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Hotpoint BHWM129 Washing Machine Integrated 7kg 1200RPM Polar White

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    2 Reviews
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      12.02.2010 17:50
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Well worth buying if you don't mind re-spinning from time to time

      I bought the Hotpoint BHWM129 integrated washing machine just over a year ago when I had my kitchen refitted and I went from free standing to integrated appliances.

      There were various factors that made me choose this particular model. Firstly, the price which at £350 is pretty competitive for a standard sized washing machine.

      Secondly, this model has various specialist preset wash cycles from silk, wool, baby clothes, shirts, lingerie and fast wash, down to the standard wash cycles. On top of these are extra settings for 'superwash' 'mini load' 'reduced creases' and 'extra rinse' which can be incorporated with any wash.

      Along with the range of preset wash options and the price, the other important factor of this model is the fact that it's so quiet. My kitchen leads directly onto my living room and my old washing machine sounded like a jet engine when it was on which meant we had to shout to be heard and hearing the telly was virtually impossible. So prior to buying this particular Hotpoint model I researched various models and this one came out very favourably for its lack of noise.

      Lastly, I needed an 'A' energy rated washing machine. This model is 'A' rated for it's wash and spin ability.

      So that is what made me choose this machine but the real test was trying it out. Over a year later, I'm really pleased with it. Its large drum can accomodate alot of washing. I regularly use nearly all of the cycles and added options and I particularly like the fast wash and mini load and reduced crease options. The washing performance is great and not too harsh which can be the case with some machines. Lastly, this machine is definitely very quiet which took a bit of getting used to because I kept checking whether I had switched it on it was so quiet.

      There is one point about this model that hasn't particularly impressed me though and that is it's spin cycle. It has the regular spin cycle settings that most washing machines have and I generally use the 1200rpm spin but it doesn't always spin the washing fully and I have to spin it again. This is particuarly the case when I have a fairly heavy load in the machine.

      For this reason, although I would highly recommend this model as value for money in terms of all the functions and its washing performance, its spin cycle can let it down from time to time.


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      19.08.2008 14:09
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great washing machine and a great choice made by me!!

      A few weeks ago I was forced to splash out on a new washing machine as my old one simply gave up on me and was not economically viable to repair. I am very fussy when it comes to spending a lot of money on a product and done some serious reading of reviews before eventually choosing the Hotpoint BHWM129, which was described by some as having a built in fully functional laundry in your kitchen.

      It has a large wash load of 6.5kg which is useful for washing larger items like bath towels or even duvets but also leaves fewer creases in clothes when a smaller load is put in.

      It has an energy rating of A, which is the best you get and will save you money by using a lot less electricity and as it also uses less water it is good on the pocket and the environment.

      Similarly it has a top of the range wash performance rating again of A, which simply means it gives the best wash performance available and is proven to be super efficient at removing stains.

      It has a hand wash function which is particularly useful if you have a lot of clothes marked for hand wash only but have no time or just can't be bothered with hand washing you can now use this very delicate wash to save any hand washing.

      One of my favourite functions on the machine is the anti-crease function, if you have ever put on a washing then went out to return to a bundle of wet clothes lying in a heap at the bottom of the drum badly creased then you too will love this function.

      When set to this setting the drum will continue to turn intermittently after the cycle has finished preventing the clothes from falling into a crumpled heap, this also helps with their drying.

      The other things I love about the machine is that it looks very nice and also very modern and best of all it is extremely quiet. I could not believe just how quiet it was compared to my old machine and even it was not the loudest I had heard.


      Variable Spin
      Spin Stability
      Variable Temperature
      Overflow Protection
      Overflow Protection

      Another huge part of searching for the right machine for me was having to take in to consideration how much space I had in my fitted kitchen for the new machine to go and this one fitted my dimensions perfectly. The dimensions of this machine are.....

      Height - 82cm
      Width - 59.5cm
      Depth - 55cm

      Be very, very careful where you buy this machine should you choose to, I paid only £331 plus £19.99 for delivery from Sainsbury online but I also saw this machine priced as high as £504 other places online.

      I could not believe the difference in prices of this and had to double check with Sainsbury before buying that this was the same machine I had looked at other places but it was. They have recently reduced it to this price from £440 but I don't think it is just an offer I think it is a permanent price drop.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©2008 lynseyb


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    • Product Details

      The Hotpoint Built-In BHWM129 Washing Machine is is a fully integrated washing machine with a generous 7kg wash capacity and effective 1200 RPM spin. There are 16 wash programmes including dedicated cycles for shirts, lingerie, baby items and delicates. The BHWM129 also boasts three unique energy saving Eco cycles that are designed to get A rated wash performance at lower temperatures. These save around 50% to 70% energy ÔÇô a big plus on your daily wash. The eco cottons wash is good for your everyday cottons and linens, the eco synthetics is optimised for a variety of man-made fibre mixtures, while the eco fast wash is a quick cycle for everyday mixed fibres and takes just 30 minutes. The Hotpoint BHWM129 main functions includes Spin cycle control, Automatic consumption control, Reduces Creases, Extra Rinse, Fast Wash Programmes, Mini load, Daily Wash 30 and Shirts programme. With 'A++' rating for energy efficiency, 'A' grade for wash performance and B for spin performance the BHWM129 is a best-seller in the market!

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