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Brand: Candy / Capacity: 6kg / Energy Efficiency: A+

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2013 18:57
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      an easy to use washing machine by Candy

      I am quite funny when it comes to washing machines as I only have a select group of brands that I'll actually buy. When deciding on the washing machine that I wanted for my house, I made my decision quickly and decided on Candy as they are a brand I have used before and one that I really like and find reliable. Like all washing machines, they will suffer from general wear and tear but that is like any brand. The model I decided on was the Candy CM462, it is just a washing machine and not a washer/dryer which I am more used to but this doesn't bother me as I have made a good choice with this model and am pleased with how clean my clothes are.


      This washing machine comes in both silver and white, my machine is the silver one as it fits in well with my kitchen. It is 85 x 60 x 54cm which is about normal and it holds a 6kg load. Its energy efficiency is A+ and it weighs 72kg, the front of the machine has the usual wheel which you turn to select your washing cycle and there are buttons on the front. The buttons to choose from are start/pause, allergy care, fast wash, stain vanish and start delay all easy to use options and there is a drawer to pull out to insert your detergent/softener. It is a really nice model, modern looking and easy to use, very compact at the same time.


      With something like a washing machine, it is difficult to know where to begin but firstly, the energy consumption, this uses 230 volts and it has a cold fill as well as a stainless steel drum. The spin speed on this machine is 1400rpm and as said above, it holds a 6kg load, I sometimes fill this up, it just depends how many clothes I have used that week but it is very big inside and I always find myself shocked by how much I can squeeze into the one load. This machine has a time to end display and a fast wash option which is what I tend to use as I want it to wash my clothes as quickly as possible to make my life easier.

      To use this is very easy, just load all clothes in, put detergent/softener in and then choose the cycle and it should start right away. The door doesn't need much force to lock it, gently should do it and then the door locked light will flash and it should start to fill with water. This machine has red lights to show the selected cycle and it is pretty straightforward. The cycles you can choose from are Cottons at 90, 60, 40 and 30 degrees Celsius, Synthetics at 60, 50, 40 30 degrees Celsius, Mix n Wash AA at 40 degrees Celsius, Delicates at 40 degrees Celsius, Handwash at 30 degrees Celsius, Woollens at 30 degrees Celsius and lastly a 32 minute wash.

      Now, I normally use the cottons or mixed synthetics options and you can choose to delay the start if you want to. There is an allergy care rinse option which I have never looked into much but am not too sure what it does. There is an Activa Wash System, and a Stain Vanish Wash option, quite a lot of features to choose from really. Now that all of the specifications have been covered, how good is this machine to use? Well, in terms of noise it isn't too loud at all, when on a spin it isn't as loud as other machines I have used and is pretty standard. The machine holds a great capacity and I find it washes a decent sized load.

      The only problems I have come across with this model is that sometimes it won't always start and I need to turn the wheel a few times and click the start button to finally get it going. Also, the top needs to be cleared properly in the loading drawer as I found mine full with water the other day which I've never had happen to me before, so always make sure it isn't blocked. Other than this, the machine washes very thoroughly, clothes are spinned well and are never dripping wet when taken out of the machine. My clothes always smell really fresh which means the detergent gets to them well in the wash and they come out well rinsed.

      I think this is a great model and I would recommend Candy to anyone who needs a new machine. I'd probably get a washer/dryer next time though just to help in the winter time but other than that it does everything I want my machine to do and it washes well and holds a big load of clothes, exactly what I need. I know there are a few things I picked up on but every machine has a few bad points and these are all things which are easily fixed, nothing annoying. I am happy that when the machine is on, the noise isn't ridiculously loud but a good enough volume and the energy consumption is ok on this model too.


      This model can be purchased from all washing machine retailers, on eBay there are a few up for sale also starting from £35 and rising depending on the condition.

      The official Candy website is http://www.candy-domestic.co.uk/.


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      Short name: Candy CM462-80