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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2013 20:34



      Will not EVER buy another Hoover / Candy product

      We bought this in Feb 2012.
      After only 3 or 4 washes we noticed the machine wasn't as quiet as it was on day one.
      By December 2012 the machine was so noisy it hurt my ears. We had to shout to be heard over the noise.
      In Feb 2013 the engineer came out and said that in his opinion, Candy / Hoover don't put enough grease around the bearings any more. In old washing machines you could just grease the bearings but now that everything comes as a sealed unit the whole drum had to be replaced.
      So, new drum... after only a few washes a different sound started. Can't describe it. But at the start of April I noticed the washing machine motor was making its "spin" noise but the drum wasn't spinning. Candy now want to charge me £120 to look at the problem, so I pulled the washing machine out and removed the top and back panel myself. The belt that drives the drum has slid from the wheel and cut a groove in the back of the drum. Then it fell off the wheel. We managed to get the belt back on the wheels (the one on the drum and the one from the motor) but spin the drum and the belt comes straight back off.

      The last Candy I had back in 1999 only lasted 3 years. We never overload the machine and only use it about 4 times a week. I WILL NOT be buying ANY Candy / Hoover machine again.


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      13.03.2012 21:54
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      One of my best buys ever

      When we moved into our new house just over a year ago, we were forced to buy a new washing machine after our previous one wouldn't work due to being kept in storage for a few months. But that's a story for another day, so I won't bore you with the ins and outs. We had a reasonable budget, but we still wanted to get the best value machine we could, and one which would still fulfil our requirements if and when our little family grew....

      We ended up with this machine because it was on offer in either Currys or Comet, and was the best value for the features it offered. I seem to remember it was around £280, which was the top end of our budget, but was also a bargain because at the recommended RRP it retails for around £350.

      I'm not sure if it's just me, but I tend to find with appliances like these, regardless of how many wonderful and fancy features they have, I usually stick to the same few washing cycles which are my tried and trusted. In the past, I've owned washing machines for years, and only known what a few of the symbols actually mean. Obviously, for the sake of this review I will be sharing all the features it offers, but I'll also base it on usefulness and whether it's worth being persuaded to part with your money for features you'll probably never use.

      **Essential Features**

      The features this machine offers which affected our decision to buy, were the following:

      · The size of the drum - the 8kg capacity means we get through our weekly washing much quicker because we can fit lots of clothes in one cycle. This is particularly useful when washing towels, because in the past I would have had to split the load. It's also useful for washing things like duvet covers and pillows, which might struggle to fit in a smaller machine

      · Spin speed - as we don't have a tumble dryer, and I hate having washing hanging around the house, I wanted a decent spin speed so clothes wouldn't come out of the wash dripping wet. This one has a spin speed of 1400

      · Energy efficiency - we wanted something that was economical to run, and would save on electricity consumption compared to our last machine. This machine is A+

      · Wash cycles - the ones I always look for in a washing machine are "Quick" wash cycles, hand washing or cold water cycles for delicates, and a separate spin cycle. This machine has all of the above, including a 32 minute rapid cycle for items which aren't heavily soiled, a hand wash cycle and a wool wash cycle for delicates, and it also has a fast spin option. It has many other options, varying from 30 degrees to 90 degrees, and it categorises the washing cycle between cottons and mixed

      **Additional Features**

      As I've gone on to use this machine, I've had a bit of a play around with some of the other features and have discovered a couple which are really useful. Not having these features wouldn't have stopped me from buying the machine, but they're a nice added bonus.

      The first of these is that the washing machine has a delayed start feature. I'm aware that most machines have this feature these days, but I'd never had this before and have found it quite useful. My mum used to rave on about her machine and how useful this feature was, but I never really "got" it. Then, one week when we were getting really behind with the washing because we'd been home late every night, it dawned on me how useful it would be to have the washing ready to hang when we got home. I dug out the instruction manual and for the final time we said goodbye to our overflowing washing basket. (As an aside, I don't know why we have so much washing as there's only two of us. Sometimes it feels like someone else has moved into the house without us knowing! I guess we must just be very clean people)

      The delayed start basically allows you to prepare the machine for its cycle, and delay the commencement of the cycle for up to 24 hours. Using this feature is very easy, you just select the cycle you want to use, then press the "Delay Start" button repeatedly for the number of hours you'd like to delay by. This may require a bit of maths but it's not rocket science. This has come in really handy for those weekends we're out and about and I hate putting washing on and leaving it sitting in the machine. I now delay the start until I know we'll be back to take the washing out of the machine.

      There is also a half load cycle, which means it automatically adjusts the amount of water used. In fact, it claims that the amount of water and electricity used will always be appropriate for the clothes load, which is good for efficiency. If you don't quite have a full load you don't have to go round the house grabbing things to make up a full load. The machine will just adjust the amount of water and electricity used instead.

      The machine also remembers the washing cycle so that in the event of a power cut, when the power supply is reinstated, it remembers where it was up to and continues where it left off. Although this isn't a feature you'd use very often, it has come in handy for us once or twice when our slightly haphazard electrician starting turning electricity on and off when he was testing his re-wiring!

      I also love the digital display on this washing machine. Again, I realise I need to get out more, but it's the first machine I've owned which displays how long is left to go on the cycle, so if you're waiting to hang the washing up before going out this comes in really useful. In our house, we keep the washing machine in the utility room, so we can hardly hear it. So usually we'll make a mental note of what time it's due to finish otherwise we don't hear it finishing.

      That leads me onto noise, which is another good feature of this machine. Even on its spin cycle it's still possible to have a conversation in the same room without having to shout. We often have the washing machine on whilst making dinner, and there is no door leading from the utility room to the kitchen. It doesn't cause any problems though and I only realise how quiet it is when I go round to other people's houses and hear how noisy their machines are.

      I'm not going to talk about how this machine looks. A washing machine is a washing machine at the end of the day. It's white, and looks reasonably smart, I can't see it available in silver anywhere so if this kind of thing bothers you, you might have to give this one a miss. It does, however, also have a wide opening door which makes it easy to drag the washing in and out of the machine.


      As with most washing machines, the drawer compartment comes out for cleaning. We've only had to do this every now and then because it doesn't seem to get as clogged up as other machines I've owned. There is also a filter at the bottom of the machine which it recommends should be cleaned once a month for efficient use. In all honesty, we don't do this as often as we should, but so far we've never had any major blockages.

      **Final Word**

      This washing machine is honestly one of the best appliances I have owned. It has every cycle you could wish for, it's lovely and quiet, and it has a great huge drum to fit in large loads of washing. The washing cycles vary in temperature, but most of them take around an hour and a half, unless you're using one of the higher ones such as 90 degrees, which will take a good two to three hours. The machine automatically adjusts according to the washing load, so the time for each cycle will be slightly different. You can see this when you set the cycle, and then it adjusts straight away. It also has a rapid and handwash cycle, a delayed start feature and a countdown on the digital screen. Apart from hanging the washing up and ironing it for me, I really couldn't ask for anything more from this machine.


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  • Product Details

    Candy 1400 spin washing machine / Features include 60 litres normal water consumption for a 60 degree wash / automatic water level control to save water / and a wide opening door for easy loading and unloading and added convenience / Short name: Candy GODF800

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