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    1 Review
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      12.08.2010 21:36
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent washing machine, fast 1400 spin with lots of features and options for the money.


      My Zannusi washing machine served us quite well for over 10 years however its water saving features did pose some restrictions. I could never use washing powder, only liquid, as the rinse was never good enough to remove streaks of powder. This put me off getting another Zannusi.

      My daughter persuaded me that her Bosch machine was the best she had ever had: she liked the large drum and good spin action.
      I like a machine with a good fast spin as I like to dry my washing outside or in my sun-lounge and I am too green and mean to use tumble dryers. So, last June 2009, I decided to look for a Bosch.

      'Which' magazine had given this model a good report and I found it on sale at John Lewis for £399 along with other much more expensive models.
      NB John Lewis now stock the upgrade Bosch WAE 28469 at £499 but my model can still be purchased if you look around eg. Coop Electrical list it at £395.99.

      ***Features of The Bosch WAE 28467***

      Its White, Front Loading and Freestanding
      Size is 60cm width 84.7 height and 59 cm depth
      A large drum - 7kg (or 13 lb) of laundry can be washed in one load
      Indicator and optional push button controls
      LCD Display panel
      Time remaining display
      Delay Timer - you can set your wash to start when you wish (Good for Economy 7)
      Variable Spin speeds to suit wash from 400rpm to 1400rpm
      Signal when finished end of cycle.
      Energy Rating A+ (the highest ratring - G is lthe lowest
      Uses 1.19kwh of power
      49 litres of water per full wash
      It has a Warranty of 2 years but remember to send in the Bosch online form to get the extra year.

      ***The Programmes***

      There are 15 programmes - all operated by a turning indicator knob to required programme and (only if you wish to change the standard temperatures and spins) various push buttons which only need a gentle touch. Once you have made your selection the time the wash will take, the temperature of wash and spin speed will show up in the Display window.
      As mentioned you can use variable spin speeds and temperatures by pressing the relevant button and you can even do this even during the wash operation.

      Once the wash starts the window shows how much time is left to finish the wash
      One important thing to note is that the Operating Instruction Booklet gives completely wrong temperatures for this model and I have seen these repeated in reviews.
      Also many reviews give a standard white wash taking 2hrs 30 minutes whereas this is only the case if you press the 'Wash Plus' button along with Cotton programmes. Therefore I have listed the actual temperatures and times below for all the 'standard' programmes:

      1) 'Cottons' - take 1hr 35 mins at a temp of 60 degrees - 1400rpm spin
      2) 'Cottons Stain Plus' 1hr 46 - at 60 deg. - 1400 spin
      3) 'Cotton Stains' - 1hr37 - at 60 deg. - 1400 spin
      5) 'Easy Care' - 55 mins - 40 deg. with 800 spin (again spin is variable)
      6) 'Mixed Load' - (the one I use most) - 50minutes - 40 deg with 1200 spin
      7) 'Sensitive' - 1hr 25 - 40 deg with 1200 spin
      8) 'Dark Wash' - 55 mins - 40 deg - 800 spin
      9) 'Silk' - 32 mins at 30 deg - 600 spin
      10) 'Wool' 32 mins at 30 temp 800 spin
      11 'Sports Wash' 39mins at 40deg. and 800 spin
      12) 'Super Quick' 15 mins at 40deg - 800 spin
      13) 'Rinse/Freshen' up 19 mins with 1200 spin
      14) 'Drain' 1min
      15) 'Spin' - 1200 and 'Gentle Spin' - 400

      Then there are additional buttons to add to above programmes if needed:

      1) Wash Plus if clothes are very soiled (I have never used this - rugby players may!!)
      2) Pre- Wash (again I have never needed this - clothes are washed perfectly without)
      3) Reduced Iron (this reduces the spin on any programme)
      4) Aqua Plus (A higher water level enters the drum - (I have not used this as no streaking of powder is noticeable)

      You are advised to check and clean the filter regularly; this is easily accessed at the bottom left of the machine. You turn large screw to left and pull out filter. There is also a detergent solution drain in here presumably for problems with detergents.

      ***Plus Points of The Bosch WAE 28467***:
      The large drum takes a good wash- load. I love the fact that you can see how long a wash has to go before it is finished and also that you get a 'finished wash' signal. With my old machine I would often forget I had done a wash and then find a smelly load a few days later - proves I am getting old too!!)
      I like the fast 1400 spin together with the variable spin and temperature options and I use the 'Rinse/Freshen Up' programme if I have done handwashing.

      ***Minus Points***
      The top temperature is 60 degrees. I would like the option of 90 degrees for bed linen and towels but this is frowned upon these days.
      It isn't the quietest of machines but I don't find the decibel level of 60 too annoying and its quieter than my old machine.
      If you are checking or cleaning the filter you can get a pool of water on the floor - put a cloth underneath to catch the drips.
      The Instruction Book is POOR - just a little leaflet with wrong information in some areas - the temperatures of some of the programmes are listed incorrectly. I complained to Bosch about this but did not get a satisfactory reply.

      The Bosch WAE 28467 washing machine gives an excellent big wash.
      It has a varied selection of 15 programmes and a fast 1400 and variable option spins.
      It is easy to use and keep clean.
      For the price - I paid - and the fact that you can extend the guarantee to 2 years for free - I don't think you can expect more from a washing machine.
      I fully recommend it.


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