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    1 Review
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      11.09.2013 12:34
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      • "Ease of use"


      Highly recommend Beko

      My first washing machine a Hotpoint lasted me seven years before dying on me. After getting me through the baby stages of my two little boys it had simple done its duty and had enough. So it had to be replaced just after Christmas as well! My second washing machine the Beko WMB61631S has been in residence for 19 months now and has settled in well.


      This particular model of the Beko washing machine is available in the classic white or in silver. You do pay a small amount extra for the silver but as all my other appliances are silver I opted to pay that little bit more. From looks alone it looks a decent enough washing machine I mean what can you say it is a washing machine after all. It does have more to the control panel along the top than my previous one which was a very standard one. The control consists of a large soap drawer to my left then a control dial in the middle and then to my far right is the black electronic screen which lights up with orange figures when in use. Underneath it are five rectangular buttons and to the side are little lights and a start/pause circular button. All in all I wouldn't go quite as far as saying it looked really stylish but it does fit well in my kitchen alongside my other appliances.

      *****The Beko WMB 61631S*****

      This Beko washing machine is 1600rpm spin speed washer with a maximum load capacity of 6KG. It comes with eleven programmes and an A+ Energy efficiency class. So on paper to me who only knows the basics of such a product it sounded good at the time of purchase and is still good 19 months later.

      The washer machine has plenty of functions to use yet somehow it is fairly simple to operate. As I have said there is eleven programmes on the dial to use some of which are full cycles others not. The eleven programmes are Cottons, Cotton Eco, Time Saver, Dark Care, Rinse, Spin and drain, Mixed Fabrics, Handwash, Woollens, a baby & toddler clothing cycle and synthetics. As well as the eleven programmes these can sometimes (depending on the particular program) be altered with the buttons underneath the screen. There is a button to change the temperature and one for the spin speed. There is also a pre-wash button, quicker wash button and a pet hair one too. So you can have a bit of a play around with the cycles to some extent.

      I am a bit naughty as in I don't use all the cycles something my mum always tells me off for. But I do use a good few of them two of which I seem to favour most, the cotton cycle and the time saver cycle. The cotton cycle is one that can be altered quite a bit with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees but can be lowered to 40 or 30 degrees. The same can be done for the spin speed. Of course the lower the temperature and spin speed the less time the cycle will take. At its max it will take 1hour 57 minutes and at its lowest 30 degrees it will take 1 hour 32 minutes. I like the fact this cycle is so versatile and that is why I probably favour it the most. You can also use the pet hair function on this cycle which at 60 degrees and 1600rpm it will take 2 hours 26 minutes. The other cycle I particularly like is the Time saver cycle as it is the shortest cycle at 28 minutes long with a temperature of 30 degrees and a spin of 1200rpm. I often use this for my bedding or if I have a few items that are not too dirty but need to be put through the washer. The hottest cycle on this washer is the Baby and Toddler cycle that can be set at 90 degrees, I haven't used this cycle I am not sure I would want to wash anything that hot. From time to time I have used the hand wash cycle on items of clothing that have been knitted for my boys. At 30 degrees, 600 rpm and 44 minutes long it is a nice gentle wash. The other two programmes I have used once or twice are the spin and drain that is 12 minutes long, great for if you feel your clothes need that extra spin and the Rinse that is 20 minutes long. I feel after 19 months I am very well tuned into this washer now and although I don't use it to its maximum potential I still get good use out of it.

      As well as the features I have mentioned above the washer does also come with a time delay option but I have to admit to never using it yet I would probably find it handy if I did! The manual says the time delay can go up to 19 hours so if I was organised I could have it to start up before I get up in a morning! The washer is a cold water fill washer like most these days and has a child lock on it like all washers these days. The display screen on the washer is digital and has the time remaining indicator and the sequence indicator lights which indicates the temperature and the spin speed of the particular cycle you are using. At the bottom corner of the washer machine is a small pull down panel which is where the little filter thing you sometimes need to check isn't blocked. On my old washer it was at the back of the machine in a really difficult place so this time around I was pleased it was easy to access. Also housed within this little panel is a small pipe coming out which I think is where you can manually empty the machine if you need too.

      *****My Opinions*****

      From the moment this washer arrived and I had a little play with the functions I knew I had made the right choice. It fitted well and looked fine with my other appliances in my kitchen. It really is very easy to use and everything is basically explained on the control panel. The digital display screen is a fantastic extra feature which helps you with your cycle choice. It also lets you know how long your cycle has left as I am awful for remembering when I actually put the wash on and when it will be finished by!

      The washer along with my favourite washing powder Fairy washes my clothes lovely. The 1600rpm spin is fantastic and when your clothes come out of the washer they only feel ever so slightly damp which I think is great, it takes less to dry them! Some might think the drum on the washer is a little small but with a family of four I find it just fine. I never have enough room to dry a really large load anyway in the winter months. I have found the washer very versatile and don't think I could go back to a washer that didn't allow me to change the cycles slightly to my needs I love it. The quick wash I have found very handy and often find myself using it in our busy family life style and my rubbish memory to wash things! The extra spin is also a great feature as many times I don't use the 1600rpm spin saving time and trying to be eco. So when my towels have been washed they sometimes need that extra spin. The other feature I do tend to use on a regular basis is the pet hair function as I have a dog and wash his bedding about once a week. The pet hair function doesn't remove all pet hair from the drum but it does a good job of it but I do still run the washing empty after.

      Overall I have been very pleased with this model of Beko and after my fears of having a Beko machine have all but disappeared. I can easily recommend this very versatile, not bad looking machine that really works well in a family home. We purchased ours from Argos and at the time it was reduced slightly as it was the January sales and they had offers on washing machines at the time. It currently sells at a penny off £300 in the silver or also available in the white at £290. And so far it has been worth every penny.


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    • Product Details

      The Beko WMB61631S Freestanding Washing Machine in Silver is as sleek in design as it is in performance / A top quality appliance with a spin speed of 1600rpm and a load capacity of 6kg this model has been created with your needs at the forefront of its design.The Beko WMB61631S has an A rating in both spin and wash performance and even the noise levels are low measuring at 56(db) for the wash cycle and 74(db) for its spin cycle / Features include a 3 compartment detergent dispenser for main wash pre-wash and fabric conditioner / This model comes with an incredible 11 programmes including the Pet Hair programme which will come in handy when removing those difficult dog and cat hairs / There is also the half load option which uses less water for those smaller washing piles once again saving you money on bills. / Short name: Beko WMB61631

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