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Brand: Hotpoint

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2008 13:22
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      A good washing machine and dryer that is good for the environment

      I must admit that this is the first washing machine I have ever bought so I didn't really know in the beginning what I was looking for. As we had just moved into a new house with built in cupboards we needed a washing machine that would be small enough to fit behind a cupboard as we wanted the kitchen to look nice and uncluttered. As this Hotpoint BWD129 1200 spin was the only one there that fit behind cupboard we bought it! (Unfortunately, we have still not fitted the cupboard door to the outside to cover the washing machine but that is another story!.........men and DIY and all that)

      I cannot remember how much exactly we paid but I think it was in the region of £500, not too sure if this is good or bad but it's still going strong, no need to replace yet or for the foreseeable future.

      Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it also came with a dryer built in as well so we solved the problem of finding space for a dryer. The washing machine is front loading which is handy and holds up to 5kg. This size is ideal for a family of two, not too big, not too small. I find I can fit about 6 big sized towels in there without filling up the machine to capacity.

      The machine has been given the Woolmark platinum care sign which I think shows it is of good quality.

      The best thing I like about this machine is that it has a variable temperature button. Most people have seen the adverts on television urging people to turn their machine down to 30 degrees, well the nice thing is that this machine lets me do just that. It makes me feel that I am doing my bit towards the environment. Turning it down I find does not affect the quality of the washing process as my stains all still come out and come out smelling fresh and clean. In fact we have had this for nearly a year and a half now and I believe the washing quality is still as good as when we first bought it as I know some lose their power with time.

      One problem we had in the beginning was I think overestimating the strength of the dryer. My husband put his work shirts in to dry and they came out a bit smaller than when they had gone it. I really only dry my towels and underwear in there now but I think that has a bit more to do with the environment than the fact that I think it might still shrink stuff.

      The washing machine/dryer is described as super silent and I have found it really is. Sometimes you don't even realise the washing cycle is on. The dryer is a bit noisier but if you shut the kitchen door you cannot hear it in the rest of the house which is nice.

      There are also quite a lot of washing cycles to choose from which is handy such as colourfast cotton, acrylics, delicates and machine wash wool.

      If you are looking for a washing machine I would definitely recommend this Hotpoint!


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        01.12.2006 14:31



        If it breaks, don't count on it ever being repaired

        In late October, my washer/dryer was leaking large amounts of water. I called the letting company responsible for the property who then contacted Bellway. After two visits by the engineers, it was
        determined that the outer drum (part# c00094280)needed to be replaced. The engineer put the order in his computer and told me someone should be contacting me when the part arrives. I made it clear to him and later to their customer service centre that I will be leaving for holiday on the 12th of November and returning on the 24th and needed to wash
        clothes in the meanwhile. I called and checked the status on the part often right up until I left on holiday. In my last conversation prior to my departure I was asked it would be okay if I am contacted about
        setting up an appointment during my vacation and I agreed.

        Early in the week of 12th November. I turned my phone on and there were several messages from a engineer that was trying to locate my residence.
        Apparently he was dispatched without any attempt to contact me in regards to setting up an appointment.

        When I returned home on the 25th I called the Service Centre and was told that the engineer with the part has traveled to the other side of the country and wont be able to be dispatched to install it. I was told
        that another engineer will have to be dispatched after another part is ordered. It was then mentioned that the part that was needed was not in stock. I asked why can't the part be shipped from the engineer who
        came out to install it when I was away. The lady that I was speaking to said she had to speak with her supervisor and when she came back on the phone, the answer was NO! I then asked to speak to the supervisor and pleaded my case to a lady who introduced her self as Heather. No solution was offered on how the washing machine was going to be repaired
        or when.

        This past week Bellway and I have called Customer Service with no solution to repair or replace this product that is still under warranty.
        I was told that the part is not in stock and not given a time frame of when it might become in stock. My representative from Bellway called them and she was told that it would be repaired early next week. (Dec
        4th.) At this point have last all faith and trust in Hotpoint and located on the internet their parts department and called them. I was told that the particular part that I am looking for will not be in
        stock until the 8th of December. My suspicions were correct.

        This is ridiculous, I have a wife with a five month old baby at home and she washing clothes in the bathtub and laying them on furniture to dry. This has been going on since October and it is now December.
        How does a company as large as Hotpoint not have the means to fix their products? Why wont they make the effort to take a part off the assemble line and provide it to an engineer?

        I remain at a loss for answers.


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    • Product Details

      Front Load Drum All-in-One Washer / Dryer, Efficiency: ABB, 11.02 lb / Load / BWD129 HOTPOINT washer dryer with a overflow protection system with a A wash performance at 40 degrees with a 4kg wash load and a 4kg dry load with a time delay and a rinse hold and a quick wash with 3 drying levels / Short name: Hotpoint BWD129

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