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    1 Review
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      25.06.2011 13:20
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      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent washing machine - easy to use, efficient and of good quality

      When it comes to buying household appliances, we are quite enthusiastic about Bosch. We already have a few other machines manufactured by Bosch and they have all had a very good track record so we recently decided to update our old Hotpoint washing machine to the Bosch 1200rpm spin washing machine. I must say that it has been excellent so far, but as with all products in this category, time will tell if it lasts, but I do have promising confidence in this machine!

      We bought ours from Comet and had it delivered to our door as it was free. The washing machine itself cost around £400, which isn't bad for a good machine compared to others. It can handle a load of 4.5kg, which is ideal for the three of us living in a house. We'd find ourselves putting a wash on every couple of days to every few days depending. The machine has dimensions of 85 x 60 x 44cm. We had plenty of space to fit ours into a laundry room, but it's not too large anyway so could easily be fitted into a kitchen. You could even have it free standing as the top white surface is flat and ideal to have a few things stored on top of it, if not at least your washing powder!

      Comet graded this machine with the highest class wash grade and efficiency grade, which enticed us to go for it too. This means it should give your clothes a great wash and at the best possible price in terms of water and electricity too. I must agree that this machine has done an excellent job and at a similar price as we haven't noticed any great changes in bills - if anything it has saved money from the old machine, which failed to work properly!

      The machine is very easy to use. If you have any troubles, it does come with a pretty detailed manufacturer's guide. It must be plugged in first and then you can choose the setting you want using the buttons on the front towards the top. Red lights will show once the buttons are pressed to indicate you have chosen that setting. You can actually choose the spinning rate depending on the washing in there, so if there aren't as many clothes or the stains are less tough, you may want to reduce this to save power and money. There is a wash plus option, which will give your clothes a more thorough wash. I have used this once and the clothes that came out (which had tough mud stains and one of which had a stain from berries) were very clean, although I did have a little help from the product Vanish! You can also do a pre-wash for really dirty clothes, but I have yet to use this. There is a reduced ironing option too, which I have never tried but this is meant to leave your clothes less creased, however I don't think they would ever come out good enough so they need not to be ironed - especially if you need shirts for the workplace for example. Lastly, there is an aqua plus option, which basically adds more water to the load to help wash away dirt.

      Using the dial on the right hand side, I simply choose the temperature and type of material I wish to wash by turning the dial and then press start. Before so, you have to put your washing powder (and) conditioner in the draw, which is located in the top left and easily pulls out. There are little labels including a flower to signify the conditioner goes in there. You can also use self-dissolving tablets that you put in the washing machine itself. The washing machine has options for delicates, cottons, woollens, mixed loads (mixed colours) and more so it is quite versatile. You can also set it to simply spin. When ready, the handle on the door to the right hand side can be opened and you can fit a fair amount of clothes in - 4.5kg worth to be exact! You shouldn't really overload the machine though as from past experience, I understand this damages the machine over time. As your washing is being done, a series of lights in the centre of the panel will tell you about the status of the cycle - Wash > Rinse > Spin > End. The door automatically locks when the start button is pressed to prevent any children climbing in as a safety feature.

      Whilst running, the washing machine isn't overly loud and doesn't move too much but if it's in a tight space, you may hear it rattling against the sides a little bit! I think this seems to be worse if we overload it a tiny bit, but it still copes very well and runs a lot more quietly compared to older machines so you may well notice a positive difference.

      The washing machine has been very reliable so far, has cleaned all clothes well (with a little bit of help from Vanish at times) and hasn't broken down or anything as of yet. It's not the cheapest in it's category, but considering it has been graded A in washing and efficiency, which is the maximum grade, it's certainly a safe bet to go with this machine. You can find it in Comet (where we bought ours) and I'm sure elsewhere such as Currys and online too.

      Thanks for reading


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      Short name: Bosch WLX24164GB

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