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Haier HW80-1401B-U

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Brand: Haier

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2012 21:10
      Very helpful



      A great family washing machine

      Setting it up

      I will be honest and say my hubby actually put this washer in I know it uses a cool water system that heats up once in the machine and I know it took him all of 5 minutes to install but apart from that I am afraid the most I know is it was easy taking it out the box and removing the polystyrene it had placed around it.


      This washing machine comes in black and as this is the colour of the kitchen surfaces we decided to go with this. This washer retails at around £350 but you can always find it on offer and we paid around 260 for it and although it is made by a brand we had never heard of the drum size and features helped sway us towards it.

      The dimensions are Width x Height x Depth (cm) is 89*59.5*65 so it is not the smallest of washing machines but at the same time is practical enough to sit in the kitchen easily under the counter. It is front loading and has an easy turn dial on the right hand side with a lcd display in the middle of the washing machine to set programs adjust the temperature and all the other features the washing machine offers.

      On the right top of the washing machine is the on off button, next to this moving to the left is the dial which determines what cycle you would like to set the washer at. In the middle of the washer is the lcd display which tells you which functions you are choosing and underneath this is the function buttons where you can turn up and down the temperature and of course the button to start the wash. Finally of the left hand side of the washer is the detergent draw.

      One of the main reasons we brought this washing machine is because it has a 8kg drum which means it can easily handle our clothes that need cleaned and helps cut down my washing from once a day to once every 2 days which may still seem a lot but with 3 children under 4 and 2 adults in the house it is essential to have a large washing machine.

      Ease of use

      To be honest I do not use half the features that this washing machine offers I simply turn the dial to the required program of which there are 10 so there is plenty of choice for the right setting. Also if needed I push 1 button which increases the temperature or the left hand button which decreases the temperature and away we go.

      I simply load the washing machine with washing through the large load door which is very easy to open and large enough to load without any bother. Then I close the door until it clicks so you know it is shut tight although of course the washing machine would not start without this being fully closed anyway. Then load the detergent in the draw which again is very easy to open and close. Then I turn the dial and watch the little orange light flash past each programme as I turn the dial until u reach my desired program which is usually a 30 minute quick wash.

      This is one of the best features for me rather than having to make do with the temperature pre set by the machine you can actually use the buttons in the middle of the machine to increase or decrease the temperature level as required. Then you push the start button and away we go. Each move you make flashes on the LCD screen and it has a countdown on it for the whole of the wash so you know just how long is left until tat wash finishes. As the wash finally comes to an end you hear 3 very loud bleeps that I can hear from upstairs with the utility room door shut to let you know your washing has finished so it is not hanging around in the drum.

      There are lots of different settings that can be used to as I said I use 2 or 3 programs at the most and change the temperature that is about it.


      It has a class A+++ energy rating meaning it is extremely efficient and helps keep electric bills down which with a large family and lots of washes needing done is great to know.

      Wave drum - This makes waves in the washer as it is cleaning clothes apparently this takes better care of your clothes to be honest I do not notice much difference to any other washer but nice to know it is there.

      End Delay- Select the time you want you're washing to finish. I can see how this would be handy but to be honest I have never used this either I have looked at the manual and it gives you clear easy instructions of how to go about this but it is just nothing I have ever desired to use.

      Adjustable Thermostat - This is one of my favourite features I love the flexibility rather than being stuck with one preset programme so I myself would say this is one of the most valuable specifications of this washing machine.

      Number of Programmes - there is 10 programs in total but I use either of 3 although I suppose it is nice to have a little e choice available.


      Generally it is a quiet machine but as soon as it gets to the final spin on a wash you would think a helicopter was taking off on in my utility room when we first purchased this washer we rang up the first time we used it and they tried telling us that we had left the polystyrene blocks underneath it. Of course we checked again and there were none there we were going to return the washer because of this but with it being a week before Christmas we decided to get on with it and see how it went.

      Since then the noise has not increased but it has remained the same although the main wash is quiet as come be the spin at the end of a cycle can be a racket. It does not bother us so much as our utility room is downstairs in the cellar as such so we can block it out but it would be something to take into consideration if this was going in your kitchen.

      Also when programming the washing machine there is a bleeping noise as you change to each function, when the cycle starts and also when it ends. This is a useful feature as it lets me know when my washing is clean but at the same time it is really annoying high pitch squeal that can get on your nerves especially I need to put more than one wash on a day.


      To clean this machine is very simple simply give it a wipe over and it looks good as new nice and shiny every now and then the detergent draw needs a clean out too so it does not become blocked up but this is not something that needs done every week and is very easy to keep on top of. Also sometimes the rubber inside the door tends to collect bits that come off the children's clothes but again once in a while I just give this a wipe clean remove any collected items and it is as god as new again.


      Apart from the noise issue this washing machine boasts to have a 15 minute wash and also a sport washes. With both essentially what they have done is cut out the spin at the end of the cycle which means when you remove the clothes they are soaking and they would take weeks to dry if left in that state so you then have to put them on a spin on a separate cycle which increase these quick washes by 10 minutes is time each. Although this is not a major problem this means they are not really any quicker than a 30 minute cycle that already includes a spin dry at the end.


      So far this washing machine has lasted over 2 years it is a great size for a large family and it washes our clothes well so does the job it is intended for. The clothes come out clean and not too creased and smelling fresh it does have it downfalls but because of its simplicity to use and loyal service to us over the years I would recommend this washing machine.


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      Short name: Haier HW80-1401B

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