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Brand: Hotpoint

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2012 18:39
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      More good than bad, but not perfect

      You may say I was pretty spoilt as a child as I never had specific chores and honestly never used a washing machine until I moved out, so really didn't know how to use one (I still maintain that if no one shows you how, then how are you expected to know?)

      Anyway I've been renting a house off my mum now for 3.5 years and, lovely mother that she is, it came to me fully furnished, complete with all relevant 'white goods', the only downside to this is that I have no idea how much it cost when she bought it. Now while I am now aware of how a washing machine works, I'm definately not an expert on them so forgive me if this is a little on the simplistic side!

      This machine is front loading so perfect for sticking under a work surface in a kitchen, ours is placed just to the right of the sink, and all the buttons/dials are placed along the top front section, as is the 'draw' if you don't use those in with the washing capsules and tablets.

      I don't know about anyone else but sometimes when I'm distracted or working on auto pilot I end up putting the conditioner in the wrong section of the drawer without thinking, although of course this isn't the machine or manufacturers fault. What possibly is a design flaw though is that the section for the conditioner does have a little tube coming out the top of it and as moisture seems to collect in this area it is prone to getting a bit mouldy, but due to the shape of the area it isn't easy to clean, even with an old tooth brush.

      The washer is capable of holding, what I think, is quite a decent size load - according to the specs it's 13lb's, but to be honest I don't weigh my washing machine and alot of it will come down to bulk of the items, not just weight. For my boyfriend and I, I tend to do 1 or 2 loads of washing a week which includes effectively 10 days of work clothes, plus leisure clothing between us which I think isn't bad.

      On the downside the rubberised section around the door and drum, that does a very good job of stopping all the water leaking out, does tend to collect water in the crevices, which again are prone to mould, so you really need to dry it out after each use which is a bit of a pain. I've also managed to forget 3 pound coins in a jeans pocket (won't be doing that again) which I could hear bouncing around the drum during the wash, but by the time it was finished must have somehow made their way into the internals of the machine as I haven't seen them again.

      There is no tumble dry option so you need to make sure you've got plenty of space to hang your clothes when you're done washing them!

      A dial to the right gives you modes from A to M, the exact details of which are printed to the left so you don't have to keep referring to a manual to remember which one is which. 95% of the time I'll use the fast wash mode, however I do find the dial is prone to being knocked - just now I walked into the kitchen and saw I'd managed to do the last load on 'Acrylic' setting, which hasn't done it any harm, but is a bit annoying none the less. Occassionally the quick wash mode isn't enough to give a thorough clean, so for heavily soiled items, particularly certain food stains, a different wash mode would be more appropriate.

      In terms of the length of time a wash takes, which I know can be very important for some, this obviously varies depending on the mode selected - this last Acrylic wash for example seemed to take in the region of 2 hours to complete, the quick wash from memory is more in the region of 1.5 hours.

      There are also buttons for things like 'reduced creasing' - I have honestly never used any of these, but I've never felt like I need to as I hang my clothes out on a washing line and have never felt like they suffer from creasing, to the extent that I haven't used an iron in years!

      I don't think I've ever seen a pretty washing machine, they are what they are, but this one is a little different from usual in its 2 tone grey colouring - depending on your kitchen/utility room this may work or it could look out of place, but they do a white version too.

      In terms of reliability this machine is a number of years old now and has never presented us with any problems (touch wood) so long may it's reliable service continue.

      Overall I'm happy with this washing machine - it's easy to use and reliable, which for me a 2 massive selling points. The biggest let down though has to be its tendancy towards mould in specific areas, and the dial being easily knocked is a little niggling point.


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    • Product Details

      Front Load Washer, Efficiency: AAB, 13.23 lb / load, Colors: Gray / The Hotpoint WF320G Front Load Washer has a capacity of 13.23 cu / ft..The Hotpoint WF320G Front Load Washer wash programs available: Wrinkle-Free / Short name: Hotpoint WF320G

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