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Brand: Beko / Weight Capacity: 5 / Load Type: Front Loader / Energy Consumption per Wash: 0.7 / Water Consumption per Wash: 10.33 / Energy Efficiency: A+

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      07.04.2012 01:00
      Very helpful



      Overall, great machine for the price, no problems so far, looks great :-)

      Today I am going to give you a review on my washing machine - Beko WM512 1S.

      I moved into my current home in January 2012 - Up until October 2011 I had lived with my now ex-partner, we split up and I moved into my parents home in between the break up and getting into my new house. Once I was in the new house I had to start from scratch with many expensive things - including a washing machine - and on a budget as a single parent I needed a reliable product to get my washing done!

      I had never really heard about Beko washing machines until my parents purchased a top of the range Beko one after a minor house fire - their old washing machine was burned beyond repair. Unlike many other brands of washing machines which are partial to break down with many other problems, they never encountered any issues with their new Beko machine. Based on this first hand advice I decided to purchase a cheaper Beko machine for myself.


      Size Of The Washing Machine

      Just to give you an idea of how large this is so it fits under your counter ;-)

      * Height: 85cm
      * Width: 59.5cm
      * Depth: 45cm


      Installing The Machine

      I will hold my hands up - I did not install this machine - I am a woman and the majority of us will not attempt to do something like install a washing machine! This is where my dad came in handy - he isnt a genius when it comes to installing new appliances but he knows the basics and as far as I am aware he did not have any difficulties in this area!


      Details Of The Washing Machine

      The machine can hold a total of 5kg of washing - for me and a 6 year old child this is more than enough we do not need anything bigger than this - but I would not recommend the machine for a larger family of more than 3 people - get something that can do more.

      The machine itself is A+ rated overall for energy - The wash performance is A rated and the spin performance is B rated - not bad for a cheap little machine :-)

      One of the things that stood out for me rather than settling for a second hand machine or a cheaper new one was the fact that I will be saving money on my energy bill.

      * Electric Consumption Per Wash - 0.85 Kwh
      * Water Consumption Per Wash - 47 litres

      I am not on a water meter, but I like to know I am doing my bit for the enviroment considering it uses a lot less water than other machines do.

      It really is great value for money as the only obvious differences I can find compared to my parents top of the range machine are:

      * Holds less washing
      * There is no digital clock timer (so it doesn't tell you how much longer a cycle will be)
      * No delayed timer

      Like all good machines this has a child proof lock - I never let my daughter near the machine (unless she is playing Mummy and helping me do the washing!) but it gives you that extra sense of security knowing the feature is there and it works.

      I also havent needed to use them but there is 4 adjustable feet settings depending on how high/low your counter is - I have been lucky it fitted perfectly under my kitchen counter :-)

      Like all washing machines this has a soap drawer - however to date I have not used this due to using Bold 2in1 liquid and cap which I put straight in the machine on top of the washing... Therefore I cannot comment on any issues with the soap drawer :-)


      Different Settings Of The Washing Machine

      It has a total of 16 settings on how it is used. Below are the different types and how long each cycle takes to go through. These are (starting from top left of the dial) :

      * 60 degrees (113 minutes)
      * 40 degrees (125 minutes)
      * 30 degrees (95 minutes)
      * Cold (90 minutes)

      * 30 Degrees (65 minutes)

      * Cold (50 minutes)
      * 40 Degrees (60 minutes)

      Spin+Drain (No time listed in manual but I know from experiance its less than 30 minutes)

      Rinse (No time listed in manual but I know from experiance its less than 30 minutes)

      Hand Wash (45 minutes)

      Mini 30 degrees (30 minutes)

      A Class 40 degrees (165 minutes)


      * Cold (120 minutes)
      * 40 Degrees (135 minutes)
      * 60 Degrees (150 minutes)
      * 90 Degrees (133 minutes)

      The washing machine also has 8 spin settings to be used which include :

      * No Spin
      * 400 RPM
      * 500 RPM
      * 600 RPM
      * 700 RPM
      * 800 RPM
      * 1000 RPM
      * 1200 RPM

      * I always use 40 degree washes on each of my cycles - I know they state switching to 30 helps the enviroment but I have heard from other people it doesnt always give a very good clean or gets stains out of clothes - having a 6 year old who loves to go outside and play in mud, and is forever falling over and coming in covered in blood there is always stains on our washing!



      The machine itself is silver in colour - I wanted silver to go with the rest of my kitchen as I have a huge cooker - also in silver - which catchs your eye as soon as you walk in. It had to match the cooker - my other appliances (fridge/freezer & dishwasher) are built into the kitchen units.

      It doesnt look like a cheap machine - to be fair it looks like the standard ones you see in most households - I would of prefered a machine with a digital counter but you pay more for this on other models ;-)

      There is a total of 5 buttons on the machine. These are :

      * On / Off
      * Start / Pause
      * Prewash
      * Extra Rinse
      * Rinse Hold

      The machine gives clear instruction on how to pause a cycle if needed under the Start / Pause button.
      Above each button there is a light which lights up green on all of them to make you aware when a feature is in use - also under each button is a further three lights (also in green) to make you aware when a cycle is :

      * Ready
      * In Process Of Wash
      * Spin / End


      Price I Paid For The Washing Machine

      I can't remember the exact price I paid for the machine or where I purchased from but I can tell you it was under £200 - I can remember it was on offer at the time - and I purchased online rather than in a store. The delivery also wasn't very expensive.


      Prices Available Now For This Washing Machine

      At the time of writing this review the cheapest I can find the product online is at:


      The current price is £202 with free delivery.

      I was definetly lucky when I bought the machine when I did :-)


      Problems I Have Had With The Machine

      I have had no problems as such which have been caused by the machine. The only issue I have had was last week when the water from the washing machine was backing up into the kitchen sink but this was down to the pipe being blocked. I put too much soap liquid in the machine the same week I got it (Opps) and the soap overflowed out the soap drawer... Neither thing has caused any problems with the machine however :-)


      Maintenance Of The Washing Machine

      I'm not expert on washing machines but to look after it I usually run some soda crystals through a wash every couple of weeks to keep it tip top.



      Overall I love this washing machine - does what it is supposed to do - my clothes have always come out completly washed and smelling gorgeous! I believe if you look after it, it will look after you. I never overload the washing, I clean it with soda crystals every few weeks and I have now stopped overloading with soap!! For the price you cannot go wrong, and I believe this machine has the ability to last us a good couple of years at least... The only issue I have with the machine is that after a cycle the clothes do come out slightly wetter than I would normally expect from a washing machine and due to this I have to put the spin and drain option on after every wash which is a bit of a pain :-( I must also add I have heard quieter washing machines - you cant stand and have a conversation in the same room where it's in use - very distracting!


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    • Product Details

      Freestanding / The stylish silver Beko WM5121S Washing Machine has a 1200 rpm spin speed and can wash up to 5kg of clothes in a cycle, making it great for household washing / The Beko WM5121S Washing Machine also has 16 programs, including pre-wash, quickwash, hand wash and wool wash, and great practical features such as anti-crease and half-load, great for saving you water and energy when you don't have much to be washed / The WM5121S also boasts a mini 30 programme for washing a small load at 30 degrees, ideal for lightly soiled clothes that are needed in a hurry / Rated A+ for energy efficiency, you know the Beko WM5121S Washing Machine won't cost you a fortune to run, and with overflow protection included, you know you can rely on this machine for hassle-free operation / Overview Type Freestanding Wash load 5 kg / 11.0 lb Maximum spin speed 1200 rpm Energy rating A+ Wash performance A Spin performance B Noise level 58/74dB Number of programmes 16 Programme time 30 mins Wash Variable temperature No Wash programmes Hand wash, wool wash, pre-wash, quick wash Wash functions Half load, Anti-crease Features Variable spin Yes Spin stability Yes Loading Front loading Other features Overflow protection Controls Display No Programme selector Electronic Environment Consumption per cycle 0.77 kWh / 47 litres Annual consumption 170 kWh / 10340 litres Noise level (wash) 58dB Noise level (spin) 74dB Physical Colour Silver Dimensions Height: 850mm, Width: 595mm, Depth: 480mm / Short name: Beko WM5121S

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