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Bosch WFL 2450 Maxx

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The Bosch WFL 2450 Maxx is a very reliable, well-built washer dryer. Cheaper than the local laundrette and achieving similar results, it is a very sound investment. Installation is simple and the machine easy to use.

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      19.12.2002 18:08
      Very helpful



      I used to have a Servis washer dryer. Ahh you need to know why I dumped it well.................. - not only did it steam clothes dry leaving them with an aroma of eau de old water, but I was on intimate terms with the service man who came to fix it on a weekly basis (Mr F was getting a bit suspicious!!). The final straw came with the news that my service man would not be able to fix my machine for a week as he was waiting for parts - with two young children (and a ?grown up? one too) I need to be able to use my washing machine 24/7, so it had to go. So after a tearful goodbye from the service man (his not mine) we decided to buy a new machine. Now we had to decide what our priorities were when it came to washing. My biggest priority was reliability - I needed a machine that could be put into service for at least 5 years without causing me any bother. (the only bother I can cope with it the odd sock in with the white load!). In our many conversations Service Man had commented on Bosch. Never have to fix them he said. So Bosch were looking like favourites. Another ?want? was that the clothes must be spun dry (or dry enough for them to be tumble dried at a minimum), so a high spin speed was required. The only ?want? Mr F had was that I didn?t bleed him dry when it came to the price!! After hours of umming and arrrring at Curry?s (and a few no I DON?T need any help THANK YOU), we decided on the Bosch Maxx. It?s sleek white lines and easy to use dials and buttons (no Star Trek Enterprise Bridge here thank you very much), and bigger drum, high spin speed and price £390.00, had us sold. When it arrived (and I had delivered the old knacker into the arms of the local rag and bone man - Yippeeee!!!). I removed all the wrapping and sat down to read the booklet. The booklet is very straightforward and easy to read with some great tips on washing and economy saving tips. Installation. Installing the
      Bosch Maxx couldn?t be more simpler. There are two hoses - one for hot and one for cold water, but if you only have a cold water supply for your machine there is a handy connector which joins the hoses together to fit to the one water supply. If you only fill your machine with cold water the efficiency rating dips slightly as the machine needs to use power to heat the water. Once you have connected the hose, you can plug your machine in and away you go! Specifications The Bosch Maxx is 85.2cm high, 60cm wide and 44cm deep. The door is very large and opens 180 degrees to allow ease of loading and unloading washing. (not so good for little boys who like to swing on it though!). The drum is 30% bigger than your run of the mill washing machine and can carry a whopping 4kg of washing - brilliant if you have a family to wash for. The EU energy labels which are statutory range from A to G with A being the best and for this machine are: Wash Performance Class: A Energy Efficient Class: A Spin Drying Class: B The dials on the machine are very easy to use and the different programmes are clearly shown. Basically with the turn of the dial and the touch of a button the machine will start! This machine has twelve wash options - Cottons and Linens 30 degree wash 40 degree wash 60 degree wash Intensive Stains 60 degree wash 90 degree wash 60 degree pre-wash Easy Care - 30 degree wash 40 degree wash 60 degree wash Delicates 30 degree wash Woollens cold wash (like a hand wash) - this is a very gentle wash with a special spin that stops woollies being pulled out of shape 30 degree wash There is a variable spin dial which allows you to choose the spin speed according to the type of clothes being washed - from 600 to 1100 rpm. The machine also has sensors which will slow the spin down and stop altogeth
      er if the load is imbalanced. This stops the machine bouncing around your kitchen and causing all sorts of mayhem and noise (not good in the middle if the night!). The is a rinse plus option which will add an extra rinse into the programme which is useful if you are washing delicate fabrics or baby clothes. There is also a rinse hold option on the spin dial which allows you to hold the spin. There is a pause function which will stop the machine mid cycle - there is no waiting for 2 minutes for the door to unlock either (which reduces panic and stress levels if you spot a black sock in with your hubbies white shirts!) But you cannot open the door whilst in cycle - a good safety feature for curious little hands. The quick wash function reduces the wash cycle by at least 40% allowing you to wash clothes in half the time but with basically the same results - although this function is not recommended for heavy staining of clothes it is brilliant for freshening up clothes that have been worn once. The reduced ironing button makes the machine spin the clothes in short intervals with a tumble action in between. At the end of the programme the drum will tumble the clothes leaving them loose in the drum instead of wrapped around the drum. This function does help to reduce the creases and is good for hard to iron cotton shirts etc. The drawer for loading the powder and conditioner is easy to use and pulls out very smoothly. There is a compartment for pre wash - conditioner and washing powder. the drawer is easy to remove, and the drawer just needs a good rinse under the tap to clean. There is a brilliant fluff filter at the bottom if the machine which I think is the ultimate in design. When the filter needs cleaning (Bosch recommend every couple of months), there is no need to get the towels out to put on the floor. There is a hose which is long enough to fit over a bowl to empty the remaining water from the p
      ump. the filter then unscrews and cleaning is just a rinse under the tap! So what do I think of the machine - well I think its fantastic. I know its time to get out more when I sit and rave about a washing machine but it really is that good. I have had my machine for 18 months now and have used it constantly (on average 3 loads a day). Touch wood - I have never had as much as a murmur out of it. So reliability is excellent. A quick sum for you: 18 months = 547 days 3 loads a day = 1641 loads (oh God how much ironing have I done!!) £390 / 1641 loads = 23 pence per load Better than the local launderette !!!! I don?t really use all the programmes - just 30 degree gentle care, 40 degree cottons and linens and 60 degree cottons and linens but each time the wash comes out clean with no detergent residue. The spin speed ensures the clothes are quite dry which saves time and money spent on the tumble dryer. I cannot praise this machine enough - it sits there and does its job day after day without so much as a squeak and that's the way I like it!! thanks for reading Mel xxxx


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      White Maxx Washing Machine / Short name: Bosch WFL 2450

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