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    3 Reviews
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      11.09.2012 13:50
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Practical, economical, functional, the best to have to own.

      My Dyson washing machine is now 8 years old and going strong. Yes, the price tag is hefty, but after 8 years of using much less water, washing powder and electricity it paid off aeons ago. The digital buttons panel is very easy to use, you can choose what type of material to wash, what temperature, the speed of spin cycle, whether you want prewash, extra rinse, extra rinse & spin, child lock et al. Not contented with this gadget, it also displays very useful tips on why it didn't run. Doors (there are two, outer and inner) not shut properly, uneven load, pipes blocked.

      Dyson washing machine is the same size width wise as other machines, but be warned they are longer lengthwise. The drum is massive and can easily wash and spin one set of king size duvet cover, bed sheet, 3 single duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases together in one wash, I use half a scoop of branded washing powder/liquid and they all come out clean. Since buying this machine I have not had to put my king size duvet to a laundrette, the machine does it with ease. Boys Lego blocked the pipe several times, the repairman was so nice about it!

      I have 3 children, anyone with 3 children would appreciate the loads of clothes to wash, a friend of mine gets through two loads of washes per day on her hot point washing machine, whereas with Dyson the usual load I do per week is 3. Four if am washing the bedsheets - you can see from this information how I mean by 'cheaper in the long run'.

      It's never been easier to call out for repairs. The digital front panel needed replacing three times in the last 8 years, sadly the famed drum wash that rotates at different directions is not repairable - it was my fault, I didn't check the fleece blanket prior to washing, it was in fact wool, the sheer weight when wet caused the problem, luckily the design of the washing machine meant it was just the fuse box inside the machine had blown up preventing actual damage to the machine itself. Besides, the rotating drum just worked 40% of the time so no big deal about it not working any more.

      I wholeheartedly love my Dyson washing machine and can easily recommend them to anyone with no guilty conscience at all. It's been a pleasure to own and I look forward to many more years of effective, practical, functional and gorgeous modern digital washing machine.


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      02.12.2008 14:20


      • "Ease of use"


      The best I have ever bought

      what a machine!mine has done a min. of 2 loads a day for the past 6 years. Yes it cost 3 times as much as other machines but has been worth every penny. I can call out Dyson if it brakes down for a flat fee inc. parts A very nice man comes within 24 hours and always manages to fix whatever is wrong and also tells me how many loads it has done from new.IT always amazes me that is does so much work without breaking down.I would recomend the Dyson to anyone. The extra cost is repaid over and over again and the service is wonderful.A big family washing machine that I recomend to every busy mum,I will never regret spending more than i could offord at the time and wondered if it would prove worth it; it has proved worth its weight in gold! thank you Mr Dyson.


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      30.07.2006 17:01
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Recommend it but with conditions.

      For 15 years, I managed to live without a washing machine in the wilds of France and my new house move meant that I decided it was time to change things. I took a browse through the Internet to find out more about machines to save shopping time, but as this was a large purchase, I wanted to choose the machine in person. Looking up the specifications of various machines, I kept coming back to the same one time and time again. I already had a Dyson product and knew how cleverly designed they are, and this, and the information I gleaned online could not have prepared me for the reality of this machine.


      What does this mean to the user ? It means that the standard drum of the machine, i.e. the place where you put washing has been divided into two moving parts that go in opposite directions, this agitating the washing more than a standard design.

      I believe that for soiled items, this extra agitation actually meant that the machine was doing the equivalent of what I did by hand, i.e. rubbing and turning the fabric to get your clothes clean. Clothes came out clean and extremely fresh and were never tied up in knots, or knickers lost inside duvet covers.


      Out of all the machines that I researched, this one stood out because it claims to be able to take a full size duvet and as I was moving house, I decided to put it to the test, so we started at the new house with all fresh and clean bed linen. It's claims were justified and believe me, the king sized duvet in France is bigger than UK sizes and fit comfortably into the machine. I have washed the quilts yearly since having the machine.

      The drum takes 78 litres of water which is a lot of water, and a load of 7 kg. although I have to be honest, I have never weighed my washing. I just know that it takes rather more than any machine I have ever used. The tog rating is taken into account by Dyson in their claim and a king size duvet of 13 togs can be washed in this machine.


      Now this interested me. The Dyson is guaranteed for two years, as opposed to the one year offered by other makers. Dyson must really be confident in their product here, as most makers ask you to take out an extended guarantee and I felt no need to do this with the Dyson. Interestingly enough, this guarantee was the downfall for me, since the machine developed faults, the last time being just outside the guarantee period, and being too costly to consider. The only other machine I have ever owned with a longer guarantee period was my Hotpoint with a five year guarantee and this could be an important thing to consider when thinking about the purchase of a washing machine.


      I think that the two drum technology is much more sensitive. Instead of clothes being thrown around in a wet heap, the movement is gentle, and my sweaters came out clean and soft. Yes, of course, softener plays in this, but also I really believe that the machine aids the softness in that other machines that I have used for delicates do not give the same results.

      Besides anything else, this machine has a Woolmark warranty which I liked.


      The machine performed well with the wash, was not too noisy at first, nor did it vibrate as other machines do, which to me showed that the load was evenly distributed whilst the machine is in motion. This is an energy efficient machine which was one of the things I checked out before buying it. I wanted a machine that was economical to run. The spin drying facility on the machine is second to none. As the machine got older, so the noise became more apparent, and perhaps my maintenance of the machine was as much to blame as Dyson.


      Now here, the machine's engineering stands out a mile from other machines. They have created a special gadget which is built into the machine that detects leaks !!! If there is any sign of leakage, the machine shuts down. Thankfully, I did not had this problem, although it is assuring to know that this feature is there.

      Many machines offered the feature I am about to explain, although my confidence in Dyson was sufficient to believe that their technology is better than the average. This machine actually weighs what you are putting into it, and adjusts the amount of water that you use accordingly. Such a clever invention. I am truly impressed. I actually did a test here for fun. It is a novelty having a machine but this test was to see how accurate their claims are. I placed one pair of panties in the machine just to see what happened with the water flow, and believe me, their claim works. The machine appeared to use little more water than I would have done had I hand washed the panties !!! Clever.


      Apart from the obvious wipes that you would use to keep the outside of the machine clean, Dyson have a special invention. Here, a self cleaning cycle, once a month being sufficient, kills 99.9 per cent of germs that may otherwise be left in the machine. I still feel though that users spending this amount of money should take care of their investment by cleaning it regularly, and here I failed by not being too bothered with the self cleaning function, though would advise people buying it to take it seriously.


      Another clever little gizmo is the fact that you can set your machine to start at a time when electricity is at its cheapest. Here in France, overnight electricity is much cheaper than during the day, and as the machine runs relatively quietly, I could do my wash overnight, confident that it would be economical, and also confident that there was no way on earth that the machine can flood.


      Clever clogs Dyson came up with a way that children cannot swing on the door of the machine or do what children do when you activate the child-lock located on the front panel. This is safe and works. I tried it to see if it was effective and even when the machine is not running, the child lock keeps the door tightly closed. I do not have children but for those people who do, this is an invaluable aid.


      Underneath the front of the machine, there is a little handle that you pull out, and it is a strongly made ring. When you pull it out, the machine lifts onto rubber rollers and you can pull it forward. How many makers take this much care ? How many times do we lose something down the back of the washing machine and have to struggle with a heavy appliance ? Of course I was excited. It really must be a woman that designed this machine.


      The filter is transparent and being so, you can see instantly if there is anything in it that needs cleaning out. Coins, buttons, hair grips, all kinds of things that you forget are in pockets fall into the trap and are easily taken out of the machine. Unfortunately, they have not devised a system yet for Pounds notes, but perhaps one day they will. I also found that the filter does not work with things like tissues in pockets which have always been a nightmare, as I am terribly forgetful.


      Do you remember opening up a machine with those horrible black seals that split and get bits caught in it and that never really come clean ? Well you don't get one of these with the Dyson. You get a clean seal that stays clean, a solid seal called a lifelong seal which wipes down easily and is white. This lasted right the way through to the end of the machine's life, so is a good feature.


      Here, you have choices that you can make about how soiled your wash is, and be gentler with clothes that are less soiled than others. I like this because it means that work clothes get more attention than casual ones.


      You have a pause button on the Dyson, and this has been a very valuable thing because often we have had to turn off the power for one reason or another, and can easily set the machine back to where it left off.


      The instruction manual that you get with all Dyson products is full of information, good illustrations as well which is just as well, as mine is in technical French, and although I speak French, technical French is another thing altogether.

      PRICE : £625


      This machine is a pleasure to the eye, but also a pleasure to use. Dyson seem to have found the knack of making user friendly machines by simply using common sense, good design, and thinking about all the problems that people may encounter, but dealing with it at the design stage instead of waiting for when things go wrong - or so I thought. The design problem with the control panel was irritating, though they have now overcome this.

      It may seem rather a lot of money, but when I weighed up the pros and cons of all the machines available, Dyson have factory tested the machine for 20 years use. I have to admit that this impressed me when I bought the machine, although now, in retrospect think that I should have taken a lot more things into account with my purchase. For example, the control panel on the machine was replaced twice, and the third time it developed a fault, it was outside its' guarantee period. If you are going to spend money like this on a machine, I would also recommend that you ensure that parts are readily available in the place where you live, and take out an extended guarantee.

      Had I taken this precaution, I would have saved myself money, and would not have been without a machine during the repair times. I still believe the machine is worth the money, and that Dyson have worked on the control panel problems so that newer models do not have the same difficulties, though would reiterate that ensuring parts availability and extending your warranty will make the experience a better one than I had. I loved this machine. It worked well, although feel that my ignorance of where I could feasibly buy parts and get repairs done spoiled my experience.

      If you have parts and repairers for Dyson's close to your home, be tempted, but take out the extended warranty.

      If you don't - avoid it and buy something cheaper.



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