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Brand: AEG

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2007 15:01
      Very helpful



      A very quiet and economical washine machine.

      Here I am about to write a review on a washing machine! I can’t quite believe it. A few months ago the most I could tell you about a washing machine was that if you put dirty clothes in and worked it properly clean clothes would come out, however being that I don’t like to spend a lot of money without checking into things I can tell you I now know a lot more.

      My tuition on washing machines started in February when my old washing machine started having real problems. Not prepared to part with a large sum of money for a new one without knowing what I should be looking for I started to read a bit about them and when I start reading I can’t stop. The washing machine I eventually chose is the AEG L64810 and I will now endeavour to tell you why.

      The AEG L64810 has many functions that you will find on most modern machines but also a few that I didn’t find on other machines I looked at in the same price range. This machine for instance has noise reduction system which makes the machine virtually silent unless you are in the same room as it also has an energy and water consumption monitor which tells you the amount of energy and water used during each wash.

      This machine has a Washing Efficiency Class – A, a washing efficiency class ranges from A-G with A being the lowest energy user and G being the highest.
      It has a Max Centrifugal Speed of 1400 rpm; it is recommended to buy a machine which can handle speeds of over 1000rpm.

      It has a washing capacity of 6 kg and uses an average water consumption of 49 litres per wash.
      It has a 30cm extra wide porthole with 165 deg opening for easy access to the drum.

      It also includes an energy saving programme for boil/coloured laundry and a hand wash programme for wool, silk and delicate fabrics.

      My personal favourite function is the LED time remaining display so instead of waiting and wondering when its going to stop I know exactly when to be too busy to hang out the washing.(only kidding)

      I can only really compare the machines physical functions with the one I owned previously but I can tell you that my fiancée rates it higher than her mum’s machine which she uses regularly and her mum paid nearly 0ne hundred pounds more for her Whirlpool HDW6000. Compared with our old beko which cost £210 in 2005 and lasted only about a year and a half it is like a breath of fresh air. It is so much quieter, has many more wash options and temperature combinations and also seems to be much more energy efficient whilst still producing better results.

      Obviously when you buy a machine you need to be sure it will fit the space in your kitchen, the measurements of this particular machine are as follows,

      Height – 85.0cm
      Width – 60.0cm
      Depth – 60.0cm

      My opinion;
      The type of washing in my house is very varied as I am sure it is in most homes, it ranges from me and my sons grass stained football kits to my fiancées delicates of which I shall say no more. With the amount of different wash and temperature settings this machine has it is more than capable of performing a very thorough wash in the shortest times possible on all these garments.

      Another reason behind me buying this particular machine and also a reason for me recommending it is how quiet it is when both washing and spinning. My old beko machine could be heard clearly throughout the house when spinning but this machine can only be heard if you are in the same room as it which having a new baby now is a good thing. I believe this machine is a lot more economical than my previous one and produces much better results in a much shorter time. I have so far not needed to rewash anything that has been done in this machine including my grass stained football strips which often used to need 2 washes with my old machine.

      If you are looking for a new washing machine and the measurements of this one agree with the space you have then I would definitely recommend checking it out. As far as I know it only comes in the white that I have and does not have the option of silver like many do these days but that aside it is a very good machine for the £324.99 that I paid for it. I would say it is about middle of the price ranges as you can find much less expensive machines but also a lot that are much more expensive so I believe it to be very good value for money and with more than 20 temperature variations and wash lengths you are in total control of the type of wash you feel your clothes need.

      Hope my review has been a useful one and thanks for reading!


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    • Product Details

      Drum Washer, Efficiency: AAB, 13.23 lb / load, Features: Delayed Start Timer, Time Remaining Indicator, Fuzzy Logic / The AEG L64810 Washer has a capacity of 13.23 cu / ft., wash programs available: Delicates, Hand Wash, Wool, Soaking / Short name: AEG L64810

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