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Brand: Miele

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2009 09:56
      Very helpful



      I highly recommend

      We bought our Miele softtronic WT2670 washer dryer machine while I was pregnant with my first son. I had difficulties with drying the dark clothes. Half of them became smelly. I felt that kind of smell that you can feel when you leave wet clothes in a bag for 1-2 days. I tried different washing detergent - conditioner combinations but the majority of the black, blue and green clothes were still smelly. I had no problem with the white or red clothes. So I decided that I need a dryer. As we didn't have space for it we bought a washer dryer machine.


      Are you sitting? You should sit down. When we bought this machine it was very new on the market and its price was 1,550 pounds. By now its price is lower, it's about 1,000 - 1,100 pounds.

      Why this machine?
      It's a freestanding machine, A+ energy efficiency which is the best. Wash performance: A, water consumption for 5kg of clothes 42 litre. I looked up that time the second best washer dryer on the market and that one used 50 litre more water. It was a Bosch machine. The water consumption for drying 2.5 kg clothes is 11 litre. Electricity consumption for washing 5 kg clothes is 0.85 kWh, while drying 2.5 kg clothes is 1.3 kWh. The number of speed spin levels is 13, the range is from 400 - 1,600. When I take out our clothes they are almost dry. Since we moved to a house with garden I use the dryer only when needed. So this machine consumes little energy and water in comparison with most of the washer dryers on the market.


      Over the consumption and spin range data mentioned before this washer dryer has the following features:
      - Straight control panel
      - Dial control - It has 7 preset washing programmes written near this dial control, one self cleaning programme, spinning, cold drying, hot drying and other programmes. This other programmes function means that there are a lot of preset washing programmes on a list and you can choose from the list. This feature makes Miele really different (outstanding) from the other washing machines, because they can add preset washing functions to this list, so they can actually upgrade your washing machine.
      - Plus LCD display (I can see continuously what the machine is doing and how much time is left till the end of the programme.)
      - Buzzer option (It's optional, but my son always pushes the button so it beeps after the programme is over.)
      - Delay start (my favourite, as I don't like to keep the wet clothes in it, so I start it in the evening with a delay start and the washing or drying is ready by morning when I get up)
      - Automatic moisture sensor drying (it takes less time if you put less clothes in it, I like this smart function)
      - Six drying levels

      Standard wash programmes:

      - Automatic (cold - 40 C) - for mixed loads of cotton and minimum iron fabrics (59 minutes)
      - Cottons (30 C - 95 C) - For cotton and linen garments (85 minutes)
      - Minimum Iron (30 C - 60 C) - For polycotton or cotton mix fabrics (60 minutes)
      - Delicates (Cold - 40 C) - Minimises creases on synthetic fabrics (59 minutes)
      - Handwash / Woollens (Cold - 40 C) - Even gentler than handwashing and prevents shrinkage (39 minutes)
      - Handwash / Silks (Cold - 30 C) - Even gentler than handwashing and prevents shrinkage (36 minutes)
      - Express (Cold - 40 C) - For washing up to 3kg (32 minutes)

      Special programmes:

      - Denim (Cold - 40 C) - Prevents creasing and streaky discolouration (60 minutes)
      - Shirts (Cold - 60 C) - Prevents creasing ( 57 minutes)
      - Dark garments (Cold - 40 C) - Raises water levels and rinse phases to ensure detergents are thoroughly removed (69 minutes)
      - Outerwear (Cold - 40 C) - Preserves the functional qualities of outdoor fabrics (63 minutes)
      - Sportswear - A quick wash that removes perspiration and odour (47 minutes)
      - Curtains (Cold - 40 C) - A cold pre-rinse removes dust before the main wash (55 minutes)
      - Proofing 40 C - Complements the outerwear programme (98 minutes)
      - Starch (18 minutes)
      - Separate rinse, drain and spin - (16 minutes)

      Standard drying programmes:

      - Automatic - For mixed loads of cotton and minimum iron fabrics
      - Cottons drying - For cotton and linen garments
      - Minimum Iron - For polycotton or cotton mix fabrics
      - Delicates - Minimises creases on synthetic fabrics
      - Woollens Handcare - Fluffs up fibres in woollens to give them back their bounce
      - Express - For small cottons loads

      Special drying programmes:

      - Dark garments - For Dark garments made from cottons or mixed fibres
      - Denim - Prevents creasing and streaky discolouration
      - Shirts - Prevents creasing
      - Sportswear - Drys sportswear quickly
      - Outerwear - Drys outerwear suitable for a tumble dryer
      - Proofing - Thermally fixes the proofing agent
      - Smoothing - Smooths out creases caused during spinning
      - Timed drying warm air 15 minutes - 2 hours
      - Timed drying cool air 15 minutes - 2 hours
      - Low temperature option

      Additional wash programme options:

      - Degree of soiling option (I don't really use it as our clothes are normally soiled)
      - Standard running times with Short option (as the programmes are not too long I tried only once the Short option)
      - Soak option (I use it when I add Vanish to the washing detergent - my son's white clothes)
      - Pre-Wash (I use it together with the soak option, but really rarely, sometimes there are occasions when my son's clothes are really dirty)

      Programmable options:

      - Choice of different languages (the mechanic set it for me)
      - Water Plus System (useful when you put more detergent or Vanish)
      - Gentle action (the mechanic set it for me)
      - Buzzer volume (the mechanic set it for me)
      - Keypad tones (the mechanic set it for me)
      - Energy-saving stand-by mode (the mechanic set it for me)

      Safety features (I'm just aware that these functions are, it is obvious that we don't open the door while it works, we haven't even tried it. The rest cannot be realised unless there is a problem. We haven't faced any problem yet.):

      - Water Control System - A float switch detects leaks and can trigger the water inlet to close
      - Waterproof System with metal hose - A double safety valve can switch off the water supply within seconds of a leak occurring
      - Check drain / inlet indicators
      - Automatic safety door lock
      - In-operation lock
      - Fault diagnosis programme
      - Emergency door release
      - Easy access manual drain
      - Water inlet filter


      Size and weight
      Width: 59.5 cm
      Depth: 58 cm
      Depth with door open: 97.5 cm
      Height: 85 cm

      Weight: 101 kg


      To sum up
      Although it costs a lot, it has so many features and it cleans so well that I say it worth the money I paid for it. I use Express programme most often, its drying programme only in autumn and winter. In spring and summer I put the clothes out on the airer.
      When we bought it they delivered the next day free of charge and installed it as well. Well, the machine's price covers the installment's and delivery's cost... The mechanic said, we won't meet again, because by the time the first repair will be due he will be retired. Let's hope he was right. :) Anyway, there is 5 year warranty on it.

      Highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Miele WT2670W / Washer Dryer / Spin: 400 / 1600 with Honeycomb Drum / Wash Load Size: 5kg / Drying Load: 2.5kg / Energy Efficiency: A+ / Wash Performance: A / Controls: Push Button / Rotary / Short name: Miele WT2670W

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