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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2010 19:25
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Grab yourself a satisfying bargain!!

      Struggling with money and recently moving into a flat was the least of our worries when our previous washing machines decide to give up the ghost. I had to quickly find a cheap and effecient replacement, and after tonnes of research i found that for £190 the best i could find was the Bush WM-1260.
      Expecting to have a shoddy experience with our new peice of kit, i was quite suprised to find it was actually a very good appliance.

      The drum is big enough for a family of three, The spin is extremely fast and best of all, its pretty much SILENT!!! All these years of suffering from ear splitting spin cycles were beyond me and the end product was absolutely cracking. Clothes have never been damaged and a year on and many daily uses later, everything still works perfectly.

      Being a bit of a self confessed eco warrior i was extremely pleased to see that our quick cycle only took 34 minutes to finish, and being our regular setting it has never failed to impress. Once the cycles have finish a pleasant 'chime' comes out of the machine to let you know the job has been done, just about the only sound you will hear from the machine.

      This product is a great purchase, highly recommended to anyone who doesnt mind paying less for the less attractive designs. A truly excellent washing machine.


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      20.07.2010 10:38
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A quiet washing machine thats very easy to use!

      Recently my secondhand machine completely conked out so my ever so generous nan bought me a new one from Argos, however there was a slight glitch. I couldn't have that £500 hot, sexy black machine I so desired instead I had to choose one of the cheapest, from a 'decent' make in the Argos catalogue.

      I soon came across the Bush WM-1260 White washing machine. It is priced at £230, however at the time of purchase it was on offer for £180.
      To be honest I know absolutely nothing about washing machines, all I knew is I wanted one that worked and helped me produce such freshly cleaned and wonderfully smelling clothes, as I am constantly using the washing machine, especially as I have twin toddlers. However if you are somebody who knows exactly what you are looking for in a machine the Argos catalogue, and website include a few important specifications for this machine.

      This particular washing machine features include;
      *Maximum spin speed 1200rpm
      *Variable Temperature and Spin Speed
      *Maximum washing capacity 6kg
      *Delay start option up to 24 hours.
      *Cold water fill
      *Child Lock
      *Digital Display

      It's size dimensions are Size H85, W59.5, D56.5cm.

      The Argos website also provides techinical specifications so if anybody does want or need to know these details if looking for a washing machine they are as follows;

      Energy consumption: 1.14kWh/cycle.
      Water consumption: 54 litres/cycle.
      Estimated annual energy consumption: 228kW/year.
      Estimated annual water consumption: 10800litres/year.

      Most of this meant absolutely nothing to me I just wanted a machine that worked and washed my clothes.

      To be honest in my opinion this machine doesn't have a 'modern' look to it at all, nothing swarve and fancy about it one bit, it's display and look is pretty simple and fairly self explanatory too. There isn't 5 million buttons on the front and there isn't loads of writing to struggle to read either. The only writing on the front is the word 'Bush' above the detergent drawer.

      The ease of use with this washing machine is incredible. There are 11 programmes available to use, but to use them is far from confusing. On the main front panel of the washing machine there are 11 'lights' all unlit apart from the very first one. To the right of these lights there is a large plastic knob/dial. Under each light there is a word for the type of programme example 'Prewash or Quick'. You simply have to turn your dial until your chosen programmes light is lit instead of the very first one it starts off on, unless of course that is the programme you want to use. Beneath the row of lights are the Power buttion, the start and pause button, and the delay button. The delay button gives you option of delaying a wash in case you have plans to go out, want to do it when you know the weather is going to brighten up or somebody may be popping over and you want to start the wash afterwards etc.

      These 11 programmes you have to choose from include .. PreWash, Quick, Rinse and Spin, as well as others. When you choose each programme the time of the wash appears on the digital display for example as the Quick wash is only 34 minutes long 00:34 will appear on the display. If using the Quick wash then your display time will gradually time down until you are are left with it displaying the word Done, and the washing machine then treats you to a small and funky tune.

      The drum itself, compared to my old machine, is really quite small. I'm not one to overload a washing machine drum anyway as I don't feel my clothes get washed properly if it is too busy inside there, but I can't put half as much washing in this machine as I could with my old one which is a shame as I always have so much washing to do.

      One thing which has impressed me is how quiet this machine washes, and spins! I don't think the spin on this machine is as powerful as my old one but it manages to spin the washing just right so it isn't left dripping wet yet it doesn't shake uncontrollably, bang against my cupboards and literally makes little to no noise whilst doing so. My old machine would shake, bang my cupboards and really sound like a train whizzing through my house rather than a washing machine spinning my clothes.

      The drawer that you place your detergent and softener in has 3 compartments, one for your powder, one for your softener and one which you use when you opt for the Prewash programme on your machine. It is easy to pull out and push back in, you can do this by just applying a little pressure with one finger if you like as it pushes in and pulls out with such ease.

      You do have to be quite gentle opening the door though as I think the pull in part which you squeeze to open the door does actually feel a bit flimsy and if too much force is used it will probably break.

      My washing comes out really clean, feels soft (especially after using softener) and smells beautiful ... which is exactly what I wanted from a washing machine.

      At first I was little sceptical, it has that simple and extremely basic look to it and it is just as easy and simple to use to - so Men no excuses even you can use one of these lol! As it didn't have all these fancy knobs, and small print on the front I wasn't expecting it to clean as well as it did. It is a brilliant washing machine on a budget. I've had it a few months now and I'm so impressed with how well it washes, and most of all the ease of use as well as it's subtleness when it comes to washing. The fact that it is quiet is a bonus for me as my other one could wake my street never mind my neighbours. I'd certainly reccomend this machine to anybody looking for a basic machine on a budget, it does exactly what you expect a washing machine to do.


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      Short name: Bush WM-1260

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