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    1 Review
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      24.09.2012 13:14
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A fantastic washing machine for the price - kind to the environment too!

      I am starting on a mission to review all of my new household items that I purchased to move in to my new home back in the summer. The next on my list is my beautiful Candy GOFS272 7Kg 1200 Spin Slim Depth Washing Machine. I say beautiful because despite owning my own home before, I have never owned my own brand spanking new washing machine; I've always had second hand. So this is a big novelty and on the first night we washed a load in the washing machine, I'm not ashamed to say we watched it for a while! Originally, when we were looking around we were checking out Comet, Currys, Argos, Tesco, Asda, etc and Google Shopping and we couldn't find anything within our budget (£200) with a high load capacity and spin of at least 1200. Then we came across the Co-Operative's selection of household appliances and the Candy model was on special (and still is) at £229.99 reduced from £279.99. It was a little over our budget, but there weren't any comparable models out there and it was free delivery - so we just splashed out!

      A quick note then to say that the Co-Op does offer some add on products. Fortunately, we know a plumber and didn't have an appliance to take away because it's a new home. However, should you need that, it's £19.99 for the 'Connection of your new Washing Machine' and £9.99 for 'Recycling and Removal of your old disconnected appliance'. I personally can't comment on either of these services as I didn't use them. There's optional additional warranty available too, but as I have a more cost effective appliance insurance plan, I opted not to take it, plus you get a 1 year manufacturer's warrantee with it and a 5 year parts guarantee (which you must activate with Candy directly over the phone), the contact details for which are usefully stuck on the front of the machine! As mentioned, it's free, rapid delivery which means it will be delivered to you by the next working day. Pretty cool for free!

      The machine measures a standard 85cm x 60cm, but is only 40cm deep which is half the depth of a standard sized washing machine, which is good if you're stuck for space and need to stick it in a tiny basement, utility room or at the end of your counter top. It's white in colour and the Candy logo is in shiny silver colouring, which looks quite retro and reminds me of the old Manchester United strip! It has an Electronic Display, a simple to use program selector dial with 9 programs from 90C Cotton (for Towels, Sheets, etc) to a 33 minute, low temperature, 800 Spin quick wash; an absolute life saver for me because my stuff might just smell 'worn' but isn't particularly dirty so doesn't need the full wash.

      There is a timed delay start button and a spin speed selector, too. I tend to use the automatic spin speed selection for the program I've chosen rather than defining it myself. There's a half load option, which uses less water and energy if you only need to wash a few bits. With there only being two of us in the house this is really great in case we only have a few bits and pieces to go through the cycle. The wash performance of the machine is A which is only one down from top marks (A+ to G scale). I can vouch for that, even on cool washes with value laundry detergent it cleans very effectively - we've been using Asda own non-bio gel which costs £3 for 21 wash loads and we've been getting 25-28 loads per bottle and our laundry smells gorgeous and is nice and clean! The machine is a cold water fill only.

      Very importantly the washing machine is quite quiet - we spend a lot of time in our kitchen and our family life revolves around the kitchen (our 'hub'), gossiping about our day at work, cooking together, enjoying a cuppa; there's nothing worse than getting to a juicy part of the conversation and the washing machine spin kicking off and not being able to hear anyone for 15 minutes. With the Candy we don't have that problem and I can actually hear myself think!

      To clean it, we simply use a damp cloth and a little anti-bacterial spray. With such a small drum it's easy to reach the back and also the rubber door seal is accessible to get in between the gaps and make sure there's no nasties living in there! Everything else is simply wipe clean and the drawer is easily removed for an intense clean although using gel rather than powder makes that job a little less frequent for us.

      Nowadays, washing machines come with all sorts of measures, one of which I just mentioned, and these measures work on a scale running from A+ to G. The Candy machine is A+ for energy efficiency, which is top marks and means that it is the most economical kind of washing machine you can get and consequently, will keep energy bills as low as they can be while you wash. With a wash performance of A, I think that's pretty cool! The spin performance runs on the same scale, but this time, A+ means that the most water is extracted and a grade of G means the least. The Candy comes in at a rating of B, which isn't the best - but it only has a spin speed of 1200RPM. When clothes come out, they do take slightly longer to dry than say a 1600 spin machine, but the energy consumption and high washing performance are good compromises; particularly given it's huge 7kg load!

      A final note on the eco stuff, the washing machine consumes 45 litres of water per full cottons wash load. The less water consumed the better and according to 'Which?' the average consumption for a washing machine is 10l per kg of cottons. So at a full load, the Candy can wash 7kg, which, if it was an 'average' machine would consumer 70 litres (10l per kg) but in actual fact it uses around 45 litres per full load. This is an important consideration for those who may be thinking about having a water meter fitted - this washing machine would help to keep costs low! In the 'Which?' test, the most efficient models used 33l per kg, so this model is very close at 45l, added to the electricity consumption and spin efficiency, washing performance and all of the other measures, I recommend the machine as a eco-friendly model.

      We've been using the washing machine for a while now and are really happy with it. I would really recommend it at the full price it represents great value for money. If you can get it on offer (which is still active) then that's even better. You can use the extra money to stock up on laundry detergent and softener!


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    • Product Details

      If you have large family washes to do, the Candy GO272 washing machine is what you could be loOking for / The GO272 has a large, family-friendly 7kg load capacity and has a top energy efficiency Class A+ rating which will help reduce your energy bills / Plus Candy have included a host of options including a variable spin selection, time remaining display, half load and hand wash programmes, and an electronic wash system to optimise programme times / The GO272 is a 1200rpm washing machine with a large door for easy loading and unloading that complements the large capacity / Short name: Candy GOFS272

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