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Hotpoint WT741 Ultima

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2014 09:59
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An efficient machine with lots of features

      I bought this Hotpoint WT741 last year after my Hotpoint of ten years finally gave up which I think that that it had a good life for a modern washing machine. I hadn't got much spare cash at the time so I looked on Ebay and found a local seller who had some re-conditioned and B grade washing machines. I had never bought one of these before but I liked the look of this particular washing machine and as it was only £120 I took a bit of a gamble and bought it. I had looked around and this was selling for around the £240 mark in stores and online.

      The machine was delivered the next day at no cost and was wrapped in bubble wrap with cardboard around the corners and appeared to be brand new. I was told that this was a B grade machine so had some slight cosmetic damage or blemish however for the life of me I couldn't see what it was. It measures 85cm tall, 60cm wide and 58cm deep which is an average size for a washing machine. My machine is white but you can also get it in silver. It can hold 7kg of washing which is fine for me but maybe if you have a large family this wouldn't be big enough and you may need a machine with a bigger capacity. It came with a user manual but to be honest it was that self explanatory that I didn't really need it.

      One of the things that attracted me to this particular machine was that it had a digital display so you can clearly see how much longer the washing will take and what temperature it is set at. Underneath the display there are two buttons which you can press to change the temperature and the spin to your required setting which is very useful as even if you choose one of the longer washes you may still prefer to wash at a lower temperature. Each of the settings is programmed to a certain temperature so if you don't change it, it will just wash at the set temperature but it is easy to change just by clicking the left button until your required temperature is displayed. You press the right button to change the spin which is useful if you are washing something which is delicate and you only want a slow spin.

      There is an on and off button and a start and cancel button with an LED light which indicates that the machine is on. There are settings from A to M which include the usual fast wash, delicate wash, boil wash and fast wash which you select by turning a dial which is clearly marked. There are other useful settings which are selected by pressing the appropriate buttons which are enhanced wash, reduced creasing, rinse
      hold, mini wash and time delay. I often use the mini wash as there are only the two of us at home now so I don't have so much washing so I sometimes only have a small amount of either dark or light clothes to wash. By using this mini load feature I know that I am using less water and less energy which is important to me. I also use the time delay and set it for about an hour before I get home from work so it is finished just when I get home. I will use this more in the summer time so I can hang the washing on the line as soon as I get home as I don't like to leave the washing in the machine for long after it has finished so this facility is useful for me. This would also be a good if you are on an energy plan where the electric is cheaper at a certain time so you could set it to wash at a more economical time.

      As with all washing machines it won't work until the door is closed completely and an alarm beeps when it has finished which alerts you if you are doing something else. This is quite loud and I can hear it even though the machine is in the utility room. The spin settings are from 600 to 1400 which I have found is perfectly adequate for me and my washing is dry enough for me to handle comfortably. It isn't the quietest of spins so if your machine is near to your lounge you may have to shut the door.

      I have had no problems at all with this machine, it has never let me down and my washing has always come out perfectly clean. I think I had a real bargain with this machine and I would definitely buy another one of this type and also from the same seller if they are still selling them when the time comes to buy another one. I do recommend Hotpoint as they are a very good brand and this one gives me the ability to change the settings quickly and easily. It is ideal for a medium sized family and has lots of features which you can tailor to your individual washing needs.


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        10.04.2007 14:45
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        Great Machine For The Money

        A chore we all have to do but very few enjoy is the washing and with kid's in the house I have more than my fair share of it to do what with football kit's and cadet uniform's I tend to find I am dealing with very stubborn stains but with my Hotpoint washing machine these have never been a problem. I bought the Hotpoint WT741 about 8 months ago when my old one packed up and paid £250.00 from Comet which included free delivery.

        Setting it up when it arrived was much the same as any other washing machine and the instructions were very easy to follow should I have needed them fortunately I have plumbed in a fair few washing machines in my time.

        The machine itself is very smart and one of the aspects that made me purchase it was the LCD progress display which shows you what temperature you are running the wash at how long is left until the wash is finished and what form of wash cycle you have it set on. I bought my machine in polar white but is also available in silver, the controls are all on the front at the top of the machine and you have various settings all easily marked up for selection such as Fast wash, Delicates wash, Boil wash and many more as well as all the standard wash settings for colours and whites. An alarm sounds as well when your wash is finished ideal for when you are doing house work and have pile's of washing to do and don't want to waste a minute of washing time.

        Below are the specifications of this model these are included to help you decide between machines.

        Machine Features:

        Energy Recommended : Yes
        Energy Rating : A
        Spin Performance : B
        Wash Performance : A
        Water Consumption : 60
        Energy Consumption : 1.19
        Spin Speed : 1400
        Wash Load : 7
        Drum Capacity : 58
        Water Supply : Cold Fill
        Hand Wash : Yes
        Variable Temperature : Yes
        Wool Programme : Yes
        Pre Wash : Yes
        Quick Wash : Yes
        Length of Quick Wash : 30
        Variable Spin : Yes
        Delicate Wash : Yes
        Half Load Function : Yes
        Economy Wash : No
        Auto Half Load : No
        Silk Wash : Yes
        Rinse Hold : Yes
        Anti Crease Programme : Yes
        Variable Rinses : No
        Refresh Option : Yes
        Super / Extra Rinse : Yes
        Anti Bacterial Programme : No
        Delay Timer : Yes
        Control Panel Type : LED
        Time to End of Programme : Yes
        Time Saver Function : No
        Fuzzy Logic : No
        Drum Interior Light : No
        Child Safety Lock : No
        Super Silent : No
        Audible End of Programme : Yes
        Memory Function : No
        Intensive Wash Option : Yes
        Number of Programmes : 16
        Wide Opening Door : Yes
        Larger Porthole : Yes

        The capacity of the machine is very good and doe's me and my lot fine and the door lock is strong and well sealed, this is important to me as I once had a kitchen flooded by a broken door seal it cost me hundreds of pounds in floor repairs as well as the cost of a new washer. If I was to point out a bad side of this washer it would be that it only has a 1400rpm spin cycle but is available in faster models. I find that the washer cleans the clothes really well and although I have only had it for 8 months it has not developed any faults and performs as well as the day I purchased it.

        I recieved a years warranty from Hotpoint and also a year under shop warranty this gave me two years cover and thankfully 8 months on still no need to call in the warranty let's hope with fingers crossed it stays this way. I did need a new button as my son pulled one out but when I rang Hotpoint they very nicely sent me out a new one free of charge which I tthought was very good customer service I know it's not expensive to send to me but all the same it made me happy.

        The machine is not the most silent of runners but it is quieter than my last which I could here going even with my TV on and living room door closed. The spin cycle is very effective and most lightweight clothes can be easily hung dry whilst towels etc would end up in my tumble dryer as they would take forever on the line. I hope this review has been suitable in helping you make a buying decision.

        This Review is also on my Ciao account Jenny76.


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      • Product Details

        Front Load Drum Washer / Efficiency: AAB / 15.43 lb / load / Features: Dial Controls / Digital Display / Delayed Start Timer / Short name: Hotpoint WT741

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