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    2 Reviews
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      28.03.2012 15:50



      Affordable,washes well,great clean result,easy to understand

      Washing machines comes in different sizes,has different functions,etc but It's worth buying a washing machine based on what you require it to do. I have had the Haus washing machine for more than 4 months and personally I like it.

      I have had my Haus WM1050 washing machine for awhile. The Haus has both a semi large and small wash load. Whenever I fill the machine with more than required wash load,it does wash but don't expect a clean wash,it would be sensible to do a wash with reasonable space left in the machine.In my opinion stick with small wash because you get a good wash.The very quick wash takes sometimes 47 minutes and the full wash cycle would take about 2 hours per programme. In my opinion,if you prefer a washing machine with a bigger wash load capacity,more functions and quicker wash then it would be advisable to get a recognisable brand. On the other hand if you want a affordable machine which does the function a washing machine does then go for Haus.

      Displayed on the washing machine are the programmes,the on an off button ,two other buttons which I don't use,the light indicator,two knobs : temperature knob and knob linked to the programme setting of your choice. The list of programme selection dial is displayed for different materials, also displayed on the machine is the Wash temperature selection guide - I usually go for the any temperature above 70 degree because I always get great result. when the washing cycle is finished a light flashes to let u know the washing is done.

      for the price the machine does agood job. It is loud during washing but at intervals the noise gets better after the first few mins of washing.This is a basic washing machine which execute it's purpose. There are 15 settings, each setting is made to wash for different time periods, you are able to choose your temperature and type of wash setting so you can choose a longer or couple of minutes wash.

      the cottons cycle is long,something like 1hour 40 mins or 90'c cycle 2hours - 3hours and the quick wash cycle is 45mins. I have time to do my washing so I don't mind the hours just to do my washing,the good thing after is I get a clean wash.


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      26.07.2010 22:29
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Ideal for the use I need, should last a while :o)

      Recently purchased the Haus WM-1050W washing machine, due to necessity as other had broken down and flooded my kitchen more than once.

      I purchased this from Homebase, I was after an inexpensive washing machine, and with an offer of extra discount they had running this particular weekend, I purchased this machine for just over £150.00, that included the delivery charge. This had to be one of the cheapest machines I could find, and, as I live alone, did not see any point in paying a fortune for a machine, and it sounded like it would do anything the other machines would.

      After purchasing, I had the option to choose a delivery date, I booked it in for the following week on a convenient day, they actually deliver round my area 3 times a week, so felt the delivery options were very good, time slots are the usual sort of 8am to 12pm etc so does mean someone needs to be in during those times.

      Now as I say, main thing I was looking for was a cheap washing machine, so this was very affordable for a brand new machine, other things that interested me were the economy button, wash temperature selection dial, the fact it does a quick wash cycle (37 mins) and the spin was 1000watts, so felt that would be adequate.

      OKay, here is a little about the functions listed for this item:

      Programme selection dial - 15 selections to choose from for different materials and for different levels of soiling
      Wash temperature selection guide - you can choose between a 30 degree wash up to 90 degree wash, the programme selection also has a guide for suitable temperatures.
      Soak Button - you press the soak button to opt for an anti-crease funtion.
      Economy button - this will reduce water, great if not using a full load
      Door light - this illuminates when door is locked, also flashes when cycle is finished to warn you.
      Detergent distribution drawer - 3 drawers for use of standard washing, softener and pre wash detergents.

      max load is 5kg for cotton, 2.5kg synthetics, 1kg delicates and 2.5kg quick wash.

      The instruction manual gives you advise on how to set up the washing machine safely and how to use it, so I call upon the aid of 2 friends who fitted washing machine, sorry, I do not have a clue with domestic things like that, so cannot tell you how easy the instructions are, however, my said friends, had it fitted up in minutes. With this being a newer model, it only has one pipe to connect to the water, whereas the older models used to have two pipes for cold and hot water. It did have plenty of instructions and labels on it as well, stating, do not use until this is removed etc, so should I have decided to give it a go, I think I might have had a chance to fit it up, but I am small, it is heavy, that is my excuse ha ha.

      As soon as it was fitted, I couldn't wait to start using it, had accumulated quite a lot of laundry as other machine was broken, and think I started showing my age by getting so excited about white goods.

      I read the instructions, which told me before use, run it on an empty cycle, to help clean out machine, this I did, so set it to one of the quicker cycles, and let it run. Once this had been done, the first load went into the machine, whites, so I decided to set at 50 degrees, rather than the 60 by old machine would have forced it to do, I now feel I am helping in some way to save energy as I can choose to wash at lower than 60 degrees if I want to. While the machine was in progress, curious as to how well it would work as only one pipe connects it to the cold water outlet, I did place my hand on the glass, and, even though not connected to the hot tap, it was hot water in there, so it passed the heat test. Is it also sad to admit I sat there watching it spin round? First wash done, and yes, everything smelt and looked clean, however, upon closer look at my duvet cover when I had dried it, a black mark had been left on it, I can only assume it came of the washing machine, even though I did run it on an empty load as per instructions. Can safely say though that I have never encountered that on any items since, so, my advise would be, shove a few old towels in perhaps, just in case, rather than running it on empty, that may have solved the problem if I had done that originally. The spin, at 1000 watts, is good, and does help to dry my clothes out, I do however find this machine a little noisier than my last one, but after listening, and looking at machine, think it may be slightly uneven, which would cause it to sound noisier with the vibrations, and am putting the noise down to that rather than the machine, once adjusted though, I will let you know if problem persists, of course, it spins, so it will create some noise anyway.

      I cannot comment on how well the anti-crease function is as I have not used it, this is something you use if you may not be there at end of cycle, so think it leaves last steps of spinning etc til you are back, therefore helping to reduce creasing in garments, as I am always there when washing, I have not used this function.

      I have now been using the machine for a few months, have tried a few different cycles depending on material, try to wash things at either 30 or 40 degrees, as better for environment, and am pleased with the results from my washing, and very pleased with the overall use of this appliance.

      If you have a large family, or would use a machine most days, then I can understand you wanting to look for a name like Dyson prhaps, however, for myself, doing approx 2 washes every week, I think this is an ideal little machine.


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      Short name: Haus WM-1050W

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