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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 14:00
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A very happy lady with this washer.

      Currently on offer for £279 at very.co.uk but I purchased mine for £258 including delivery by opening an account and receiving 10% off. Shop around but factoring in the delivery and 10% it was the cheapest option I found.

      Beko is an increasingly popular brand on the market and after speaking to two relatives that had bought Beko washers in the past 6 months and been very happy with them I opted for a BEKO after my old Indesit packed up.

      I bought the black washer which is a shiny, glossy type of black. Does require a lot of wiping down as any black appliance does as dust is visible. Being an 8kg it is a very generous size (especially having gone from a 5kg to an 8kg). The door is big and so is easy to load the washing in. For anyone looking like me to upsize I can put almost double in the washer and I haven't needed to use extra detergent or softener.

      The washer is very quiet when working which is a great advantage. The controls are very simple and self explanatory. With a digital screen you can go through the different wash options by turning the dial and it will display how long the wash will take. With most of the wash options you can change the temperature and spin requirements. The higher the temperature the longer each different cycle takes. The washer has two quick functions - a daily quick wash which at 40degrees takes only 50minutes but it can be adjusted to different temperatures which can wash the full 8kg capacity. There is also a express super short which will only wash at 30degrees and takes between 14 and 20 minutes depending on the spin. This however can only wash 2kg of clothes.

      There are many different cycles - cottons, mixed fabrics, intensive, baby and toddler, woolens, synthetics, cottons eco, freshen up, handwash, eco clean 20, dark care and even its self clean function which is a maintenance wash recommended to be done every month.

      The great thing with this washer as well as it looking really nice is the cycles can all be tailored to your needs. With my last washer i was limited as a lot of cycles could only be used on certain temperatures. The spin can be changed from 1200 to 400 in intervals of 200 and temperatures from 20 - 90 degrees. There is also the delayed wash function which again is very specific you can set it up to 24hours in advance at any half hour interval. There is also a child lock function.

      As you can tell I am very happy with this washer and having had it a month haven't found a down side to it. It washes everything great and doesnt snag my clothes like my old one did.


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      11.01.2013 17:05
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent quality and very affordable automatic washing machine from Beko

      I clearly tempted fate during the summer of last year by declaring that Dr Beckman's miracle cleaning product named Service It, had been prolonging the lifetime of my rather old washing machine, as within a week of using the product for the forth time my appliance made a series of rather concerning clunking sounds and packed in! As the machine was so old, my husband and I decided to send it to washing machine heaven and invest in a new one. As the research of anything is always down to me, as my husband reckons that I "do it better", my quest began. To be totally honest, I didn't have a clue what was good and what was not and I had only a few requirements where I needed something that was easy to use, an affordable price, energy efficient and a large drum.


      My research led me to hundreds of machines and I felt as if I was looking for a needle in a haystack and whilst a few models caught my eager eye, the delivery timescales of the retailers were unacceptable, particularly as we needed the machine almost immediately. I finally narrowed my choices to a small shortlist, but was totally confused about the water connections, as every machine I had looked at only offered cold whereas our old machine had offered both hot and cold. After carrying out further research I noticed that all of the machines are now offering just a cold water connection. As a result, my decision was made to purchase a Beko Automatic Washing Machine, Model Number WMB 81241 LW from the Boots Appliances website with this review discussing my experience.


      We own quite a few kitchen appliances manufactured by Beko and despite being a little cheaper than some of the big brand names, our experiences have been extremely favourable. In addition to the fact that the machine was available for next day delivery as well as being very affordable, it was the A+ energy efficiency rating that was the deciding factor for our purchase together with the fact that the machine supports an 8 kg washing load. I would advise that the wash performance rating has been categorised as A with the spin rating being a B. The front loading machine, which consumes 50 litres of water per load is of a good build and weighs in at 71 kg with measurements of 84 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 54 cm in depth, so it neatly fits underneath the kitchen work top. It offers a total power of 2200 watts and a total current of 10 amps.

      As all of the plumbing was already in place, it was simply a case of replumbing, which was a task that was carried out by my husband in relatively no time at all. The machine is available in both silver and white and whilst I would have preferred the silver so that it would have blended in with our other kitchen appliances, it was not available at our time of purchase, so I had no option but to opt for the white. The machine's appearance is considerably modern and does not look out of place in our kitchen although I was initially a little alarmed at the size of the door, as it appeared huge and similar to that of our tumble dryer. As I had been so used to our old machine, which sported a couple of knobs, the digital display panel appeared a little alien, particularly as there seemed an array of different programs from which to choose, which are operated by one of the five easy to press buttons, which are almost flush with the machine.


      I know it sounds sad, but I couldn't wait to try out my new appliance and I was well impressed with the detergent drawer, which is easily opened unlike our previous machine, which needed a slight tug. Looking inside the three compartments I could see that there were no areas where detergents would be likely to clog and build up over a period of time, so keeping it clean would be an effortless task. The appliance was accompanied by a 40 page A5 size instruction manual and as a digital machine was a totally new concept for me I made the wise decision to learn how it worked as opposed to jumping straight in and guessing, which is something I normally do.

      I like the fact that the machine offers a choice of temperatures ranging from 30° to 90°, which are easily selected by the press of a button and are displayed in a fairly large bright orange text on a black background, so it is extremely easy to read. My previous machine would automatically select the temperatures depending upon the washing cycle I was using, so this is a very useful feature. The only problem is that when the machine is switched off by the simple power button, which is located on the front, the machine automatically resets to the lowest temperature of 30°, which is the shortest cycle of 39 minutes. It took a while to remember that I had to reset the temperature for each wash, but fortunately, I didn't ruin any laundry in the process.

      I rarely need to alter the programme selection knob, which is easily turned and offers a range of 16 programmes, so those with mobility difficulties in their fingers or hands should not experience any problems. The knob protrudes a little and it would have been favourable if it could be pushed in whilst not in use. The machine offers a huge range of programmes including an eco wash. I favour the fact that the machine enables me to carry out a hand wash for those delicate clothes that display "not machine washable", as I cannot bear hand washing clothes in a bowl! The cycle is very gentle and my clothes have never been damaged. Due to the 8 kg drum, the amount of loads I carry out each week for the two of us has reduced by several washes, particularly as I'm able to wash our king size bedding in one go as opposed to two. I was hoping to have been able to wash our king size duvet, but unfortunately, despite me attempting to stuff it inside, it would not fit although I'm pretty certain the drum would comfortably accept a double size.

      The machine is extremely quiet when in operation and the first time I used it I thought it was faulty as I couldn't hear anything when the kitchen door was closed. The 1200 rpm spinning cycle is far superior to my previous machine, as again, it is much quieter and I was amazed at how much water had been removed from my laundry, which resulted in significantly less time in the tumble dryer. Our laundry always leaves the machine being fully washed although this also has a lot to do with the washing products that I use. I must admit that I am a little disappointed with the amount of water that collects in the rubber seal, which is relatively deep, so following each wash I have to use a tea towel to ensure it is fully removed in order to prevent a build up of scale and general muck that will collect in this area.

      However, this is a minor grumble when making a comparison with the overall benefits of the machine and the fact that it is far more energy efficient than our previous model. A huge benefit with this machine is that it offers a timer, which counts down to zero, so it's handy to know how much time is remaining before I need to tend to the washing. There is also a delayed start function where the programme can be delayed for up to 24 hours, which is another handy feature although not one that I've used.

      We've never encountered any problems with the machine whilst using other than the few niggles as described above. However, following our purchase I sang the machine's praises to my parents who purchased the same model and I received a frantic call from my mother last weekend who advised that the machine had stopped working. It seemed that the on board computer had become a little confused and it was simply a case of turning the machine off and opening the door to enable it to reset itself. Both my husband and I find the machine extremely easy to use and as my husband suffers with diabetic related neuropathy in his finger tips, he often experiences problems with turning dials, but he has not faced any difficulties with using this machine.


      It is recommended that the detergent drawer be cleaned every 4 - 5 washing cycles to prevent the accumulation of washing power. However, despite owning the appliance for approximately 6 months this is not something I've needed to do, particularly as I use gel only, which I place in the actual drum. The drum should also be cleaned at regular intervals with an anti-limescale powder being used during a main wash.


      At the time of writing, the best price for this machine is from the Boots Appliances website where it can be purchased for £227 for white, £239 for silver and £240 for black. However, please note that a delivery charge needs to be added to this cost with a further charge being added if you require next day delivery and/or removal of your old appliance. The machine is provided with a one year manufacturer's guarantee.

      Due to the reasons discussed above, I can highly recommend the Beko Automatic Washing Machine, Model No WMB 81241 LW and despite my minor niggles it still receives a five star rating from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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