a quick cycle which lasts 14mins
      Now as well as all the above setting you can also use the feature such as

      Time Saver button
      - A great little button that I have used a few times, it reduces the wash time by up to 30%- So when you use the long washes which usually take 3hrs this will take 30% off the overall time.

      Easy Iron
      - at a touch of a button you will have activated this feature, and does it make much a difference. In my honest opinion

      Stain removal
      - This is once again a feature that we have used several times and it really does work, when in use the machine jets water in at such a high pressure its helps remove any unwanted stains. A definite plus for me.

      Delay timer
      - Ideal for us - Pop the washing in and at the touch of a button you can delay the start. We often pop all the washing in at night and delay it until 7am. It works each and every time and I feel that all machines should have this to facility as it allows the user to use the machine at the cheapest possible time.

      Sensitive care button
      - Now I have never used this option but I can tell you from the instructions that if you do use it. The machine will automatically add more water in to the drum to stop the clothes or item being thrown around as much.
      With a large left opening door it makes it easy to place your clothes in the machine as the porthole is larger than the standard machine.


      Ladies not like that! Behave
      We have been using this machine for 3 months now and have to say we are delighted with the performance. We have used the majority of the settings and always been happy with the results, the clothes always come out clean and using the 1400 spin speed always guarantees that the clothes will come out as dry as possible.
      Noise - This machine is very quiet when in full spin, it does not jump all over the kitchen (balance correctly) we can put the machine on late at night and close the kitchen door and we do not hear it at all.

      Technical stuff
      The boring stuff but equally important to a good review in my opinion
      Available in white and white only
      Sizes - Height 850mm - Width 600mm - Depth 540mm
      Water Consumption- average 74ltrs per wash
      Energy consumption - of 1.36kwph
      You get a standard one year manufacture guarantee for parts and labour - Now after that you get a 4 year part warranty for free to.

      **Final Thoughts**

      Since we have only had this machine a short period of time I would have to say we are delighted with the performance, the noise, the overall running cost of it. With its huge capacity its ideal for any family who do lots of washing. We would never go back to a normal size machine again.

      The instruction manual is very easy and straight forward, full of pictures and easy to read.
      As I have mentioned above you get an additional 4 years part warranty however Hoover also give you the option to extend your warranty for labour for the 4years that will cost you £179.80 which can be paid in full or by 10 monthly instalments.

      Todate I have not had any repairs carried out on this machine


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      Short name: Hoover VHD842

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