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    5 Reviews
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      07.06.2012 18:28



      Not worth the money!

      I bought one of these 16 months ago but only just started using the daily wash as I have a newborn. Three weeks ago the door opened after the cycle had supposedly finished and flooded my garage floor (luckily it just missed the plugged in extension lead on the floor!); last week on the same cycle it kept spinning and spinning and overheated (transfering dyes from clothes that are ok to be washed together at 30° or 40° into each other and ruining the whole load) and I had to switch it off at the mains to stop it, then wait another hour for the door to unlock/open and it was still too hot to touch. Good job I had gone in to check it after 40 minutes otherwise it could have had a disastrous ending!
      The five year guarantee is for PARTS ONLY - so if you really do want to buy this machin take out an extended warranty at £13.99 a month(!) so you don't have to pay £119 for an engineer to fit the broken part OR BETTER STILL BUY A BETTER MACHINE!!!
      Hoover should stick to manufacturing vacuum cleaners, although two of those had to be taken back this year and a more expensive purchased in their place!!!!


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      25.08.2011 12:30
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      Great washing machine!

      Hoover OPH616

      The Hoover OPH616 is a good value for money, powerful and efficient washing machine. The product is durable, comes with a 5 year guarantee and has a range of easy to use functions. I bought my OPH616 from a local electrical store near to my house for £250 6 months ago and consider it a really good investment.

      In terms of dimensions, the washing machine measures 85x60x52cm which is about the average size of a washing machine in the UK. The OPH616 itself is entirely white save for a few grey logos and is made from tough plastic and metal components. The far top right of the product features a grey hoover logo and opens out. This is where you can put your cleaning product in or if you use tablets, you will just throw them in with the clothes. To the far left of the machine are 4 buttons with indentations on them and a large dial. These are indeed power settings, rinse settings and delayed start buttons to name but a few. The centre of the product features a large door leading to a metal foiled drum which has a 6kg capacity for clothes/load. The bottom of the OHP616 has 4 small black feet which raise the machine slightly above the floor.

      The OHP616 is packed with a good range of handy and useful features. The product boasts a powerful 1600 rpm of power which is about 200 rpm more than my older Zanussi washing machine. The product features a child lock which is very useful if you have young kids. There are delayed start functions which I've found great in that you can suit the washing to your lifestyle and time constraints. There is options for a cold wash and you can select the spin speed of the wash your about to put in, as well as drain settings, quick wash and some temperature settings. All of the settings are useful and offer good variety to get the type of wash you intend to. With the 1600 rpm of power, if you select the maximum settings I've found very tough stains come off most clothes efficiently; the OHP616 does have top cleaning power.

      The OPH616 is among the best washing machines currently on the UK market in terms of efficiency. I've found it cheap to run which reflects the A+ efficiency rating the product has. The machine was advertised at consuming about 1.02Kwh per cycle and needing about 45 litres of water, which is much better than my Zanussi washing machine I had prior. Overall, top marks for efficiency.

      Ease of Use
      The front door is easy to open yet locks securely and has a child lock for added safety. The cleaning compartment to the top right opens easily, allowing you to pour/sprinkle your cleaning product in. The buttons are all very well labelled in grey font and the dial is easy to twist. The product comes with an instruction manual but I've mainly been able to just follow what each button/dial setting does due to the clearly labelled font/pictures. The operation of the product is fairly quiet as well, you can still hear it washing but this is far from overpowering. Overall a simple and easy to use washing machine that is not too overwhelming or complicated to use.

      The OPH616 comes with a 5 year guarantee which was a bit of a surprise since I wasn't aware of this. I've never experienced any leakages, software or hardware problems with the product and I've had it for about 6 months now. I've not actually heard any problems with the machine as well and from the solid build quality and construction, I rate the product highly for durability. Should there be any problems then the 5 year guarantee from Hoover is comforting but may come with terms and conditions into how you can use the guarantee.

      The Hoover OPH616 was very well priced in my opinion, I paid £250 from a local electrical store and I've seen it advertised on Amazon UK a bit cheaper at about £244. You save money/consumption due to the high efficiency of the product too, which has also saved me some money this past 6 months. The product is easy to use, powerful, functional and safe, so I had no reservations paying £250 for it. The OPH616 is made by top appliance manufacturer Hoover, so baring this in mind also, £244-£250 seems a very competitive price for a quality washing machine.

      There aren't many problems I've found using the product, just minor ones in my opinion. The first would be that the drum is a little on the small side at 6kg. This is fine for my current situation but if you have a large family, it's worth knowing that the drum is a little small if you plan or big heavy loads. The second thing I've noticed is that a lot the functions whilst useful, are predetermined already by the machine. For example, when in use on a particular spin setting for a certain time period, you are not allowed to change the temperature. I think this is a bit of a design fault and would like to see more flexible settings introduced in the future.

      To conclude, the Hoover OPH616 is a fantastic, powerful, easy to use product in my opinion. Couple this with a very reasonable price tag of £244 to £250 in the UK and I had no hesitations in buying one. Although the drum is a bit small and the settings are too fixed/predetermined in my opinion, I find that these are only minor problems in contrast to the rating of the overall product. I now enjoy nice clean clothes, efficient power consumption and a great range of settings, which is all I really come to expect from a washing machine. Overall the Hoover OPH616 is a top product and one I would highly recommend for the price. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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        25.08.2010 09:49
        Very helpful
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        See review.

        Annoyingly our washing machine broke down a few weeks ago and rather than getting it repaired my partner and I decided it would probably be best to just buy a new one. We did lots of research online to find the best brand, but they were all so expensive. Hoover washing machines did seem to get a few good reviews and is cheaper than the competition so we decided to go for that.

        We went for a OPH616 washing machine, and we bought this from Comet for £275. We didn't need to have it delivered as we have a big car so we brought it back ourselves, and saved money on the delivery costs. It was quite easy to install, and set up and we had it working within 30 minutes. I'm sure if I was on my own doing it though I would need to get some help in, thank god for my boyfriend!

        The washing machine looks nice, it is white with a very glossy finish and looks very modern and fits in well with our kitchen design. It has a very large door at the front, which is good as you can shove loads of clothes in at once! The instruction manual states that it can hold up to 6kg of clothes which I found to be significantly more than any previous washing machines I've owned before.

        I found the program dial quite complicated to understand and had to use a lot of trial and error for the first few washes, due to my reluctance to read instruction manuals, much to my boyfriend's displeasure! There is a start/pause button on the left-hand side which is pretty self-explanatory! There is a light underneath for the "door security", which lights up when the washing machine is working and prevents you from opening the door mid cycle!

        There is an option to control the spin speed, from no spin, medium and high. You can also choose to delay the start of the wash for up to 9 hours which is a really helpful feature to have! There are also options for a cold wash and for sensitive care.

        The main programme dial has lots of different options. You can choose the temperature you wish, which has the options 30 degrees, 40 degrees, 60 degree and 90 degrees. There are options too if you want to drain, spin or rinse the clothes and nothing else, this is useful to just use the spin option so that the clothes are practically dry when you remove them from the machine. There is also an option called "sports" which I am not entirely sure what it does! I assume it is for sports clothes, which are covered in mud so provides quite a high intensity wash? But that is just a guess, I've never used that setting before! Then there is also an option for the time for which you wash the clothes: 29 minutes, 44 minutes of 59 minutes. I use this setting if I have a very small amount of clothes to wash: I just set it to 29 minutes and it washes them all adequately.

        The washing powder tray has three compartments: Pre-wash, main wash and fabric conditioner, and these are labelled so you know what goes where!

        So how did it work? I've found it to work really well. It does what it's supposed to, it washes the clothes and cleans them well. A few times I've had to put a few clothes back in the machine after all the stains weren't removed, but this isn't a regular occurrence. I have noticed that sometimes the clothes have come out with an odd smell but maybe that was just from me using the wrong setting and them not cleaning well!

        The high speed spin setting works really well too, when I open the washing machine the majority of my clothes are almost completely dry, and it spins so hard that the centripetal force pushes my clothes against the very edge of the washing machine, meaning I have to peel them off the edge to get them out!

        One problem I do have is that it is quite noisy when it works! Our kitchen is right next to our living room, and subsequently when it is going we can barely even hear the TV over the noise, even when the door is shut, which can be really annoying.

        Once the wash has finished it sometimes takes up to 30 minutes before the door will actually open which confused me at first, I thought my clothes had been locked in forever! I tried turning the machine off to see if that would allow me to open the door but it wouldn't! Once I turned the machine back on I had to actually set it on another wash and after that still couldn't get the door open!! I came back to the machine about 30 minutes later and the door was finally unlocked!! Panic over!

        This washing machine came with a 5 year guarantee, and we have found it to be good value for money so far. It does what it's meant to and seems to be durable and hopefully it won't break down for a long long time!


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          05.01.2010 16:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Save yourself some money and find something else

          So my 26 years old Hoover machine has come to the end of it's its life. Even though it made a lot of noise and when it was spinning went for a ride across the room it still did one hell of a good job. My clothes wore washed clean and when I took them out wore almost dry. My old Hoover washing machine was passed on it me in the family, of course I did not though much of it but it saved me buying a new one so it keep going for extra 6 years without breaking, washing my husbands clothes and mine so many times that I thought is never going to brake.
          When it finally broke we started looking to buy a new one. Due to our old one being so good over the years it only made sense to look into the same brand. Manny chain shops had a good selection of Hoover washing machines. We though not to go for the cheapest one so we bought one for £269 and that was on sale from around £350. It had the best energy efficiency level and by the specification on it seemed like a very good improvement of our old one.

          Over the weeks of using the new Hoover washing machine I realised that all this new updates on it did not improve it's efficiency, in fact is a complete downgrade.
          The only positive side is that is less noisy and it does not shake badly when the spinning cycle come on but that is all. But I could do with an efficient noisy washing machine if it does it's job right.

          What I do not like about it?

          First is the high pitched noise that it makes when spinning. Yes is less nosy but it somehow touched right into the nerves of my brain somehow that is ever more annoying. Imagine nails on a children's writing boar scratching or 2 knifes blades rubbed together , Yes that annoying, it has the same effect on me!

          When you try to set it up for a high spin at the end it does not allow you. You can only select medium or the one bellow it. So I have to sit around the house waiting for it to finish it's program and then manually select another spin. Then what is the point having 3, 6 and 9 hours delay if is not going to do the spinning cycle efficiently. It does not makes my job easier as I still have to sit around after it. So no chance going out shopping and coming back home to ready washed clothing. I mean that medium spinning cycle is not good enough at all because it lets clothes too damp. I dry my clothes in the house at winter and if I keep letting the dampness in the clothes using the medium spin it will rot my house in time due to all that dampness. I will need to bring a dehumidifier. So when my house gets damp or I have to bring in a dehumidifier that means I have to spend even more money on the long run to compensate and fix for the house damages or pay the extra electricity dehumidifier will consume. So what good it's energy efficiency is to me then? None! In fact I think I come at a big loss. Besides after I have used that extra spinning right at the end with the energy it consumes I won't be any saving anything, as it cost more money to use it.

          Then is the time it takes to wash clothes - is long at boring. The quickest time is 29 minutes and that is at 30 degrees also, rather cold if you ask me.

          Size wise this washing machine is chucky and big. You would think over time parts in it would of got smaller.

          So there you go: I could of gone and bough at £50 second hand one, or find some free washing machine in working condition that someone throws out and save myself a lot of money.

          Technology has not improved at all in 26 years for this company. It fact it went worst. How can it possible not improved? I am shocked!
          My old Hoover washing machine only broke once in 26 years..... I don't think need to say more what I expect the new one to do.

          I am not going to go into technical details because with all the new wanders and improvements this Hoover washing machine does a worst job. No matter what program you select is time consuming and incompetent.

          A complete rip off!


          I have to update this review further today and point out even more faults with it.

          Every time I wash my clothes it leaves a hell of lot of fluff on them. I have to use it at half load every time I wash or else my clothes will be so full of mock/ fluff that I won't be able to wear them and even then I still get an unusual amount . This is the same clothes I have washed in the past with the same detergent on my other washing machine and I never had any problems.
          I think this happens because there is an automatic function on it that uses the right amount of water it thinks is appropriate depending on the weight of the clothes.

          What a further disappointment, now I am stuck with it and with my credit card in debt trying to pay it.

          Avoid this product like at all costs, does not worth a penny. I think I will end up washing things by hand.


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            22.12.2009 14:23
            Very helpful



            Seemingly a decent quality washing machine that performs well and at a good price

            What is it about Christmas and domestic appliances? Last year it was our dishwasher that broke down three days before Christmas. This year it's the washing machine although it did have the courtesy to give us a few more days' notice. The dishwasher was on it's last legs admittedly; it's demise didn't really come as any surprise although the timing could have been better.

            The washing machine though, an Indesit, had performed well up until then, with only a new drum drive belt needed in its five or so years of life. Suddenly I found it with the timer dial just clicking round and round and not doing anything. I found the same problem reported by another owner but none of the suggested solutions worked for me. So, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Comet we go...

            But, before we do we need to consult the Web to see what is the general opinion on the best buy for washing machines. Firstly, I'm not in the market for anything expensive. In that category we usually include Bosch but the consensus seems to be that Bosch is not what it used to be so their prices are hard to justify. Of the rest, Hoover and LG seem to come out top of most people's preferences so, unless something else turns up, it looks like it's going to be between those two.

            We go back to Comet because, as I have mentioned before, I value their customer service. They've treated me honestly and fairly in the past so they deserve repeat business.

            We take a look at the LG Direct Drive machines but, although they look good, their prices are still above what we want to pay, so we take a look at the Hoovers. My beloved is looking for one with a high spin speed and immediately we spot the Optima OPH616 which, as the last two numbers of the model suggest, has a spin speed of 1,600rpm. This is definitely higher than most and is, indeed, the highest spin speed we see displayed on any machine. It also states a 6kgs weight load, which is definitely quite enough for our needs. As is more or less standard for domestic appliances these days, it is energy rated class A.

            Comet are charging £269 for the Hoover and even with delivery and a charge for taking away our old machine, the total still comes to well under £300. Better still, they can deliver the following day. I think we have a result!

            Installation is simple: as with all Class A washing machines, it only has a cold feed so the hot water connection is no longer required and only one hose needs to be connected. I understand that this is because manufacturers are not allowed to assume that the owner has a high efficiency gas condensing boiler to heat the water for the house. This is a somewhat odd situation in my opinion. OK, only the required amount of water for the wash is going to be heated in the machine but it will be heated by electricity, which is not a very cost-effective heating source.

            The most immediately obvious feature of this machine is the size of the door: it's significantly bigger than the Indesit and seems to be bigger than most other machines we have seen. The controls also differ from the Indesit. Whereas the old machine had a programme selector that also doubled as the cycle timer, on the Hoover it only selects the desired programme. Control of the selected wash cycle seems to be purely electronic.

            The programme selector dial is a bit complicated at first glance and not exactly intuitive. For instance, it has a wash cycle marked "Sports", which turns out to be a special wash cycle for mixed fabrics at low temperature and low weight. Well, anyone could have guessed that! However, other indicators are more obvious, such as Drain, Spin and Rinse.

            The most regularly used programmes are probably going to be the ones on the right of the dial, which are purely marked in wash temperatures but which, with reference to the User Manual, indicate all of the normally found wash programmes that you would see on other machines as well.

            Apart from the Start/Pause button, there is also one to delay the start of the wash for 3, 6 or 9 hours, presumably so that if you have dual rate electricity you can set the wash cycle off in the middle of the night when electricity is cheaper. The delay is indicated by three LEDs, which also double up as indicators as to the current phase of the wash cycle, so you always know how far the wash has got.

            There's also a spin speed control that enables you to switch off the spin completely or set it at a lower speed. In addition there are Cold Wash and Sensitive Care buttons, which do pretty much what they say. The washing powder tray has the normal three compartments for Pre-wash, Conditioner and Main Wash. However, they are in the opposite order (right to left) to what is normal on other machines we have used.

            So, that's the machine; what's it like to use? Well, so far it has done a good job of getting our washing clean and fresh, just as you would expect. The high spin speed seems extremely effective; you have to peal the washing off of the drum, it's squashed so flat! Despite having to heat the water it uses rather than simply use the hot water out of the water system, it doesn't seem to take noticeably longer than our old machines. I haven't had time to check the effect on our electricity bill.

            It's also not too noisy in operation. Even at maximum spin speed you hear just a relatively low level buzz. There are no rattles either so the drum seems to balance out the load pretty well before getting up to full speed. I would guess that even if it set off in the night it probably wouldn't wake you up, unless you were a very light sleeper.

            The machine comes with a free 5 year parts warranty but Hoover only cover labour for any repairs during the initial 12 month period of ownership. Hopefully we won't be needing to take advantage of any of these provisions but then only time will tell. So far we are happy with our purchase and, at the price we paid, it seems very good value for money.


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          • Product Details

            OPH616 1600 Spin 6kg Washing Machine, A+AA Rated, 18 Programmes, Stain Blaster, Sports Cycle, Sensitive Care Programme, Rapid 29 Min Cycle, Delay Start, White, H85xW60xD52

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