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    1 Review
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      31.05.2007 14:52
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      quality machine and great value for money

      Having read over 50 or so reviews on various household appliances in the last few months I came to the conclusion that the Washing Machine should be the benchmark by which I would make my purchasing decision for my new kitchen appliances. There is so much importance placed on the good old washer and if you get that right the rest of the appliances should be the same make. So based on my consumer research and the fact that I work with Bosch Automotive products everyday as well, Bosch seemed the right candidate to furnish my new kitchen with its labour saving devices.

      The Bosch WAE24260GB

      I am no stranger to using Bosch washing machines; I have used them in my last two houses and have given faultless service. So the main choice was which model to go for. Now Bosch have a current range of 16 machines, which to my mind seems a little bit of overkill, especially as most of the big electrical retailers will only stock 3 or 4 models and will special order for you, but you will pay top dollar for it and be given a 4-6 week delivery.

      In fact there is little to choose between most of the models apart from drum size, spin speed. Bosch arranges their models in three ranges: Classixx- basic; Exxcel- mid; and Logixx- high end. I choose the Exxcel range for the washer, fridge freezer and dishwasher as they were simple use, but had extra features which seemed practical for our needs and whoever may buy or rent the house when completed would see that quality products were used.

      In fact the WAE24260GB is not labelled as an Exxcel machine; the Bosch logo is in black and their logo is missing. The reason for this? Bosch sometimes produces a run of machines for specific suppliers, these being higher spec models at a much lower price. They also use sub contract assembly in the country the product is sold in, there by reducing labour costs. With this machine from what I have found out it was produced in Germany, but as a run out model before they launched their 2007 range, and this model is still available from some outlets. In fact the 2007 range differs only in a few details and the control panel and drum are very similar to this model.

      Life with the Bosch

      As you would expect from Bosch everything was well packed and present and correct. The transit packing and bolts securing the drum whilst in transit were easy to remove, and the instructions were easy to follow if a little was lost in translation in some places.

      It seems Bosch, like other Manufacturers have gone away from the wash number coding system. Instead the control dial is divided off into natural fibres (cottons) on one half and man made (easy care) on the other. In total there 15 programmes available
      5 for cottons, 6 for easy care and 4 additional functions

      Out of those programme choices the three main programmes we use are the cotton- stains, easy care normal and mixed load. These three programmes cover most of our washing needs and the beauty of the programmes is that once selected the default settings can be changed, so for example the easy care normal programme the temperature can be turned from its default setting of 40 oC down to 30 oC, the same applies to the spin speed. So by trail and error you can find a setting that suits your needs and with modern wash powders working at 30 oC you can take advantage of power savings of a cooler wash. It’s just a shame they don’t have a memory feature that you can apply for your favourite wash programme.

      So how about the results you ask? Well Mrs Scenic as some will know works in a kitchen and has a daily supply of greasy, stained uniforms to wash. My son (Mechboy) works for an Exhibition company and as you can imagine he brings home a weekly bag of washing covered in dirt, grease, paint and sometimes blood!

      The machine has a 6kg load which is on the small side compared with the 7-9kg machines coming onto the market, but for the average family I feel 6kg load is more than enough and remember washing machines work more efficiently fully loaded.

      The cotton programme does the job with the kitchen uniforms and used with a pre treater for the stubborn stuff she heads off for the kitchen with Ramsey like whites each night. The easy care intensive programme deals with my son’s mountain of sweat tops and jeans well. This machine seems to rinse better than our old one and it is rare to find any soap powder marks that were sometimes left by the old machine, indeed the clothes have a fresher feel to them and are easier to iron.

      So to the other features. One thing I found was the dispenser draw was quite small, with some of our washes there can be up to four tablets which is a tight fit and in our old machine it would struggle to dissolve the tablets and would need a helping hand to disappear into the machine, but on this machine a good jet of water and the fact the draw is small the soap and softener dissolves without human intervention, only a small residue of conditioner is left behind and the soap draw remains very clean and unclogged unlike the old machine.

      The drum and door seal are well designed, with some machines I have used you tend to get a residue of soapy water that hangs around in the drum and around the door seal, but all the water in this machine is removed.

      I know noise can be a factor with washing machines and I would say this machine is in the middle bracket for noise, being slightly noisy on spin, but has a very smooth wash action hardly perceptible from the next room.

      This leads me nicely to the stats for this washer.

      It has an A+ energy rating
      A wash rating
      B spin rating


      As I have mentioned above most of you will be running around in cars that are controlled and have fuel delivery systems made by Bosch. In my 20 years in the motor trade it is very rare that a Bosch component fails, it is usually where the unit is mated to the manufactures own systems where any problems lye. So I would wholeheartedly recommend Bosch on the reliability issue, as for the wash results I have no problem recommending its performance either. The only problem you will have is deciding which model to buy out of the vast range they produce, but my advice is keep it simple, at the end of the day how many different programmes do you use in your weekly washes.

      Our machine was purchased from Sainsbury’s kitchen appliances and this machine is not on their list anymore being replaced by the WAE 24162 a very similar spec. for £244.00.



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      Short name: Bosch WAE24260

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