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    5 Reviews
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      08.04.2012 00:29



      13month old machine just failed.... rubbish product and rubbish customer BEKO service. Be warned, we care for our appliances, do not overload, and failed 6 weeks out of guarantee, how very convenient, would not be surprised main control panels are programmed to failed just out of the covered date.BE careful, BEKO products are cheap and unreliable. Purchased a BEKO dishwasher six months ago and heater never worked, had to be returned and upgraded to a better make Again customer service towards the customer leaves a lot to be desired.Washing machine engineer commented that they are cr@p, so that just says it all.


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      22.03.2011 10:53
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"


      Great washer very simple to use and great for familys

      I have had this washer for 2 months now. I have 2 children and a husband and I use the washer daily at least . I went for the 1200 spin and the 8kg drum. The larger drum is fab for washing all the bedding and larger loads. Previously I had a 1400 spin and I really don't notice the difference in reducing to the 1200. The quick wash is great and I use this the most, the temperature can be adjusted to suit the load on all washes so even a qucik wash can go up - the time increases with each increase in temperature. I have used the delay timer a few times also and I really like this function, it means you can time a load to finish when you will be available to take it out. I was nervous of using the delay time at first in case it was complicated to set up, but in fact it was very simple. My absolute favourite function on the washer is the timer display telling me exactly how long is left on the cycle - I have never had a washer with this function before and its really useful. Previously I have had only Indisit washers so was nervous of changing brand. I have a Beko dishwasher and decided to give Beko a go because it seemed cheaper. I am pleased I changed brands and as you can probably tell I am please I did! I love this washer and would recommend it to anyone.


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        16.05.2010 22:47
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        I love my new machine

        I've had this washing machine for a week and I can honestly say I never thought washing machines worked this well!

        Before, I had an 1100 spin washing machine and I thought it was ok, but when it broke down and I needed a new one I chose the Beko WM6167 due to excellent reviews and a great offer in Argos.

        As it's a 1600 spin for many of the cycles I find that clothes are coming out almost dry and need less time in the tumble dryer.

        I LOVE the 30 minute 30 degree quick wash, it cleans unsoiled clothes wonderfully and I use it often. The cottons cycle is great for the soiled or well worn clothes like shirts etc, they come out clean and fresh. I found that I needed to use liquid rather than powder on the 30 wash as it didn't all disolve, but that's not such a bad thing.


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        19.04.2010 22:30
        Very helpful



        well priced efficient machine

        I bought this washing machine from Argos just over six months ago. It currently retails at £219 on their website which is about the same as I paid. My husband did most of the research beforehand and we decided on a Beko because of it's price, efficiency rating and reputation. We have a Beko fridge which we have been very satisfied with for the last three years, so this may also have influenced our purchasing decision.

        Beko is a Turkish brand, part of a company known over there as Arcelik, apparently the name Beko is used instead of Arcelik outside of Turkey because of the way 'Arcelik' could be mispronounced in English. Furthermore, Arcelik is controlled by Koc Holding. I kid you not. Arcelik was founded in 1955 and is the market leader in Turkey, as well as being the third largest household appliances company in Europe. They recently added Grundig to their brands collection and aim to own one of the top ten globally most preferred brands in 2010. The company are continually ranked top in their sector at home and have won many awards internationally for quality and technology.


        Once delivered, the machine was easy enough to install, the same as most. There were four safety bolts securing the drum which needed to be removed with a spanner, these have been put away as they can be re-used if we need to move the washing machine to another house. It's a cold water fill with standard waste water hose.


        It comes with an A5 sized 36 page instruction booklet, (all in English), which I thought would be too tedious to bother with at first, but I've gradually read most of it in short bursts and found it to be very helpful. It goes into all the necessary information, some very basic - including general advice about how to wash clothes, some essential, all of it useful. Admittedly, the only page I looked at for a while was the one entitled 'Quick Instructions for Daily use'.

        ~Control Panel~

        There is an electronic display where various lights and symbols let you know what is going on. It may seem a bit mystifying at first but all is explained in the instructions, quite simple really. I can be a touch technophobic and around the display are a series of buttons which scared me at first: four auxiliary function buttons; (prewash, quick wash, extra rinse and anti crease, also incorporating the child lock); start/pause/cancel button; temperature adjustment button; time delay button and spin speed adjustment button. Alongside these is the programme selection knob and at the end is the on/off button.

        The detergent drawer is to the left of the control panel and has three compartments; for prewash, main wash and softener.

        ~Load Capacity~

        The maximum load is 6kg on most programmes, which is fine for my purposes, but it is lower on some programmes such as the mini 30 degree wash which has a maximum load of 2.5kg. There is a table in the instructions showing which washes have a lower load capacity, and also a weight guide to give you an idea how much individual items weigh, eg; a pillowcase is given as 200grams, underclothing 100.

        The instruction booklet claims that the machine adjusts the amount of water according to how much laundry is put in it, sounds clever, not sure how it works. As I ignored the instructions at first, I have accidentally overloaded it on a lower capacity wash, the result of doing this is meant to be that the clothes don't wash as well, but I didn't notice this.

        ~How to Use it~

        For usual use you just load the washing into the machine, using the nicely wide opening door, (opens to an angle of 165 degrees), then add detergent and softener. Switch the machine on, select the programme, (you can choose the temperature here if you don't want to go with the default one). Next you can choose to select any auxiliary functions you want and change the spin speed or set the time delay. Close the door and press start. The door locked symbol should show up and off you go. The time remaining will show up on the display, or if you've used time delay the time remaining for the programme to start is displayed.

        Once started you can cancel it by holding the start/pause/cancel button for three seconds. You can add or change the amount of laundry in the machine during time delay before the programme starts. After the programme has started you may be be able to add laundry if the water level and temperature are low enough by pressing the cancel button, reloading and pressing start again.

        Once finished the word End appears on the display screen and the door locked symbol will fade, then you can unload the washing. The instructions advise leaving the door and detergent drawer open to dry.

        ~My Experience~

        At first I just stuck to what I knew and washed most things on the same cycle, but I soon started to be a bit more adventurous, in so far as trying out different wash cycles can be called adventurous - I lead a quiet life. I use it about five times a week. I've experimented with a few of the different features and found it takes a little getting used to, particularly when you've been used to a very old fashioned model as I was. Obviously you can just stick to the same cycle and then it isn't complicated at all, but I like to try out every permutation to see what difference it makes. There is a programme selection and consumption table in the instruction booklet to help you choose the best programme.

        There are twelve main wash programmes and it's possible to change the temperature range within most of them. I'm not sure that many programmes are actually necessary, I think three or four would actually be enough for me.

        One of the first things I noticed was the Baby and Toddler programme, looking at the consumption table this one uses the most energy, it has a longer heating period and an extra rinse. There are a few options for dirty washing, the A class 40 is one that produces the same result as the cottons 60 but it uses less energy and can be used on clothes that may not be as durable as those you would put in a cotton 60 wash.

        I have found that most of the programmes run for longer than my old machine. The A class 40 for example runs for 2hours 48mins which stunned me, hardly conducive to getting your washing on the line first thing, unless you use the time delay and run it through the night. The cotton 40 wash is 2hrs 13mins but can be reduced to 1hr 41mins using the quick wash auxiliary function. This tends to be my most commonly used cycle. Apparently longer washes at a lower temperature are more energy efficient than shorter hot washes. I like the mini 30, which is a half hour thirty degree wash, basically for things that aren't that dirty. I also like the hand wash programme, now I can happily ignore those 'hand wash only' symbols on clothes I buy, (I used to mostly ignore them anyway, but not as happily).

        Another useful feature for me is the child lock. Once activated, (pressing two auxiliary buttons simultaneously for three seconds, but don't tell the toddler!), button pressing will have no effect unless deactivated, or until the wash finishes. Pesky children can still press the on/off button unfortunately but everything else is safe.


        The maximum spin speed is 1600 which I find more than adequate, after this spin clothes don't need to dry for long. This was important for us as our old washing machine didn't spin very well and wet washing on radiators was contributing to a problem with condensation in the house. The spin function can get rather loud and high pitched, but not for long, I do stay out of the kitchen while it's on full throttle

        ~Other Information~

        It comes with a twelve month guarantee, there's probably the option to pay for further insurance if desired. Cleaning and maintenance have caused no problems, the detergent drawer is easily removed and replaced.

        ~In Conclusion~

        I am quite satisfied with the overall performance of my Beko WM6167. I think it's competitively priced. I like the variety of programmes and the fact that it's so energy efficient. I've found the various different functions useful. I hope I haven't made it sound too complicated as it's simpler to use than it might sound, there's just more choice than I've been used to. It's much better than my old machine, which admittedly was a dinosaur. If I do hit any problems with it I'll pop back and update the review.

        Update - 14/3/14 This has had a few problems over the last year and we now need to buy a new one. Four and a half years doesn't seem like a very good lifespan for a washing machine, although it was cheap. Will be buying something more expensive this time in hopes of a longer lasting machine.


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          26.01.2010 21:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • "Ease of use"


          Beko is one to watch

          OK, I have this machine in silver, code WM6167S, but still exactly the same machine.

          Now, I decided to leave behind my old 1000 spin washer which was very old when I moved house for the person who was moving in in our place.

          I do a lot of my shopping online and it is very important for me to be able to thoroughly research appliances before buying.

          Cue Argos (www.argos.co.uk).

          My criteria for my purchase was spin speed, price and efficiency. I also was keen on a silver machine this time around. I particularly wanted a high spin machine. I do not own or want a tumble dryer preferring to air my laundry, not dirty mind, outside or on a rack throughout the winter months.

          It was very important that I got the best deal possible so I did a lot of research.

          I eventually came across this machine by using the Argos site and selecting spin speed as search filter criteria, then price low to high, and this is one of the first that came up. At the time there were no reviews on it, however not long after I ordered I saw a couple of bad reviews on there.

          Some information -

          *Energy rating A.
          *Washing performance A.
          *Spinning performance A.
          *Maximum spin speed 1600rpm.
          *Maximum washing capacity 6kg.
          *Variable washing temperature.
          *Variable spin speed.
          *Cold water fill.
          *24 hour delayed start option.
          *Child lock.
          *Time save.
          *Electronic display.
          *Size (H)85, (W)59.5, (D)54cm.
          *12 programmes including:
          *129 minute 30 degree C cotton wash.
          *30 minute quick wash.
          *Hand wash.
          *Automatic half load.
          *Rinse hold option.

          Technical specifications:

          *Energy consumption: 1.14kWh/cycle.
          *Water consumption: 49 litres/cycle.
          *Estimated annual energy consumption: 228 kWh/year.
          *Estimated annual water consumption: 9,800 litres.

          Since looking at the website again it has mostly good reviews now, most are 5 stars.

          I paid about £240 for my silver one, nowadays the white one is £279.99 and silver £289.89.

          I was taken with the excellent specifications for a relatively cheaper machine than most.

          When the machine was delivered and unpacked, I thought it looked a lot lot more expensive than you would think, with a lovely smooth finish.

          The orange display screen is quite funky as I have never had an electronic display before I found it very useful to have the cycle time counting down.

          There are programmes to suit all your needs for clothes. The smoothly operated dial allows you to select your programme. A button allows you to to select the temperature of your wash on certain programmes and also the spin speed on certain programmes. Simple enough?

          A highlight for me are of course the 1600 spin. This spin speed is only applicable on washes of over 2 hours long, eg the cotton wash where it is most needed. I can confirm that it really has the edge over 1200 and 1400 machines and gets an awful lot of water out, leaving less drying time yippee!!!

          Now amongst the washes availble are cotton, synthetic, mini 30, handwash, baby clothes, wool, and delicates.

          On cotton, a 40 degree wash is about 2 hours 17 just to give you an idea, and 30 is a bit less than that at just over 2 hours. 1600 spin is automatically selected on these however you can keep pressing the spin button until you get as low as you want to for your spin speed.

          If you do not require an intensive wash Mini 30 is perfect, a 30 degree 30 minute wash with 1400 spin, this is perfect for most needs unless heavily soiled and is the one I use most often.

          Handwash is perfect for the delicates and dry cleans, with only minimal drum movement.

          The results are absolutely fine, and it really is one of the best washers I have ever used/ The spin is pretty loud I find but it is worth it for such a good machine at an excellent price.

          No hesitation to recommend whatsoever.

          If you need to know anything else please leave a comment.


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          Short name: Beko WM6167

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