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    1 Review
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      28.12.2012 18:24
      Very helpful


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      hot topic...

      ~Hotpoint HF8B593P Washing Machine - Essential Information~

      The HF8B593P is a freestanding washing machine offered by Hotpoint. This washing machine is aimed towards larger families thanks to its 8kg capacity. It has a 1500rpm spin speed and has an A+++ energy rating.

      Technical information as follows :

      *Dimensions - 850 x 595 x 599mm
      *Weight - 73.4kg
      *Wash performance - A
      *Annual consumption - 11657 litres
      *Spin Performance - B
      *No of programmes - 16 including anti allergy, delicates, bed and bath, anti-stain, fastwash 30 and 60 and wool.
      *Temperature - variable from cold to 90c
      *Wash options - super wash, reduced creases, spin exclusion and extra wash

      This washing machine comes with a user manual, 1 years labour and 5 years parts guarantee. This machine has a 'super silent' motor for a quieter wash.

      ~Price and Availability~

      The HF8B593P is available from Currys priced at £399.99. It can be collected instore or ordered for delivery (which takes up to 4 weeks).

      ~My Thoughts~

      A few months ago our fridge freezer suddenly stopped working. At this point, our washing machine hadn't been working well for a while and the door was half snapped off (my fault!). I knew it was only a matter of time before it completely snapped and potentially flooded our home. Thankfully my Mum and her credit card came to the rescue! We went to Comet to pick a new fridge freezer and had no intention of buying a new washing machine but Mum said we may as well before our Beko machine gave up the ghost.

      I have a habit of opting for the cheapest appliances normally and this isn't always a positive thing. I spotted this Hotpoint washing machine reduced from £400 (I think) to £299.99 which I felt was a fantastic price for a Hotpoint appliance. Even at the current Currys price I feel it is a good deal but would recommend watching out for sales as it was reduced to £269.99 a few weeks ago in Currys! We got ours delivered by Comet and it arrived in a huge box. It is, as you would expect, extremely heavy so don't try moving it yourself!

      ~Set Up and Installation~

      Because this was a surprise purchase, it didn't even occur to me to check the size of the washing machine and the space I had available. I panicked until it arrived and we discovered that it was the same height and width as my Beko but deeper because of the bigger capacity. Not a major problem but I have lost use of one of my kitchen drawers as the machine sticks out quite far!

      I didn't install this appliance myself as I am no good with things like this. My Dad kindly installed it with a small amount of help from my fiance (who is equally as useless at dealing with appliances!). As far as I know everything that was needed (tubes etc) were in the box and my Dad was able to set it all up and attatch it to my pipes without any hassle. We recycled any packaging and set the machine to an empty wash to try it out.

      The manual is user friendly and I took some time out to read through it and see what wash options were on offer. It is clear and an easy read for those who aren't technical minded so perfect for me!


      This washing machine is white which fits in perfectly with my other white appliances. It looks neat under my bunker despite sticking out a little. The machine itself looks much nicer than the Beko one we had. It has a front loading door which opens quite a bit and seems a lot more secure than the last machine we had. The various buttons are located at the top of the machine and everything is clearly marked.

      This washing machine has a different dispenser drawer than I am used to and it did confuse me at first! The drawer has all the different numbered wash options on it and slides out to the side. There are three compartments for fabric softener, pre-wash liquid and detergent. There are two easy to operate dials on the machine. One has the wash options and the other allows the temperature to be set. This can be varied for most washes. Other buttons include the on/off and also the wash functions such as extra rinse etc. There is a row of lights which show the progress of your wash too.

      ~Laundry Taken Care of the Hotpoint Way~

      We are a family of three. We have been used to lower capacity washing machines and to be fair, I only bought one with an 8kg capacity because it was such a bargain price! I reasoned that it would be perfect for washing our large duvet as this is something the Beko struggled with and I would be able to get through the washing so much quicker thanks to the larger drum. I have start seperating the different types of laundry and making use of more of the washing options than I have with any other washing machine we have owned. I am always careful not to overfill the machine as this will result in a less than brilliant wash.

      This washing machine is very simple to use despite there being so many wash options. It is very user friendly and even my fiance can work it. This is a rare occurence though and he only does a wash if he really has to! I was shocked at just how much dirty laundry can be put in this drum at anyone time and it certainly saves me time! I now do less washes which has saved my electricity meter from running down quite as quickly as before.

      Once I have set the wash type, temperature and put the detergent in, the machine is set to go. I have noticed that this machine seems to clog up a little when I used washing powder in it which I didn't appreciate. I mainly use liquidtabs or the washing liquid as well as some Comfort fabric conditioner in the drawer. It is easy to overfill this compartment as it isn't very deep so I often need to wipe away any spillages to avoid a sticky mess.

      This machine is certainly a lot quieter than my Beko. It isn't quiet all the way through each cycle but I wouldn't expect it to be. Our kitchen is just off our livingroom and I can leave the door open without the washing machine disturbing me for the main part of the wash. It is very quiet and doesn't rattle or speed across the floor like it is ready for taking off in to space! It is quite noisy during the spin cycle but not as bad as our old machine. The water rushes through and any detergent is dissolved in the wash as the water heats up.

      I mainly make use of the quick wash options with this machine as I am impatient! Clothing can be washed within 30 or 60 minutes and I find this to be accurate. This wash is perfectly fine to clean and refresh clothing. I use the 'bed and bath' setting at 60c for my bedsheets and all of our towels. This gives them a really deep clean and takes any stains out without the need for pre-wash solutions. I find that this cycle takes around two hours and providing that I do not overfill the machine, my towels aren't left soaking. If I do put too much in with any wash option, I use the 'B' setting which is a 'spin and pump out' cycle.

      A lot of our clothing should be washed at 30c and I find it convenient that I can set the right wash setting ie cotton, synthetic etc and then set the temperature that I require. The machine has wash options for wool and shirts but we don't really have any clothing suitable for this type of wash. There is also a baby clothing option which has a 1000rpm spin speed at 40c. The reduced creases option is well used by us as I do anything I can to avoid ironing clothing and I find that this function works well with pyjamas and trousers.

      Regardless of what wash option I have used, my laundry is left fresh, clean and smelling pleasant. I give our machine a regular, empty hot wash with some detergent to freshen it up and clean the inside of the drum regularly to get rid of any potential dirt. The manual recommends checking the inlet hose once a year. This washing machine has a self cleaning pump.


      I find that this Hotpoint washing machine has been a great purchase. It is used daily and has worked perfectly well with every laundry task that it has been given. There was one issue with our laundry coming out smelling rather unpleasant but this was found to be an issue with a kink in the pipe and was resolved quickly.

      I like the different wash functions as there is something to cover ever washing possibility and the drum is huge so saves me time. This washing machine is far superiour compared to my cheapo Beko machine and I wish I had opted for a more expensive appliance for my first washing machine.

      Thanks for reading :)


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