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Indesit IWDC6125S Washer Dryer 1200 Spin 6kg 16 Silver

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  • low price and simple to use
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    5 Reviews
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      11.10.2014 21:05
      Very helpful


      • "low price and simple to use"


      • none

      great appliance with low price

      When our old washing machine gave up the ghost about six months ago, we chose to purchase a Waher Dryer despite them having a little mixed standing depending on who you spoke to. My mum loves hers and believes it a godsend but other people we've spoken to maintain they can be very unreliable!

      I will frankly say that we have been extremely pleased with the product! Though it's around 15 settings, we discover it washes the garments pretty fast and easily and generally stick to only a couple of them. There is some shaking in the Spin cycle, notably if you just do a light load, yet this isn't overly noisy significance without disturbing the neighbours, you can do washes! And it is easy and uncomplicated to use meaning I, as a modest bloke, can put it to use pretty much without any difficulties. (Provided I'm left with instructions naturally!)

      There are three settings you will be ironed or can alter the dry cycle depending on whether your garments are going into a wardrobe, being hung on a hanger. According to my wife, that is really useful being a bloke why you need three settings to dry clothes I am not sure!

      Looking at the web site tells me that "This Washer Dryer has a 6Kg wash load, which is perfect for the smaller household. Additionally, it has a fast wash functionality and a 1200rpm spin speed, so your clothes can be washed in no time. Well, we have a tiny household and I definitely concur that that is a fantastic little Washer Dryer that's great for busy people that are constantly on the go!

      This seems much simpler to use than our last Washing Machine, a Hotpoint, and cost a fraction of the price an equivalent machine fro them would have done at a little under GBP350! We got ours during a deal though from a local provider so prices can vary from national retailers!

      I cannot remark too much more with this machine as I only use it infrequently but if I will use it, anyone can! Surely we have had no troubles at all and then it would be this one if we had to reccommend a Washer-Dryer!


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      14.01.2013 16:28
      Very helpful



      A great appliance if you're on a budget an dhaven't got room for a seperate washing machine/drier

      I have just replaced my washer dryer of three years - the Indesit IWDC6125S. I originally bought this washer dryer when we moved into a house with a very small galley kitchen. We barely had room for a washing machine, let alone a tumble dryer too, so we decided that a washer dryer than combines the two was just what we needed. I purchased this washer dryer for £320 from Currys. I purchased the washer dryer through Quidco, so earned cashback on the purchase (around £10).

      The washer dryer is Silver, although it is available in white at a slightly cheaper price - around £10 less. I was happy to pay an extra £10 for something which I felt looked far more modern and fitted in better with my other appliances.

      The washer dryer is 85cm high, 59.5cm wide and 53.5cm deep so would fit under most standard worktops. It only requires a cold water feed, and is very easy to install. You simply need to attach the waste pipe, and attach the cold water feed to the outlet. If you are unsure of how to do this then please get a professional to do it for you, many washing machines can be purchased with installation for a very reasonable price.

      The washer dryer has 16 wash programmes, including a very handy half load 'eco time' wash. I used this very often as I found I could easily wash a full outfit or something which I needed in a hurry and also have it dry in under an hour. The other programmes also allowed for specialised washes such as shoes, silk, delicates and sportswear.

      The drying temperature is adjustable between a cold wash and 90degrees. This is done by using a small silver knob located on the front o the machine. There is a second silver knob which controls drying time for the tumble dryer. The silver knob which controlled my temperate actually broke after a about 18 months. It would have been 313 for a replacement direct from Indesit, which I thought was outrageous, so I had to use the machine with the temperate knob removed and adjusted the temperature by using a pair of pliers to move the stick the knob would have sat on. Where there's a will there's a way!

      The washing machine has a 6kg washing capacity and a 5kg drying capacity. This became more of a problem for me as time went on as I found I was unintentionally overloading the washing machine. It was very hard to judge how heavy the washing would be once wet. It was also a pain having a drying capacity lower than a washing one as I either had to put the machine on without having a 'full' wash load, or I had to stop between washing and drying to remove some clothes so as not to overload it while drying.

      The washer dryer has a maximum spin speed of 1200rpm. This is average and I found no problems with it's spinning ability. I never had washing come up wet and regularly used the 'reduce spin speed' button, which took it down to 600rpm and didn't really notice a massive difference.

      The drying element of the washer dryer is a condensing tumble dryer, which means you do not have to empty the water and do not need an outlet for it. It simply condenses the water from your washing and puts it down the waste pipe. There is the option to put the clothes on to dry for a specific amount of time, up to 180 minutes, or you can set it to 'sensor' dry which will automatically stop when the moisture in the machine reaches a certain level. There were 3 sensor dry options. Wardrobe dry, Iron dry or Hand dry. I usually selected hang dry and found that if I removed the washing immediately then most of the moisture evaporated out of them and they were just as dry as if I had left them in for longer. However, be prepared to hot steamy washing if you choose to do that.

      The washing machine has a delay starter, which can be set for up to 12 hours. This may be handy if you have an electricity tariff which means your electricity is cheaper at night, however I would not advocate leaving the washing machine on unattended or while you are asleep.

      It was fantastic being able to put in a load of dirty clothes and have them come out clean and dry, especially in the winter months where getting them dry outside, or even in the house, was near impossible.

      My machine finally broke after three years of use. Al of the lights started flashing after I had removed my washing one day and it started to small of electrical burning. Although the machine was still covered for part under warranty (5 years) it was not covered for labour (1 year). My other half had a good look at it, and after trying to fit the new parts we needed t seemed than many things had gone on the machine at once. The door lock was the worst, as it had started to cause an electrical burn on the circuit board - this is why you should never leave you machine on unattended, as any faults could easily cause a fire if not noticed immediately. Due to the multitude of repairs needed and now having a bigger kitchen we decided to replace this washer dryer with a separate washing machine and tumble dryer.

      There are some improvements I think could have been made to this washer dryer. It would have been very helpful to have an LED display which sowed how long was left on the cycle, also to have a slightly higher drying capacity so you can put in a full load of washing to then be dried straight after.

      I would recommend this machine if you're on a budget and are short on space for two separate appliances. However, I do fee that you get what you pay for, and if you can afford to get a better machine or two separate ones then I would do that before buying this cheaper washer dryer.

      The 'technical' bits:

      Washer dryer features:
      Condenser dryer.
      Maximum washing capacity: 6kg.
      Maximum drying capacity: 5kg.
      Variable washing temperature.
      Variable spin speed.
      Cold water fill.
      Delay start option (up to 12 hours).
      Sequence indicator lights.

      Washing programmes:
      16 washing programmes.
      Half load.
      Pre-wash option.
      45 minute quick wash.
      140 minute 30° C cotton wash programme.
      Eco wash cycle.
      Delicates and silk cycle.
      Sports programme.
      Independent spin cycle.
      Drying programmes:
      3 drying programmes.
      3 heat settings.
      180 minute timer.
      Sensor dry with 3 dryness levels.

      Energy efficiency rating: B.
      Maximum spin speed 1200rpm.
      Estimated annual energy consumption: 956kWh/year.
      Washer only annual energy consumption: 224kWh/year.
      Estimated annual water consumption: 17200litres/year.
      Washer only annual water consumption: 10400litres/year.
      Washing performance rating: A.
      Spinning performance rating: B.

      This washer dryer is currently available from Argos for £363 (more than I paid for it 3.5years ago!)


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        08.02.2011 23:24



        A really good washer dryer- would recommend to anyone

        I bought this washer dryer about 7 months ago when I moved into my new house. I found that the silver appearance was very classy and loved the display on the front. The machine runs very smootly and does not make much noise until the final 4-5 minutes of the cycle, when it is draining the water.

        I have found on a couple of occasions that, if using powder, some of it clumps in the trays, but this is very rare. The washer has the option of colours/ whites/ delicates etc... each which come with their own set time. You can, however alter the temperature you want to wash at and even opt for an "ECO wash" where the temperature is cooled and the time reduced, but still comes out with perfect results!

        To summarise, an excellent washer dryer which is ridiculously easy to use and to maintain. I love it!


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        07.01.2011 11:27



        A good buy & well worth the money!

        I bought this washer/dryer about 6 months ago and so far it's been very good. I can sometimes get a bit confused when it comes to technology and electricals and it can take me a while to master household appliances, but this one i've had no problems with. The instructions that it comes with are very straight forward and a lot of the functions and dials on the washer are self explanatory. So i wouldn't worry about finding this one hard to understand.

        I have had washing machines in the past that haven't washed my clothing as well as i'd wanted, with some things coming out smelling a bit strange but that certainly hasn't been an issue with this machine. I am very much all for saving the environment etc. so i have "switched to 30" with this washer, washing most of my stuff on 30 degrees and it comes out smelling clean and fresh and even still gets small stains out. It also saves my electricity bill too. I know with a lot of washers if you only put things on 30 degrees they won't wash properly, but that isn't the case with this one. There is even an 'Eco Wash' option which is also supposed to be better for the environment, but when i used this option it seemed to take ages to finish doing the washing so i haven't used it since. It has all the usual washing options for different materials to make sure everything stays in top quality too.

        The drying function is also just as good and everything is dry when the dryer has finished, and again with some tumble dryers this isn't the case and things can still be damp even when the drying is finished and you will have to set it to go again, but this one's great. I have this washing machine in white and it looks modern and just as nice as the silver one, i personally bought mine from Dixons but i think this machine is widely available if you have a look around.

        The only negative i would say is how long some of the cycles seem to take, it may be the same with a lot of washers but i just find the machine can sometimes take almost 2 hours to finish. Other than that though, i have nothing bad to say about it and i am happy with this buy, it has been well worth the money.


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        16.08.2010 00:18
        Very helpful



        Now I have no excuse why I don't do the washing!

        When our old washing machine gave up the ghost about six months ago, we decided to invest in a Waher Dryer despite them having a bit of a mixed reputation depending on who you talked to. My mum loves hers and thinks it a godsend but other people we have spoken to claim that they can be very unreliable! Still Indesit have never done us wrong in the past and have always seemed like a reputable and trustworthy brand and, since we seem to have so much more washing to dry since we have had our daughter, we eventually decided a Washer-Dryer was the way to go.

        I can honestly say that we are very pleased with this product! Though it has around 15 settings, we normally stick to just a couple of them and find it washes the clothes fairly quickly and smoothly. There is some vibration on the Spin cycle, especially if you only do a light load, but this isn't too noisy meaning you can do washes late into the night without disturbing the neighbours! And it is uncomplicated and easy to use meaning even I, as a humble bloke, can use it pretty much without any problems. (Provided I am left with instructions of course!)

        There are three settings for drying; you can alter the dry cycle depending on whether your clothes are going into a wardrobe, being hung on a hanger or are going to be ironed. According to my wife, this is really useful though, being a bloke, quite why you need three settings to dry clothes I am not sure!

        It has an Economy cycle and has been rated A for wash performance and B for its Spin which, although doesn't mean much to me, does at least indicate that it is rated pretty highly! Looking at the web-site tells me that "This Washer Dryer has a 6Kg wash load, which is ideal for the smaller household. It also has a 1200rpm spin speed and a quick wash functionality, so your clothes can be washed in no time. To offer peace of mind the Indesit IWDC6125S free standing Washer Dryer also comes with a 1 year warranty." Well, we have a small household and I certainly concur that this is a neat little Washer-Dryer that is ideal for busy people who are always on the go!

        This seems much easier to use than our last Washing Machine, a Hotpoint, and cost a fraction of the cost that an equivalent machine fro them would have done at a little under £350! We got ours from a local supplier though during a sale so prices may vary from national retailers!

        I cannot comment too much more on this machine as I only use it infrequently but if I can use it, anyone can! Certainly we have had no problems at all and if we had to reccommend a Washer-Dryer, then it would definetely be this one!


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    • Product Details

      Height (mm) 850 / Width (mm) 595 / Depth (mm) 535 / Energy Efficiency B / Wash Peformance A / Drying Performance B / Programmes 16 Programmes / Water Feed Cold Fill / Washer Spin Speed 1200 rpm / Wash Load 6 kg / Additional Info Wash 6Kg and Dry 5Kg Up to 12 Hour Delay Timer Automatic water level control Soak and Rain wash action Detergent recycling system Load Balancing system Dual Tumble direction 0-90 c Adjustable Thermostat 3 Levels Sensor Drying system Safety delay door lock

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