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Brand: Zanussi / Front Load Drum All-in-One Washer / Dryer / Efficiency: BA / 13.23 lb. load / Colors: White

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2012 16:11



      Money spent on it will be re-couped in the form of lower stress, ease of use and long term usuage

      I was moving house in december due to damp and mold in my property and I read online that a high percentage of moisture in the air was down to drying clothes in the home along with other things such as cooking with open pans. I was moving to a small flat so i didnt have the room to have a clothes airer in a small room with the window open all the time so i took the plunge and invested in a washer dryer with the highest energy rating i could afford. Aswell as that I chose this one as it has alot of features and the measurements to fit under my counter.Its capacity is good and i find i only have to do a wash and dry twice a week. .As I am a single parent it was a big worry for me that this would sky rocket my bills so i took my metre reading on the day i got it and a week later and went online to calculate how much my energy usage would cost me. I was totally shocked my bills have gone up by about £7 a month and thats no way near what i expected and that was in the winter months when using it alot. Aswell as that it doesnt use a whole lot of water either so you arent hit from the water company either. For the summer if you have a garden you can use rotary dryer that way you save money and dont have the stress all year round of getting clothes dry quickly. Its ideal for the winter months so you dont have damp feeling rooms with clothes/towels drying everywhere as it can be a nightmare getting things dry. I needed an appliance that fit under my counter and snuggly between to units and this was perfect. And with it being washer/dryer you only need the one appliance so it was great for me with a small flat with only room for one.Its a high quality machine and my dad had a Zanussi for 8years so it can last im hoping this lasts as long which i believe it will as Zanussi are a good quality product.It came with a year warranty which is fantastic as normally you have to pay extra so i dont have the worry of if it breaks like with second hand appliances. I brought mine from next and they delivered it within a week and the engineers fitted it for me for a fee. When this machines on a 60 wash for towels or bedding it can be abit noisy but thats only when its on 1200 cycle. I think the noise is a small negative considering the pain it was having towels drying for days and theyr done in 5hours washed and dryed and if you do it on the evening it can be even cheaper.
      Abit expensive for a high energy rating but definetly pays off in making life easier and not costing the earth for it. Doesnt increase bills as much as people warned me about especially using common sense like using it when electrics cheaper at night.
      I would recommend to a friend as it can greatly decrease mold/damp and chesty coughs in young children as theyr not in a damp environment especially during cold and wet winter months when the home is meant to be warm and dry in comparison to when their outside. It fits nicely in small spaces and with it being waher/dryer you only need the one appliance.


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  • Product Details

    Short name: Zanussi ZWD1662

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