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      13.01.2011 02:28
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An economical, effective and high performance washing machine for a wide range of textiles.

      "Clean bill of health" ~ ENERGY LABELS RATES

      This model's energy efficiency and performance levels are:
      * A rating } Energy efficiency
      * A rating } Washing performance
      * B rating } Spinning performance

      Business is requiried by law to make sure that customers can identify EU energy labels for products in the stores. The EU energy label classifies that every product on a scale from A, being the most efficient, to G, as the least efficient. Washing machines are generally categorized with three letters; for example, my washing machine is A A B. The first letter A refers to the efficiency that is calculated by an entirely loaded machine set at a 60ºC cycle. The second letter, A, stands for the washing performance. The third letter, B in this case, stands for the spinning drying performance. The B differs very little in context with A, so although A is the performance letter I would look for; B represents only a slight percentage in energy savings and levels. Therefore, this model rates high in efficiency ranking. Additionally, to get a spinning efficiency rating of A, almost all washing machines would need to afford spin at 1600rpm, mine is 1400rpm. I went for a mid range priced apparatus because cheaper models do not have the quality parts or suspension needed to withstand uppermost spin speeds; the components soon wear and it becomes false economy.

      'Up to speed' ~ SPIN SPEED

      I can choose to set the spin speed at 400, 800, 1000 or 1400rpm's. This is a very practical feature in protecting my laundry. The fast spin speed of 1400 affords an excellent water reduction in the clothing.

      ~*~EXAMPLE~*~ I spin all hardier textiles, such as cotton fibre at 1400rpm. This ensures they come out of the machine damp but not wet to the touch. In winter weather, where I can't dry laundry outside and wish to save on utilities, I can simply hang over the airer and within 24hrs, the clothes are dry. To prevent any undue negative effects to the family's health, I dry such clothing in a part of the hallway seldom used.

      For all my woollen textiles I do not go above the 400rpm as they would become damaged.

      ~*~EXAMPLE~*~ I wash an 80% wool jumper with this spin setting. Although it comes out fairly moist, there is no undue creasing or harm to the fragile fabric. I simply lay the woollen to dry flat. I have experienced no fuzzing/tiny fluff bobbling to the jumper's appearance thus far. I have a few garments that are advised to be hand washed, being a special silk content etc., only but I can still use the spin setting for these as long as I set it on 400rpm, they come out without any damage and damp but far better than I could physically wring them without causing impairment!

      For delicates I alternate between the 400 and 800 speeds; this ensures less creasing and no undermining of the garments.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I have a black blouse with diamante sequins in which the label advises a delicate wash. Regular washing on this cycle has produced good cleaning results without any deterioration in the fabric or removal of the tiny beads.

      As regards synthetics, I alternate between 800rpm and 1000rpm.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I have a nylon camisole blouse that I spin at 800rpm and which leaves it practically crease free and as little dampness as if I'd used a higher setting, but without any detriment to the garment in appearance or texture.

      'Running a Temperature' ~ TEMPERATURE:

      This model has variable temperature settings. This feature allows me to change the temperature of the cycle whenever I choose.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I use this when washing my cotton trousers. Because the trousers have a basic dye application that are not colour fast, I choose a lower heat setting to protect the intensity in the pigmentation. Although there is some lightning, the over-all effect is good.

      'Pull your weight' ~ LOAD CAPACITY:

      The machine has a Maximum washing capacity of 6kg = 13.23 pounds.
      However, you do need to fill the drum in order to get the most economical use from your machine and to prevent under-loading.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I hold my hands up to say that when I first used the machine, because it was new, I was concerned about over-loading. I realised that I had under-loaded when the machine went into its spin mode and it felt like the machine was going through an Apollo lift off! The sound of the drum was loud and banging from side to side. The weight of the clothing and the unwise mixture of lightweight garments with towels, added to the accumulation on one side of the drum causing it to become out of balance. I now sort the washing more carefully, towels and sheets together but ensuring the 6kg weight reached. This way, not only is my machine's mechanism protected but the laundry comes out properly spun.

      I adore the half load facet for its practical usage.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ When my grand-tots stay overnight, I am left with an array of laundry that only amounts to a half load. So that my daughter isn't waiting for the clothing to be returned, some of which is school uniforms, I simply put the smaller wash load on using this apt setting, and the clothing is ready for mum to collect, along with the tots, the next morning!

      'Time is of the essence' ~ DELAY TIMER:

      The Delay start option can be set up to 24 hours.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ When I have guest, usually family, they tend to gather in the kitchen while I'm preparing refreshments/food. So that we can chat without extra noise, I simply pop the delay button on, normally for a half hour, which is so helpful. I don't need to worry that I may forget to restart; the machine automatically starts at the set time.


      I find the cold water fill is at times more economical. If I'm the only one in the home during certain times over a fair time, I will not put on the boiler as I simply do not require that amount of hot water.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ The smaller amount of water used for a cycle is cheaper to heat than using the large boiler utility. Although, when the family are home, the boiler is turned on and it is then better to use this facility as the water is already hot and in consistent use. Moreover, this setting helps to prevent the loss of colour and even shrinkage, which is an added benefit to me as I can't afford a decrease in the size of my clothing!

      'Lock Stock and Barre'l ~ CHILDLOCK:

      The child lock feature, I feel, is a particularly important one.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I have three grand-tots of very young ages. They are very curious and love to investigate draws, cupboards and so forth. My youngest grand-son has attempted to climb into my daughter's tumble dryer! The child safety feature is a very reassuring aspect to have for any family with young children...or pets!

      'Show and tell' ~ DIGITAL DISPLAY:

      The digital display column is excellent; clear large red numbers against a back back-ground.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I will take note of this feature if my daughter arrives to take me shopping. If the time on the panel indicates that there is only a short time left before the wash cycle is finished, I will pop on a cuppa and we'll wait so I can take the load out, pop in another and leave! There is no guess work, it's a brilliant way to organise one's time.

      'For all intense purposes' ~ INTENSE:

      The Intense setting furnishes an additional thorough wash.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I will incorporate this setting when my son is engaging in outdoor sports. The garments are gingerly given to me covered in, what seems, a major part of the football field! This setting, used with a biological laundry cleaner, furnishes me with good results. Although, I will add that, due to the nature of some sports, a pre-treatment is sometimes required.

      'For the delicate of constitution' ~ DELICATE WASH:

      I love this gentle cycle for its careful treatment of clothing.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ My grand-daughter has a particularly fancy chiffon party dress that would normally be hand washed. But when I pop this garment in the washing machine alongside other 'delicates', it comes out as beautiful but cleaner than it went in!

      'Pick 'n' mix' ~ MIX PROGRAM:

      The mix program is an excellent economical aspect to this apparatus.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ I can mix different fabric compositions, such as nylon, polyester and cottons, of various sizes, that still come out of the wash clean and rinsed well. I will often wash my son's t-shirts along with blouses and polyester shirts and have good cleaning results without any impairment to the clothing.

      'Green is the new black' ~ ECO CYCLE:

      The economy cycle supports a more energy efficient wash as it uses a lower temperature and less water.

      ~*~ Example ~*~ I can wash synthetics well using this cycle but also have a clearer conscience that this is better for the environment.

      'Spin doctor' ~ EXTRA SPIN:

      The extra spin allows for further rinsing and spinning.

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~
      As mentioned before concerning sportswear, this feature assist in added cleaning using more water for the extra dirty clothing. Furthermore, my youngest grand-son and my son suffer eczema, so the extra rinse and spin ensures all chemical treatments, even non-biological, are safely extracted to prevent exasperating the symptoms of their sensitive skin.

      'Hold your horses' ~ RINCE HOLD OPTION:

      The rinse hold option is a particular practical feature for those, like me who hate ironing!

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ When I use this mode, the clothing comes out from the wash with a reduction in creasing. This means that as long as I leave the washing soaking in the water for a short time, normally ½ to ¾ hour, and next spin, then hang immediately, less ironing is required. This is particularly useful for when I'm laundering cotton shirts and table clothes.

      'Pull the wool over your eyes' ~ WOOL CYCLE:

      The woollens program is a brilliant way to avoid hand-washing!

      ~*~ Example ~*~ Many of my jumpers and cardigans have a high percentage of wool content. I would normally need to wash these fragile garments by hand. But using this cycle means the machine is set to gently oscillate the drum, moving the items through the water carefully. I haven't yet experienced any item of my woollens being stretched or damaged.

      'Brief History of Time' ~ FIFTEEN MINUTE WASH CYCLE:

      Now this fifteen minute quick wash cycle is the crème de la crème for me!

      ~*~ EXAMPLE ~*~ My son has countless times announced to me that he is due to play squash that very morning and with a 'where's my shorts'! Found crumpled on the floor from where he last climbed out of them, I proceed to do my Wonder Woman (some of us can relate to this SC!) act by popping them in the fifteen minute cycle, along with a few t-shirts to make up a half load, and whoop, whoop! A pair of shorts ready for a quick spin in the dryer, ready to be worn. But beware, this cycle is really best used for only lightly soiled clothing.


      There are eleven programmes on this washing machine that are set out around an easily turned dial:

      Cotton} pre-wash Synthetic Quick wash
      Standard Wool Sport
      Eco Mix

      There is a Flat panel buttons located underneath this dial noting the four temperature settings} 90%, 60%, 40% and 30%. Additionally, another strip has four small oblong buttons indicating Temp, Speed, Intense and Extra rinse. The small Start/Pause button is located on the far right hand corner. The soap dispenser is situated on the far left and incorporates two soap compartments and one conditioner compartment that is in the centre with a practical 'maximum' lever to avoid over filling. The draw has the Bush logo and symbol.


      The very audible end of cycle beeper is pleasant enough, if slightly annoying. It will re-occur for a short time as if to say, 'I'm still here, haven't got all day'! Hate to be ordered by demanding machines!


      The washing machine measures height 84, width 59.5 and diameter 51cm, which is the appropriate size for general under-counter white goods.


      The technical specifications, as noted in the enclosed plastic package manufacturer's booklet that is delivered with the machine states:

      * Energy consumption: 1.14kWh/cycle.
      * Water consumption: 49 litres/cycle.
      * Estimated annual energy consumption: 228kW/year.
      * Estimated annual water consumption: 9800litres/year.

      'It's a steal'! ~ PURCHASE:

      I bought this washing machine online (order number 478/5981) from Argos for £199.99 saving a third off the price as it was originally £299.99. I had it delivered at an additional cost of £8.95. Argos even has a practical option to collect the old appliance for £7.66, (order number 482/0011) but my son and his friend took ours to our local skip.

      To buy or not to buy, that is the question! ~ RECOMMEND?

      Yes, most certainly. The machine is highly efficient in cleaning clothing and other fabrics. The various choices of wash cycles means that I can choose how I want to launder the items, regarding time, temperature and programmes.

      Thank you for reading


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    • Product Details

      Brand: Bush / Model: HW60-1460D / Type: Front Loader / Energy efficiency rating: A / Washing performance: A / Spinning performance: B / Maximum spin speed: 1400rpm / Short name: Bush HW60-1460D

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