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Hotpoint AQGL129PM

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Brand: Hotpoint-Ariston / Weight Capacity: 7.99 Kg / Washer Type: All-in-One Washer / Dryer / Load Type: Front Load / Volume Capacity: 2.19 cu/ ft / Wash Presets: 16 Wash Presets, including: Wool / Extra Settings: Mini Load / Extra Settings: Extra Rinsing / Spin Speeds: max. 1200 rpm / Washing Method: Drum / Control Features: Delayed Start Timer / Additional Features: Child Safe / Energy Consumption per Wash: 1.36 kWHrs / Water Consumption per Wash: 18.23 Gal. / Energy Efficiency: A+ / Wash Efficiency: A / Spin Drying Efficiency: B / Tub Material: Stainless Steel / Exterior Color: White / Exterior Color: Metallic / Overall Depth: 64.49 cm / Overall Height: 85.01 cm / Overall Width: 59.51 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      03.09.2012 01:54
      Very helpful



      A fantastic washing machine

      Super silent
      Temperature control - goes up in 10's from no heat to 90ºc so you can wash your bedding and towels at 50ºc.
      Spin speed control
      Wash intensity control
      Time saver option
      Reduced creases option
      Extra rinse option
      Mini load option
      - Has an eco option - 30ºc or lower
      - On a mini load it is 40ºc or lower.
      Wash settings (not in this order):
      Whites - up to 60ºc
      Whites and pre-wash - up to 90ºc
      Synthetics (1) - up to 40ºc
      Synthetics (2) - up to 60ºc (Not used these so I don't know what the difference is)
      Coloureds - up to 40ºc
      Fast wash - up to 30ºc (Can only add mini load and reduced creases to wash and choose temp and speed)
      Shirts - up to 40ºc
      Silk - up to 30ºc
      Wool - up to 40ºc
      Duvets - up to 30ºc
      Bed and bath - up to 60ºc
      Long rinse
      Short rinse
      High spin
      Low spin
      Pump out

      About the washing machine itself:

      I got this washing machine as a replacement for my washer/dryer that I got a few months beforehand, and had been a complete nightmare from start to finish as I had to have it replaced twice and both machines had the same error, in the end I asked for my money back, but instead, got this washing machine for the same value that the washer/dryer had been (about £350).

      I've had it now over 3 years, and I didn't have a single problem until a couple of months ago. It still washes extremely well, the spin is great on it, and the clothes feel practically dry before I even put them in the dryer. It is so quiet I can leave it on when I go to bed if I desperately need to and it doesn't disturb my sleep, and considering we have to keep the kitchen door open it is quite an amazing feat! Though it does keep stopping and switching itself off with a load in, we think that may be our floors being uneven though as when it's nudged it starts working again.

      The child-lock is fantastic if it is on, when my son was younger and decided to follow me into the kitchen I could just stick on the child-lock and he couldn't interfere with it, though generally I distracted him with saucepans! The only downside to this is once or twice I have completely forgotten the child-lock is on and then wondered why it won't open. Oops.

      It is so easy to control too, I love the fact I can change the temperature to whatever I want and turn the spin speed down if I want, and even choose what intensity I want my clothes washed at (the options are high, normal and low) and it is all at the push of a button, no fiddly dials or anything! The only dial to turn is the one where you choose what wash you need, I.E coloureds, whites etc. It is absolutely fantastic and I haven't even used all of the settings yet, because I don't need them.

      The duvets wash is amazing, and they come out bright white , and best of all? No lumps! I mean lets face it who wants a lumpy duvet? Alas my pillows however did get lumpy - but I think that was more to do with my dryer, not sure on that one though.

      The other great thing about this machine is the capacity! It comes in very handy when you have kids, as my son gets all his food down himself so I have to wash his clothes every few days and there is always a lot of them! It also means I can wash mine, and my partners clothes together and instead of having about 6 or 7 washes over the period of 2 days at the weekend, I only have a maximum of 4 in one day, and that includes my sons clothes too.

      I can't recommend this washing machine enough, it is absolutely fantastic and the best washing machine I have ever used.

      Hope you found this review helpful.

      ** Also posted on ciao under the same name **


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      19.07.2009 23:14
      Very helpful



      Brilliant family machine

      After going through two washer-driers and one cheapo "no bells or whistles" washing machine in quick succession, I decided to take the plunge with the Hotpoint Aqualtis. My main reason being I thought it looked good, followed by the 8kg capacity drum. This is a fantastic machine! I have used (twice weekly and trouble free) for approximately four months now and the main benefits are;
      - huge drum which can fit 1). my kingsize duvet (okay bit of a squeeze getting it in but saving £££s on dry-cleaners) and 2). sofa loose covers (again MEGA savings as used have to go to laundrette for main sofa cover)
      - really quiet machine (unless on a spin cycle I still often go through to kitchen to check the thing's still working!)
      - loads of different programmes (16 - I counted them) from fast wash to duvet to heavy duty, quite honestly a programme for every need.
      - extremely easy to operate
      Prior to purchasing this machine, I seemed to put on the machine every 2 days, however due to the 8kg drum I almost have to save up the washing (well not quite but you get the picture!)
      I would absolutely recommend anyone with family (and dog who tends to pee on whatever is lying around - yeuchh!) to go for this washing machine, it really is one of the best I've ever had and the clothes seem to be cleaner, fresher and less wrinkled.
      ps. I've just remembered that the detergent dispenser is inside the machine and can only be accessed by opening the door - when my son was three years old he once went into the dispenser drawer of an old machine I had, and rubbed soap powder into his eyes (ouch!!!) therefore I would seriously recommend this type of machine if you have inquisitive children.


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