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    1 Review
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      04.11.2010 13:56
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A washing machine that washes. Fancy that!

      Hoover OPH614 Washing Machine


      There are some kitchen appliances which are essential nowadays and often come with a hefty price tag and include all manner of buttons and programmes which to many of us are unnecessary and unwanted. A Washing Machine is one such item. When, back in January this year our 18 month old Hotpoint washing machine suddenly died on us mid-cycle we were confident that it could only be a temporary fault, after all there are only two of us in the Rooster household and our use of the machine was limited to three or four times a week so we called out a repair man to take a look at it as, rather inconveniently our 12 month warranty had expired 6 months prior. You can imagine our shock therefore when the diagnosis came back that a fault on the 'motherboard' of the electronic control system had effectively killed the Hotpoint and that the only repair option open to us was the replacement of this highly expensive but integral part of the washing machine which would cost just under £200.00 to source and replace.

      Faced with the prospect of no washing machine and a delay in finding and fitting a new part we decided to cut our losses with the Hotpoint and look around for a replacement figuring that if an 18 month old machine could break down on us once then chances were it would do it again. In some ways the Hotpoint's demise could not have come at a better time, it was January and the sales were on and despite being bitterly disappointed in our experience with the Hotpoint we faced up to reality and began looking for a replacement machine.

      *Why we chose this machine*

      Hoover wouldn't have necessarily been our first choice of Washing Machines given the vast amount of recognisable brand names more associated with machines of this nature but as Curry's were offering this particular model (the Hoover OPH614) with a substantial saving and noticing that it offered a 'quick wash' programme we decided to part with our cash and buy it. A mutually convenient delivery day and time was arranged and true to their word Curry's delivered and installed our brand new washing machine as promised.

      *The OPH614 in use and my opinion*

      As there are only 2 adults in our household with no children washing clothes should be a simple task. We expect nothing more from a washing machine other than its ability to effectively clean our clothes, towels and bedding and the selling point of this particular machine to us was the quick wash function it had included amongst its 18 other programmes. The washing machine itself is white in colour and measures the standard 85cm in height, 60cm in width and 54cm in depth and fitted exactly into the space left vacated by our dead Hotpoint. For the sake of a thorough review I will briefly mention the features the machine has but in all honesty we only ever use the 29 minute quick wash programme so this is the one I will discuss more in-depth.

      The washing machine itself is an A+ rated appliance for Energy efficiency which is always a positive selling point and this obviously means it does not waste electricity, the A rated washing and spinning performance is also impressive and good to know and as far as washing machines go its general appearance is what you would expect it be; a large white functional kitchen appliance. The Hoover OPH614 has a spin speed of 1400rpm and rather than have a huge amount of buttons and knobs adorning its facia it simply features a removable drawer for fabric conditioner and powder, 6 buttons and the pre-set programmes available at the twist of its singular knob. There are, as already mentioned, 18 washing programmes set up on the machine and it simply a case of selecting which one you want and pushing the on/off button. Simplicity itself.

      The 29 minute quick wash is self explanatory and once loaded with washing the machine does what it is designed to do. It isn't excessively noisy, doesn't shake and rattle around and is what I would describe as quietly efficient. Once our clothes have been washed we tend to give them an extra spin just to remove as much water as we possibly can and from start to finish we can have our clothes washed and on the washing line in under 40 minutes. With the additional spin our clothes come out of the machine damp rather than soaking wet and this really helps to minimise the time the washing has to be outside for. If you have a larger family with younger children who may have soiled clothes there are programmes which will give a more intense wash including a 44 and 59 minute washing programme as well as the ability to set the temperature the water is heated at from 30 degrees up to 90 and there are even programmes specifically set to deal with woollen and delicate clothes if you want to wash them in this machine.

      The drum itself has a 6kg capacity which is more than sufficient for us and if you want to set your washing machine to come on later in the day or at night if you have an Economy 7 electricity tariff then you can delay the start of your washing for up to 9 hours. We don't use this function ourselves but at least it is there and could be of benefit to some people who want to have a fresh load of washing waiting for them when they arrive home from work or early in a morning.

      *Warranty and Guarantee*

      The other main selling point of this washing machine to us was the 5 year parts and 1 year labour warranty that came as standard with the machine. You are asked to register your details online or by completing a card which comes with the washing machine and send it off to Hoover themselves (Freepost, by the way, no stamp needed) this then activates their guarantee and you have added peace of mind that should something go wrong then there is some cover in place. Whilst labour costs are not included after the first 12 months at least you have the reassurance that any costly parts which may need replacing are covered something that our Hotpoint didn't include for us when we bought their model.

      *Conclusion, Cost and Rating*

      As mentioned above I have no other expectations from a washing machine other than its ability to clean our clothes and the Hoover OPH614 does this for us without fuss or hassle. It may not be the most technologically advanced appliance on the market but it is perfect for us and it is on that basis that I would have no issues in giving this a glowing recommendation.

      Argos are currently selling this for just under £400 which includes connection and the collection of your old appliance but we paid £100 less than that for it back in January this year. Chances are this will be discounted again come the January sales next year as it isn't a new model so my advice would be to hold off for now unless you are in a position where you need a new machine as soon as possible. There are independent electrical retailers selling this for around £250-£260 online at the moment which is less than we paid and if you can get it at that price then I would certainly give this some serious consideration. For what the machine offers it's a bargain at less than £300.00 and its purchase would definitely be recommended by me.

      Overall then I am happy to award a perfect 5 star rating for the Hoover OPH614, we have owned and used this for 9 months now and have not had any issues with it whatsoever and know that should any faults occur with it we have a generous warranty in place on it.

      Thanks for reading my review, please note that this may also appear on ciao under my username.


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