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    3 Reviews
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      24.07.2010 18:17
      Very helpful



      Never trust and leave it on when out.

      I bought the Hotpoint WF541 Aquarius washing machine about 2 years ago. It comes in 2 different colours - white and silver.
      I chose the silver model as it matched with all my other appliances.
      It has a 6kg load capacity which now i know how small it is will definately increase with my next washing machine purchase.
      There are 12 programme modes which i only tend to use 2 of - the white cotton programme and the non colourfast programme.
      There are 5 buttons which are for wash enhance, reduced creases, rinse hold, mini load and extra rinse. I have never needed to use any of these as the programme models are sufficient. I can see the use for a mini load option but being in a house with two adulst and a child would find it hard not to find enough washing to do.
      On the top right side is the on/off and start/cancel buttons. I havent had any electrical problems with these buttons.
      There are 3 dials - one for temperature which i keep on maximum, one for spin which i also keep on maximum and the 12 programme dial.

      Well thats the description done, now for the reliability.....

      I expect a modern washing machine to clean my clothes and this one certainly does.
      I also expect it to be reliable and this one was until about 10 months after i purchased it.
      As normal i put on my clothes cycle and went to pick my daughter up from school.
      I had been gone about 1 hour and when i came back into my house all i could see was water on the floor.
      The machine had leaked and i had water all over the kitchen and dining room floors and it had gone through the partition wall and into my lounge.
      As a result it had gone under the laminate flooring and this had to come up and the concrete screeding dried for approximately 3 weeks.
      Fortunately my insurance company sorted it all out and as the washing machine was still in its guarantee Hotpoint reimbursed my insurance company and repaired my machine. I still had to pay out my exess on my insurance before getting it back 6 months later.
      It appears something had worked loose and forced the water pipe off the bottom of the washing machine so water was just pouring out.

      14 months on and its still working fine but i will never leave it on when im out.

      When i used to think of Hotpoint i thought of washing machines, a well known brand and reliability........And now?........2 out of 3 isnt good enough for me.


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      28.02.2010 17:15
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for, and I will certianly pay more for better next time.

      We bought this as our first washing machine when we moved into our first house 2 years ago.
      We bought it as it was cheap, and a name we had heard of. We got a deal at our local appliance shop, as we also bought the same style dishwasher. I think we paid around £200 for it, but it was selling for £249

      The washing machine has a good load size (6KG), perfect for a couple like us with a dog. It has a large choice of washing options, including hand wash, rinse and spin and super wash for really dirty clothes.

      The machine is simple to use, with all functions perfromed on one the 3 dials or extra functions on the buttons next to the dials. The buttons feel quite flimsy, and within a year, the power button had actually pushed through to inside the machine. I manged to fis this myself, but had to remove the whole top of the machine and the front panel to retreive the button that is held in place by a small piece of clear plastic. Many people would not want to do this, and a costly repair bill for an easy fix would follow.

      Another point that concerns me is the drawer into which the conditioner goes. In two years of ownership, I have had to dissasemble it and thoughly clean it, as it seem to be a breeding place for horrible black mold.
      I really dont fancy having my clothes washed in moldy water. Why this happens, I do not know, but its not nice, a pain to clean.
      After two years, a lot of the writing on the front including the dials is starting to come off. Within another year, I can see writing vanashing completley, so you will have no idea what setting your are choosing.

      Apart from these issues, the machine has perfomed ok. The clothes are washed well, and whilst it is noisy, its not over bearing.

      I dont think I would buy this brand again, certainly not the budget options anyway. You get what you pay for, with this you get a functioning washing machine, but not without its faults.


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      12.12.2007 14:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"


      Great machine recommend to any one

      My candy washing machine was become more and more unreliable and kept breaking down on a regular basis. I decided that I needed to buy a new washing machine that was more reliable, has a bigger capacity and more options than the candy had.

      So I had a look online and found a silver Hotpoint washing machine £279.99 and decided that this was the model that I wanted. So went to currys that evening to purchase it. Delivery was very good I ordered on wednesday and the washing machine was with me on the Saturday afternoon.

      On first inspection the washing machine looked very nice and much better than my old machine. Even though it looked a lot bigger than my old machine it still fitted snug into the space provided in my kitchen with ample room left.

      Once the machine was installed I browsed through the manual but the machine is very easy to use someone could quite easily use the machine without the manual. The machine has many programmes:

      1 Prewash
      2 95 White cotton
      3 60 Super wash Cotton
      4 60 Fast Colours
      5 60 Fast wash
      6 40 Non fast colours
      7 40 Synthetics
      8 30 Cool wash
      9 40 Wool
      10 30 Silk
      11 30 Fast wash
      12 25 Hand wash
      R&S Rinse and spin
      FS Fast spin
      SS Slow spin
      PO Pump out

      Before using the machine with clothes you have to run it on number 2 with no detergent or laundry. This is to eliminate any testing water and residue from the machine, its also to make sure the machine is installed correctly.

      So I set this going and kept checking the machine regularly. Every think went fine with this load and it only took about an hour and half even though the manual states 2h 30m. When the programme finished I decided to put a load of dark colours in the machine. I was actually surprised how much more washing the machine could take. I decided to use number 4. Then I had to check all the options.

      First there is a variable temperature dial which has the choice of no heat, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 95. If you leave it at 95 position it uses the maximum temperature available for that wash. I tend to leave it at 50 as I use 50 degrees most of the time.
      Then there is the variable spin speed. This ranges from no spin, 500, 800, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300 and 1400. If you leave it at 1400 then it uses the maximum spin speed for the chosen cycle. For this cycle I used 1000 as I had a few items that may shrunk with the 1400 spin speed.

      Then there are five buttons with different functions to choose from.
      These are wash enhance which basically can be used on 4 and 6 to make the cycle longer.
      Reduced creases which reduce the drums spin speed to try and crease the clothes less.
      Rinse hold which leaves the clothes in fabric softener water until your ready to spin and unload the machine.
      Mini load which is for when you have smaller loads reduces the time and water use.
      Extra rinse adds an extra rinse to the cycle.

      Once you are ready to start the load add the detergent and start the machine by holding the start/ cancel button. The machine then starts to fill. The door lock light eliminates and also the wash light does. As the cycle continues the rinse/ spin light lights up and then the final spin does and when the cycle completes. The only light that stays on when the cycle is finished is the door locked light until the door unlocks the on/off light stays on until you switch it off.

      The first wash went trouble free. The machine is not overly noisy. The spin can sometimes be noisy. But not as noisy as my old machine.

      The machine is now just over 2 months old and I haven't had any problems with the machine. It is on at least once a day and is still going strong and I am glad that I purchased this machine.

      The capacity is the main benefit I can get so much in one load it is great. Also when I do a bed change, I can fit a double set in the machine and two singles and the machines washes and spins this fine. I find that the spin on the machine cuts down so much time in the dryer. Even if I only spin the load at 1000 rpm the load is still dry in no time at all.

      I would definitely recommend this to any one who is looking for a new machine. It is ideal for anyone large or small families and overall great machine.


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      Front Load Drum Washer, Efficiency: AAB, 13.23 lb. load, Features: Dial Controls, Delayed Start Timer, Time Remaining Indicator, C... / Aquarius models have a host of features including Super Wash, Woolmark Gold Care and Fast Wash cycles to keep you in step with the pace of modern life. Achieving 'A' Wash, and 'A' Energy Performance, no matter what your load, the Aquarius range gives you great results.

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