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Essentials C510WM12

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Brand: Essentials / Energy Efficiency: A+ / Load Type: Front Loader

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2013 23:30
      Very helpful



      Washing machine

      Washing machine

      When I moved house I clearly needed a washing machine.i never have great experiences with said machines and given that they tend to last me hardly any time at all I decided I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something which would give up the ghost pretty quickly.

      **Price and availability...**

      This one cast me £170 and one of the reasons I chose Currys is that they offered a really quick delivery and fit service, so I wasn't going to be without a machine for a long time. It is available instore and online at www.currys.co.uk

      **Machine information...**

      The washing machine has a 5 kg capacity, which whilst not very big and unsuitable for big families, is plenty big enough for us. It has an A rated wash performance and A+ rating for energy so it shouldn't be too heavy on the electricity bills!

      **Using the machine...**

      Obviously the machine has to installed but once its fitted to the pipes youre ready to go.

      The washing machine is white and has a very simple front so nice and easy to use. There is one large dial in the centre of the machine which can be twisted to select the wash all of the types of washes are written around the dial and as it is turned round the different wash cycles light up so I know I have chosen the right one. There are 10 cycles in total ranging from a 90 degree cotton wash which takes 160 minutes to a quick wash which is no more than 40 degrees and lasts 30 minutes. There are also a selection of synthetic washes, cooler cotton washes and a wool wash.

      Next to the large cycle dial is a power button which should be pressed to turn on the machine and pressed and held to power off the machine. It does however turn itself off when not in use.

      There is a button at the side which can be pressed to change the spin speed setting from 1000, through 800, 600, 400 and no spin. As the button is pressed the green indicator light lights up. As well as the spin selection there is a further button which can be pressed down for a more intense wash. This increases the washing and rinsing times in main wash cycles and is more suited to really dirty clothes. I tend not to use this as we never have anything really dirty.

      Also on the front of the machine is a minute timer. It has timings of 60, 30 and 15 minutes shown which light up at various stages of the cycle. My previous washing machine displayed exactly how much time was left for the wash so with this one it's a bit more guess work. If 60minutes is lit up then there could be anything between 60 and 31 minutes left and if it's on the 160 minute longer programme I don't know where I am on the wash until it shows up 60. Not ideal but nothing which is a real major issue either.

      The final button I had to come to terms with is the switch on button which is at the end of the line of buttons. When the clothes are loaded in the machine and the wash selected this simply has to be pressed and the wash starts. If the door isn't closed properly it will make a warning sound and annoyingly keep repeating the sound until the door is closed and the wash can start. At the end of the cycle this same warning sound is emitted although thankfully at a esser frequency.


      The washing machine is very simple to use, has all of the features I need and isn't overly noisy when in the middle of a cycle. Although the drum isn't especially big, I tend to wash clothes every day as I don't like the dirty washing piling up so this suits me fine.

      Good value basic washing machine which does the job.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      Short name: Essentials C510WM12

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