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    7 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 19:15


      • "Ease of use"


      Good value washing machine

      My boyfriend and I bought this when we moved in together because it was one of the cheaper machines on offer in Currys. We've been living together now for 3 years and I have to say this washing machine has been brilliant. It has a big enough drum for 2/3 people or a small family and has the option for washing at 30oC. It also has a fab timer that has allowed us to take advantage of cheap nighttime electricity.

      We liked it so much that we recommended it our parents and now both sets have one as well as my grandmother. Everyone seems to be pleased with how easy and straightforward it is to program. It has managed well with small loads and big family loads and at my parent's at least is on pretty much constantly and is holding up well. All in all I would say great value for money.


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      27.10.2010 13:05
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      If you're shopping around for washing machines, check out the BEKO WM5120. You won't be sorry!

      When my boyfriend and I were moving in together we needed to get all new appliances. So this is where we started.
      We looked at a LOT of washing machines and changed our minds a lot and talked about prices and energy ratings and god knows what else.
      Then he stumbled across the Beko WM5120 and it was ideal. So we chose it in white and shopped around for a good price. We eventually managed to find in for £189 on an electrical appliances website which is a fantastic price for such a good washing machine.

      It's perfect for us because we live in a flat so have a fairly small kitchen and this is the thinnest washing machine I have ever seen. It's normal size side to side but front to back it's about half a foot shallower than most other washers, which I see as a bonus.
      The dimensions are in centimetres and are as follows;
      H 85
      W 59.5
      D 48

      The features of this washing machine are the 5kg maximum wash load, which I think is fantastic for such a slim machine.
      It's an A+ energy rating, so super easy going on the electricity consumption.
      A rating for washing performance.
      B rating for spinning performance.
      Up to a 9 hour delayed start time.
      Child lock.
      It has a variable spin speed with a maximum of 1200 RPM which I haven't used as I haven't needed to turn it up that high, another little bonus!

      It has a large dial in the middle of the machine at top. This is the dial with which you choose your cycle. The options are as follows;
      Cottons: 40 - 60 - 90. Intensive stains: 40 - 60.
      Synthetics: 30 - 40 - 60.
      Delicates: 30 - 40.
      Woollens: Cold - 40.
      Hand wash.
      So obviously there are quite a few different cycles to choose from. I mostly stick to Cottons 40 - unless I am washing woollens of course!

      To the right of the big centre dial is a smaller dial with which you choose your spin RPM. The options are;
      No spin.
      400 rpm.
      600 rpm.
      800 rpm.
      1000 rpm.
      1200 rpm.
      So you can see they range from a gentle spin to a pretty hefty spin. Mine is constantly set to 800 as its midway and does its job just fine.

      Now to the numerous buttons on the right hand side.
      From the left going right the buttons are as follows;
      Time Delay: 3h - 6h - 9h.
      In my opinion, a fantastic idea! Perfect for working people who don't want their washing sitting damp in the machine all day.

      Start / Pause: That one is self explanatory I imagine. This button also has another use. If you press and hold it for 3 seconds it will cancel your wash for you.

      Prewash: For heavily soiled washing only I'd say. Otherwise you'd be wasting electricity, water, detergent and time. A standard setting in most washing machines I believe. Prewash without detergent is recommended for lace and curtains.

      Quick wash: Reduces the cycle time by approximately 45 minutes by decreasing the number of rinsing steps making it ideal for lightly soiled laundry. Another brilliant idea, particularly for people who don't have a lot of spare time and need to get a wash load through but is also brilliant for saving on electricity and water, so that's good. Unfortunately this wash option is only available on the "Cottons" and "Synthetics" programs.

      Extra Rinse: With this function you can increase the number of current rinsing steps. So you can reduce the risk of sensitive skin being affected by residue of detergent that would be left on the clothes in a normal cycle. You can use this function for delicate materials that crease easily. When you choose this function for your wash, only half load the machine.

      Last but not least, the big button on the far right of the machine is the On & Off button. Now I know this one is self explanatory!
      Don't forget to turn it off after a cycle though otherwise the lights on the front stay on and use power.
      And the lights I just mentioned are about to be explained.

      There are 4 lights along the top above the Start / Pause, the Prewash, the Quick Wash, and the Extra Rinse buttons.
      These will light up to let you know which functions you've opted for and when you press the Start / Pause button to start the wash the light for that comes on as well.

      There are another 3 lights below the function buttons.
      One is above the "Ready" sign. To the right of that is another sign reading "Wash". Then on the far right is written "Spin/End". These lights come on in turn to show you how far through the cycle you are.

      The detergent drawer has 3 sections. A bigger one on the left hand side which is the section you will put detergent in for all main wash cycles and is marked (II).
      The middle section has 2 compartments. At the front is a compartment into which you will pour the fabric softener and is marked (*).
      At the back of the middle section is the siphon, marked (III).
      The final section on the right is marked (I) and this is where you will put detergent for a prewash only.

      A few more bits of important information about this washing machine before I finish up here.
      Energy consumption: 0.95kwh per cycle.
      Water consumption: 47 litres per cycle.
      Estimated annual consumption: 190kwh / 9800 litres.

      Now this machine is a winner as far as I'm concerned. It's small, it's good looking, it's energy efficient, it's quiet even on spin, it's reliable, and it's incredibly easy to use.
      I highly recommend this washing machine to anybody who wants an energy efficient, slimmer than average machine that washes clothes in good time, doesn't leave them sopping wet even with a low RPM spin, and has a really quiet cycle.
      Who the hell wouldn't want it?


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      21.09.2010 16:40


      • "Ease of use"


      A very good, reliable machine

      I purchased this machine approximately a year ago now, and chose this machine simply because it was reduced to a good price and yet still had all of the extra's which friends and family had said they found useful. This is the first washing machine I have purchased and have nothing to compare the machine too. Since I got the machine it has had pretty permanent use, due to have a very young baby and a partner who gets covered in dirt nearly everyday at work, I have found that the machine is very easy to use. It has a lot of features on the machine, and also has a child lock which I am sure I will find very useful. The quick wash is not as fast as other machines however it only takes approx 45 mins which is still useful. The time delay function is a life saver, it has 3 options and means you can put a load of washing in and set it to be ready for when you get home. Whilst the spin cycle is only 1200rpm I find it does a very good job and find that certain materials are dry when you get them out. All in all this has been a fantastic machine and is definitely good value for money.


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      23.03.2010 15:44
      Very helpful



      A great little washer.

      They say that electrical goods today are not built to last, and though older models of washing machine have been known to last 20 years or more, we are lucky if the newer models last 5 years. I thought myself fortunate then, that my last washing machine lasted a whole 10 years before it died on me, as it was only a cheap one, and had lasted longer than the shop I had it from, which had long since closed down!

      Having a young family, I am extremely hard on my poor washing machine, and do at least one washload every day, usually more. Any machine I have has to keep up with demand and be reliable and efficient.

      When you go into a store or browse online, it is surprising to see the different array of machines available, with the top of the range appliances coming in at £500, and the cheapest at just under £200. There are lots of excellent price comparison websites that you can use to compare features on the models you are interested in, and i feel it is good to do some research before you buy, as you want the appliance to last as long as possible.

      My needs are simple. I just want a washing machine that works, and not one that is overloaded with extra features. To me, the more extra features something has, the more likely it is to go wrong. So, after much research, I opted for the BEKO WM5120 in silver.

      The machine is available in silver or white, from all the major electrical retailers. It is currently selling in the Tesco Direct catalogue for £219.97 for the silver and £209.97 for the white version. So, what do you get for the money?

      An excellent washing machine, thats what! I know BEKO is considered a budget brand, but I have bought their products before and had less problems with them than the big branded stuff. I have had my BEKO machine for nearly two years now and have never had any problems with leaks or breakdowns at all.

      The controls are very simple to use, and this is a bonus. I know if I was not at home for any reason, I could ask another member of the family to do the washing, and they wouldn't need a degree in physics to work out the machine. You basically have 2 dials; one to control the spin speed, and a larger dial that has all the wash programs on it. These are self explanatory because they are clearly labelled on the outside of the dial according to fabric type and temperature, so you just turn the dial to the appropriate program and press the start button. The machine has 16 different programs. There are special programs for hand wash and heavily soiled laundry, as well as delicates.

      The machine also has a main on/off button and four additional control buttons; start/cancel, quick wash, extra rinse and prewash. these are useful if you have heavily stained washing, or a light wash load, because they give you additional control over how well the garments are washed.

      When the cycle has finished, the machine will spin. This is my only gripe with the machine. Even at the top setting, the washload will need an extra spin cycle to get the clothes dry enough to be pegged out or tumble dried. This is simple enough to do though.Just turn the dial to "spin" and press start.

      The machine has green lights underneath the buttons to indicate where you are during the wash cycle. you can pause the cycle, or cancel it completely by pressing the start/cancel button.

      Maintenance is simple. You can pull out the detergent drawer completely to wash it out every so often to prevent build up of powder and clogging. The drawer slots back into place easily. Like other washing machines, this one can get a bit smelly if you leave the door closed all the time, so I sometimes run it empty on a hot wash to keep it clean.

      Energy Rating A+, washing performance A, spinning performance B, max spin speed 1200rpm, max washing capacity 5kg, variable spin speed, cold water fill, up to 9 hour delayed start option, child lock.

      Size: H 85, W 59.5, D 48 cm

      Energy consumption: 0.95kwh cycle
      Water consumption 47 Litres/cycle
      Estimated annual consumption 190kwh year and 9,800 litres.

      This machine is fantastic value, and I bet it lasts longer that the £500 models!


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        25.02.2010 20:02
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        A good well built machine.

        I bought this machine after my old one finally broke down after 6 years of pretty constant use (the joys of living with a gym enthusiast, 3-4 towels pile of gym kit etc per day) still it was on offer at Comet for £199 at the time and I have had other Beko appliances in the past and so it is a name that I do trust. The fact that it is an 'A' rated energy efficient machine is also good news.

        Like allot of new machines it is a cold fill only which in a way does make fitting the machine easier. The drainage hose was also easy to fit. After seeing this I wish I had not selected to have the machine fitted by the delivery team and done it myself - it would have saved about £14. The cold fill only design does mean that the machine needs to heat the water up more which may add to the time the cycle takes.

        Still the machine does have a large number of wash programmes including an 'intensive' cycle for heavily soiled cloths and a woolens cycle. However, despite the woolen cycle supposedly being gentler I would still hand wash my woolens but that is just me. Another advantage of this machine is that you have the option of selecting the speed of the spin cycle. This has a maximum speed of 1200 rpm but for really delicate clothes you can choose the option of 'no spin'. There is also the 'cancel' option which will stop and drain the machine if you need to open it, just in case you have left your wallet in your jeans pocket.

        The design of the machine is good and solid. The programme selector is easy to use as are the extra feature selection buttons. The first thing I had to be careful about was that the detergent draw was the opposite way round to my old machine in the sense that the powder for the main wash in this machine goes in the left hand compartment. The drum is a reasonable size and can hold up to 5kg for the cotton cycles but only 2.5 kg on the synthetics.

        The wash itself is excellent and the machine is quiet especially in the spin cycle. This is a nice change from my old one which had gotten to the stage where it was doing the shake, rattle and roll everytime we used it. The rinse cycle is very effective and there is no trace of washing powder is evident on the clothes put through it. Although I do use the 'wash balls' for my own clothes most of the time. Whilst there is an extra rinse option at the moment I have found no real need to use it. This may be a good idea to use for those with sensitive skin or baby clothes. There is also a 'hand-wash' selection but again this is something I prefer to literary do by hand rather than in a machine.

        The only problem I have is that it does take along time to complete the wash cycles. e.g. a 40 deg C cottons wash takes 120 min to complete - longer with the extra rinse. As most of the time what I wash is not particularly dirty I have been using the 'quick wash' extra feature. This reduces the wash time by about 45 minutes. However, this does reduce the number of rinsing steps so it is a good idea to reduce the amount of detergent used as well.

        There is also a 'time delay' feature on the machine so you can set the programme and programme it to start at set periods of time (3, 6 and 9 hours) later. This can be used to set it to come on at night, which if you have domestic economy 7 electric bills then this will cost you less to run.
        The machine can also 'sense' how much washing is in the drum and adjust the amount of water that is needed to perform the wash.

        Cleaning the machine looks easy as the detergent draw is easy to remove to clean this. It is recomended that every so often to set the machine running on the 90 deg cotton cycle but with no washing or powder in in order to clean the systems out.

        For safety as with all machines the door is safety locked whilst the machine is running and also to avoid damaging the machine it won't spin if the load is uneven. If this protection kicks in then you just need to reorganise the washing and try again.

        The machine comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee which come in the form of one of the fill in the card and send it off style. However, you can register the guarantee online as well.

        Dimensions: 85.0x59.5x48.0(H/W/D)cm


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          18.07.2009 18:19
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          Fantastic Value. Great machine. Highly reccomended

          Bought this machine after a family friend recommended it. She uses the machine in her textile business and raves about it. I thought if it can take 2 to 3 washes a day every day for 2 years it'll cope with my washing requirements.

          We have been using it now for about 6 months and so far it has been great. The best thing was the price. It's a very cost effective machine. nPrice does vary from retailer to retailer so do shop around. The 1200 speed spin seems to leave the clothes dryer than my previous machine. It is much quieter than my previous machine and the start delay is great and allows you to wake up to clean washing. The wash is great. The clothes are always clean, which is of course the most important thing.

          On the down side, the 5kg drum size does prove a bit of a pain at times but not the end of the world if you are organised. The other thing is that the wash cycle is slightly longer than my old machine which I'm slowly getting used to.

          Overall this is a great machine for the price. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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            09.01.2009 23:21
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • "Ease of use"


            Hard working and easy to use at a reasonable price

            I purchased this machine four months ago and it has been brilliant. It has to cope with a family of four's clothes which means plenty of loads per week and it does it well. It can take a load of 5kg and has a speed of upto 1200rpm (which can be lowered to various speeds if you don't require such a fast spin) The 5120 has many functions which I find really handy, such as a timer which you can set to start your wash in 3, 6 or 9 hours time, perfect if you like to be there when the wash finishes. Another useful function is the handwash feature which is great for saving time and the 'quickwash' for saving electricity and water. It also has plenty of other features all of which are easy to use. I think it looks quite stylish, (I have it in the silver version) and for value for money you really can't go wrong. I really can't think of anything negative to say about it and if I'm honest I thought 'cheaper machine not so good as a costlier brand/version' but I have been proved wrong. Thankfully!


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            Short name: Beko WM5120

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