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Bosch WAS28466 Exxcel

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2007 12:17
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Quiet, flexible and reliable washing machine

      **Firstly I must say that this product is actually Logixx WAS 28466 not Exxcel**

      ~~~ Why do we need a new machine?~~~

      A little while ago, my husband made a comment, "This washing machine has done us well" I replied with "Thanks for that" Within 10 days the washing machine went wrong, on its final spin it made an almighty noise and sounded like we had thrown a handful of nuts and bolts into the drum. Great!!!

      As the machine was 9 years old, we decided it wasn't worth getting fixed (probably wouldn't anyway) so we started looking for a new one, we went to our local appliance showroom, also tried Comet and Currys, mainly to see what was out there. We chose a couple we liked, and then came home to look at reviews and details on the net. We scanned 'Ciao' and my husband found a forum site run by 'white good repair men' who could tell you what machines they have had most trouble with. The two we chose originally were not recommended, if fact we were advised to stay well away. We were then told about the 'Bosch WAS' range; 24466 (1200 speed)
      28466 (1400 speed)
      32466 (1600 speed)

      ~~~What we chose~~~

      We were keen to go for the WAS28466 (1400 speed) we checked out prices and went to our local showroom who were selling it for £485. We had seen it online for £445. We said we were interested and asked what their best price was; they said they could do £459 with delivery and collection of old one. (As we have a van we didn't need this option) and told him that we had found it for £445, to which he grudgingly agreed. He ordered direct from Bosch and was told to allow 3 working days, this was on the Friday. The following Tuesday I received a call to say it was in. Great Honest Service!


      After removing the plastic and polystyrene, you had to remove the 4 transportation bolts in the back and replace with 4 plastic bolts/hooks (which then holds the pipes) these are easy to replace, they even provide you with the spanner which fits the bolts.
      *ensure you do not throw these away as they are needed if you transport the machine to another house*
      There was only one inlet pipe for cold water, one outlet pipe for waste, and the mains cable. These were all good lengths, so you can easily install before pushing the machine into the desired location.
      If you find the machine wobbles, there are little feet on each corner which can be altered. No-one wants a jelly washing machine!!
      Before use you can test how hard/soft your water is. In the paper pack there is a test stick from Calgon which you dip into a pot of water from your tap and then look to see how many coloured boxes you have, the more red you have, the harder the water. The more green, the softer the water. This is really good for you to find out as you can then adjust the quantity of powder/softener in your wash.

      ~~~Using the machine~~~

      If you decide you wish to read the instructions, I suggest you sit down with a cup of tea, and clear your brain before doing so, they are a bit confusing and need some brain work. If you can't face instruction manuals, just play with the buttons! The controls are simple to follow- turn the dial to the recommended programme, then you can alter the temperature/spin speed/ time delay using the buttons on the left side, which are clearly labelled. The buttons are a good size, even for those with big fingers. The only problem we did find, which takes a bit of getting used to, is the sensitivity of the buttons; you only need to touch them gently.
      The longest wash can take up to 2hours 15minutes, where as the superquick wash can take just 15 minutes, which is great if your short of time.


      LED display indicates how long each program takes
      Wide range of programs
      Can change temp/spin speed
      Can delay each program by hourly intervals up to 24 hours (ideal if you wash at night)
      Status display - washing/rinse/spin/end
      Additional functions - Wash plus ( Extend wash program for more intensive wash)
      Pre-wash ( Pre-wash at max temp 30 oC )
      Reduced ironing ( Special spin sequence )
      Aqua plus (for areas with very soft water or improvement of rinsing result)
      Quiet machine, even through spin cycle
      8.0 kg drum size


      Beep at end of program and every couple of minutes thereafter until you turn it off. (Bonus is that you can stop this by changing volume, but you do need to read instructions on how to do this)
      Cost (look around and negotiate a price if you feel confident enough to do so)
      It could do with a child lock, as dial easy to turn onto a program.


      We are very happy with this machine; it is a good solid machine and doesn't dance across the floor during a spin. As we were without a machine for a few days, we had a build up to do, once it was installed, I filled up the machine and started to use it. We have used several different programs and been very happy with the cleanliness and freshness of each wash. The clothes came out almost dry, and most of these had been on a 1200 spin. I have done several loads at 1400, and found that these items didn't need that long on the line, before they were completely dry. My son spilt his drink over the sofa the other week, (@ 10am) so we stripped all the cushions etc; put it all in at once. Washed it, got it all on the line 90 minutes later, and it was all dry and back on the sofa by 4pm. I'm very impressed with the machine and hope it lasts longer than the last one I had, unless my husband speaks too soon again!!! He better not or I'll get him to wash all the clothes by hand in future.

      For any further information
      www.bosch.co.uk or www.boschappliances.co.uk


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