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CDA CI330 Washing Machine 1100 Spin 6kg 15 Programs Integrated

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2011 14:51
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A reliable washing machine.

      A new kitchen and another new integrated appliance, this time a washing machine.

      We opted for the CI330 as I just wanted a basic model that would do the washing, nothing fancy as it would be hidden behind a door anyway.

      The CI330 is a plain white washing machine with a drawer for detergent. To the centre is a push button which pops out to allow you to choose your cycle by turning in a clockwise manner. Immediately next to this is the start/pause button.

      There is an LCD display and underneath that are 3 buttons spin, delay and selection.

      The CI330 has a maximum 6kg wash load and contains a stainless steel drum operating on an 1100rpm.

      As the main user of this washing machine I have to say I have been pretty impressed with it. Since having our son the machine is used daily sometimes once or twice a day and it is very reliable.

      The detergent drawer has three compartment:

      Fabric Softener

      *~*To use the Washing Machine*~*

      Fill the detergent drawer with the necessary products and close.
      Push the programme selector button in and it will pop out to reveal numbers 0-15, turn the dial in a clockwise manner to the required programme number.

      The LCD display will show the following:

      Wash programme phase
      Spin speed
      Duration of wash
      Additional functions

      There are 4 types of programmes:

      Normal, delicate, auxillary, wool.

      The numbers on the dial correspond with the necessary programme and the programme functions can also be found on the top of the detergent drawer.

      1 - Normal Cold
      2 - Quick 30ºC
      3 - Normal 30ºC
      4 - Normal 40ºC
      5 - Normal 60ºC
      6 - Normal 90ºC
      7 - Prewash 60ºC
      8 - Delicate cold
      9 - Delicate 30ºC
      10 Delicate 40ºC
      11 Declicate 60ºC
      12 Wool 35ºC
      13 Rinses
      14 Spin drying
      15 Draining

      The machine has a spin speed selection and anti-crease button.

      When you select the relevant programme there will be a set spin speed for that programme but it can be adjusted by pressing the spin button repeatedly until you get the desired spin speed.

      Anti-crease option
      The wash programme stops on the last rinse, with the clothes left in water. When the function is deactivated, the washing machine continues the programme, draining and spin-drying.
      It is used, for example, when you are not at home and want to delay the spindrying until you get home, to prevent the clothes creasing after spin-drying and being left in the drum to be removed.

      *~*Using the Delay Timer*~*

      A delay of up to 24 hours can be selected. The delay must be selected after choosing the wash programme.
      To select the hours of delay, press the clock button. Each time the button is pressed the start of washing is delayed by 1 more hour.

      You can cancel the delay you will need to continue pressing the button and the delay will be cancelled when 24 hours have been reached and the button is pressed once more.

      *~*Additional Functions*~*

      There are 3 additional functions easy iron, extra rinse and intensive wash.

      To select press the button and the desired option will be displayed.
      You can select several combinations of up to 3 functions.

      The washing machine also contains a lock function, it should only be activated once the cycle has begun. To activate you will need to hold the start/stop button down for 3 seconds a padlock will then appear to show the lock has been activated.

      The lock function will be deactivated at the end of a cycle, if you need to cancel the lock before the end of the cycle you will need to hold down the start/stop button for 3 seconds again and the padlock will be removed from the display.

      When the washing machine is in use the LCD Display will countdown the amount of time left for the cycle to end.

      *~*User Opinion*~*

      I do think that this washing machine is very efficient and simple to use. I like the fact that you can see how long each cycle will take and that there is a countdown timer which updates at regular intervals to let you know when the cycle is due to finish.

      Occasionally I have come across some status codes and the washing machine has not finished its cycle but this was down to general maintenance not taking place and me not reading the manual properly before using the machine.

      The detergent drawer can be removed for cleaning and it is important that this is done reguarly as the build up of detergent can get quite smelly and unattractive after excessive build up.

      The filter should be cleaned reguarly and can be found at the bottom right side of the washing machine.
      Pull out the filter cap and place a container under the drain pump filter to collect any water that comes out
      of it.
      Turn the filter to the left and water will start to come out.
      When all the water has drained out of the washing machine, turn the filter several times until it can be completely
      removed by gently pulling on it and remove the objects or fluff caught in the filter or the drain pump.
      Put the filter and the filter cap back in place.

      Overall this washing machine has been one of the best machines I have used. It is easy to maintain and gets the clothes clean each and every time.

      The machine is relatively quiet and even when it is completing a spin dry it is not overly noisy.

      Technical specifications
      Energy Efficiency rated:A
      Rated electrical power: 2.2kW
      Power supply required: 13 amps
      Noise level: 76dBA
      Energy consumption: 1.02kW/hr
      Water consumption: 49 litres


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  • Product Details

    Equipped with the latest programmes and features, the CDA Integrated Washing Machine CI330 has been rated A for wash performance and will make the best possible use of water and energy. The CI330 will wash up to 6k, saving time and energy and features a quick wash function that is perfect for people on the go. This CI330 washing machine comes with intelligent digital sensors that monitor the spin cycle, a choice of up to 15 programmes and special functions such as delicate wash and anti crease, delivering top class results with every wash load! The CI330 comes with a delay timer that will let you programme your wash to a more suitable time or to take advantage of better electricity rates. This CI330 comes with a full LCD display so you know what's going on with your washing.

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