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    3 Reviews
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      03.02.2012 13:06
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      One of the most efficient washer-dryers on the market

      I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of a Hotpoint WDL540 washer-dryer.
      But at the same time it does have its pitfalls.

      The trouble with washer dryers is that because they have to perform two different functions, one of these functions tends to be sub-standard to the other. I have used washer-dryers before where the drying facility has been quite poor, for example, leaving clothes quite damp despite being in the dryer for a significant amount of time. With this washer-dryer however, this is not the case. It performs both functions up to the same high standard.

      The washing function is very efficient, thoroughly cleaning the clothes and leaving them well-spun so they do not hold excess water. It is easy to use. All you have to do is select your required setting, all of which are detailed on the front of the machine, and turn the dial to the corresponding number and press start. Often you may have to press this button twice though to get it going.

      The drum can take a laundry basket of clothes comfortably and water does not remain in the rim of the drum as can occur with some machines.

      The drying setting is just as easy to use. Again just choose the required setting from the front of the machine and set the dial to that number and then turn the adjacent dial to the time required. I find that most loads, even of water holding items such as towels, only tend to require about sixty minutes of drying time.

      The pitfalls of this machine are that it is very noisy when it is on. It would be unrealistic to wish for a quiet machine as the turning of the drum and the filling up with water are all going to produce a certain level of sound but I find this machine is significantly louder than other machines I have used, to the point it is difficult to clearly hear the television in the other room, for example, when it is on.

      The other downfall is there is no timer on the machine to show how long it has been on, either during the washing or drying function. Other dryers certainly allow you to gauge how long the drying has to go as the timer dial will slowly make its way round to nought during the progression of the cycle. With this machine the dial remains stationary on the selected time period for the dry throughout.

      But all told these are minor inconveniences in what has proven to be an efficent machine The other benefit is it is ideal for houses with little space for both a washing machine and a dryer. The true test will be whether it continues to work as efficiently over time.


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        29.12.2009 19:24
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        A reliable waher/dryer

        This washer/dryer is good to look at and is smaller than my old Hoover although it has a greater capacity at 7 kg. compared to 5 kg. The price is good at under £400 although I had to pay an extra £30 for it to be in grey. It operates quietly and the spin speed of 1400 is very useful. One critisism that I have is that the dryer is a little too efficient and the lowest timer selection is 40 minutes which in my opinion is too long. I would prefer either 30 minutes or else to be able to set the timer to my own needs. All in all, the wash is well done and the controls are simple to use. The instant door release when the wash in finished is a real benefit for those in a hurry. The Hotpoint WDL 540 is a good all rounder and I am pleased with my purchase.


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          04.11.2009 22:00
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          Efficient, But Comes At A Price

          I am the proud owner of one of these and it's really handy for both washing and drying clothes, especially in the winter months. It costed me about £400 but I can see already that it's come down in price substantially since then.

          It has a number beneficial features, not at least the flexibility it gives you while cleaning clothes. you can basically choose a whole cycle from washing it, to pulling your clothes out of the machine dry. I'll explain. For example, I could select how to wash it depending on how I want and then select a drying programme to follow instantly afterwards for a set amount of time. It's handy that when I'm on my way out in the morning, that I can put everything on to go, and then come back in the evening and have them not only clean, but dried and ready to iron or wear when I get in. Basically it leaves you with peace of mind that there's not more to do when you get back, as it's already taken care of it.

          There are Sixteen presets:

          1. Cotton (Extremely Soiled)
          2. Cotton (Heavily Soiled)
          3. Coloured Cottons
          4. Synthetics
          5. Fast wash 60 Degrees
          6. Baby Cycle (Heavily Soiled Delicate Colours)
          7. Shirts
          8. Ready To Wear
          9. Wool
          10. Silk/Curtains
          11 Drying: Cottons
          12. Drying: Synthetics
          13. Drying: Wool
          A. Rinse Fast
          B. Spin Fast
          C. Pump Out

          All of these are really handy and really do allow you to adapt the wash for the type of clothes that you are washing. You can set a drying cycle to follow immediately afterwards with set times of 40, 60, 100, or 180 minutes as well as options for Cupboard Dry, Hanger Dry or Iron Dry. So for example, the other day I was washing my work shirts so I used option 7 followed by Hanger Dry and went to work. When I came home it had washed and dried them so they could be ironed and put away with little or no hassle.

          It can hold a large amount of washing, 7kg to be precise which allows you to get an awful lot done. It's also quieter than most models I've used, especially when drying so shut the door to the kitchen and you hardly notice it's going.

          One other handy benefit is the indicator lights so you can see what it's doing rather than just assuming it's doing something. They show wash, since, spin or dry. It's handy to know where it is in the process and how far it has got to go.

          Also it can go as fast as 1400rpm. This is incredibly fast and really gets the water out of your clothes and leaves you with a lot less drying work to be done.

          Also, there are function lights and options. These show:

          1. Super Wash
          2. Extra Rinse
          3. Mini Load
          4. Super Spin

          I find these really handy as you can personalise your wash even more and adapt it to suit the clothes and types of clothes that you are washing.

          Ido find there are a few downsides though, for example, when it spins at 1400rpm, you really know about it regardless of where you are nearby. When it's spinning normally it's nice and quiet but it does kick up a gear in noise volume when it's working at this speed. If you live in a flat with neighbours then you might want to avoid using this option in the evening.

          Secondly, although it can dry the loads need to be a lot less. It can only handle 1.5kg of wool to be dried properly on cupboard dry for example so you might have to do a few cycles to get that done.

          Finally, It eats up electricity on drying mode so if you're watching your wallet then it might be advisable to keep drying to a minimum.

          that aside, it's a great tool and one of the most useful things I own in terms of a diverse set of options for cleaning something, and is a handy addition to the property I live in.


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