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    2 Reviews
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      17.09.2013 12:20


      • "Ease of use"


      A beauty from an ex Comet colleague.

      Hello, i used to sell machines until Comet's demise, so would add that this was a well informed purchased on my part.

      The look of this machine is nice, the rotating main dial, the small numerical light up section (lights up any orange/red colour) and the pull out drawer feels like it was designed properly unlike a lot of other brands around similar price marks. The door has a nice hand and it feels sturdy.

      There are many wash options we use the sports wash occasionally, but mostly these are the favourite washes for a family of me, the other half, our 3 year old and 5.5 month old:

      A low spin at 1000rpm at either 30 or 40 degrees
      A low spin 1000rpm wash which is longer but gives the results of working at 60 degrees it says in the manual, taking 2 hours 47 (ish as that's a figure from memory)
      A high 1600 spin at 30 or 40 or 90 degrees
      A low spin 1000 rpm at 30 degrees lasting 29 minutes

      There are many other cycles sports/sensitive.

      If you want the clothes to come out a little dryer there are adjustable spin settings all the way from 100 in 100 degree increments up to 1600. I tend to just use 1000 or 1600. At 1600 clothes come out with a muchly reduced drying time which is lovely, though a 1600 spin will wake most sleeping babies though it is not unbearable for adults in an everyday environment it certainly does not irritate me for 99% of the cycle, though it can when doing the final spin get rather excited and even jiggle about slightly.

      There is a load detector to use only the necessary water amount. The door takes 2 minutes to release and open, a click signals it is okay to open. Occasionally the machine has let me pause it and timed out the 2 minutes to release the door but not drained, this has happened 2 or 3 times, now if you just want to add a dirty item to the load that's really frustrating as it's the only way you can do it, if you turned the 1 for all dial to drain, it would reset the original cycle - noyt what you'd want to do either. It doesn't always look obvious how much water is in there hence this accident sometimes occuring ie it can look empty but the water be at the level of the clothes or just below.

      It is a cold fill machine, as are most these days. The inbuilt technology does the work getting the clothes cleaner, and heats the water itself when required of course, there are cold fill washes you can select for ultimate energy efficiency, and two particular washes are highlighted as being the highest energy efficiency.

      Overall, this has taken all we can throw at it, 7 large towels on 1600rpm at a time, the dirtiest baby clothes with dried on stains and many other tough challenges. It is beautiful inside and out and we love it.


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      27.12.2010 21:42


      • "Ease of use"


      A great little washing machine. Good value at the price.

      I bought the Hoover 7 kilo washing machine earlier this year, principally because I had a 70cm gap in my utility room, and this model fitted nicely (at 60 cm wide), plus it was on offer at Comet at a reduced price.
      I did browse through the functionality whilst in the showroom, and decided that it had sufficient wash options to meet my needs, and it was made by a brand I knew and trusted.
      So, how is it in reality? Well in my view, its very good. Please bear in mind this is a man's view though, and I have quite simple washing needs!!
      I very much like the look of the machine. It has simple and robust controls, with 12 different wash options and additional functionality such as a delayed start, a cold wash, and a sensitive care option for delicate fabrics. Additionally the Spin Speed can be varied, which is useful as on the max spin cycle, the clothes tend to come out quite creased.
      From a performance perspective, the machine is very good. I've used many of the various programs for cottons, mixed fabrics, woollens and delicates, and every time the clothes come out perfectly clean.
      Also, it seems reasonably quiet. I think most washing machines can be a bit noisy, but with this in the utility room and the door closed, I can't hear it at all.
      Overall, I'm very happy with this washing machine, its simple and easy to use.


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    Short name: Hoover OPH147

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