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Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine Aquarius 1200 Spin 7kg Polar White

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2012 10:58
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      We put our washing machine on the other week and as we switched it on all the electric went off. Tried it again and again and same thing happened so we decided it was time to get a new washing machine. The one we had was quite old anyway and it leaked a bit underneath when it was working. We had a look in the Argos book and settled on the Hotpoint WML720P.

      The bloke who delivered the machine took out the old one and plumbed the new one in for us and then took the old one away. I was glad about this as I wanted to make sure the new one was fitted properly and wouldn't leak everywhere, plus the old one would have been really heavy to get rid of ourselves. When plumbing it in the man couldn't get the hose to stretch to the outlet pipe where the old one used to go but he said that was not a problem as there was a fitting on our sink outlet pipe where he could fit it onto using a connector that came with the machine. The water hose is just connected to the cold water supply so that was easy to get it on, then he tried the machine to make sure it was filling and emptying before he left.

      The first thing I noticed about the new washing machine was the sleek look to it. The edges are all rounded and it looks really nice and white and shiny.

      Using the machine was so easy, there was a good manual that came with it that explained everything about the machine so you could start using it after a quick flick through the book.

      The size of the machine is width 59.5cm, height 85cm and depth 53.5cm. This fitted just nice in the space where the old one was. The capacity in the drum is from 1 to 7 kg which we thought would be plenty as there are only three of us in the family. The spin speed can go up to 1200 rpm which gives a really good spin. The energy efficiency class for this machine is A and the wash efficiency grade is also A.

      On the front at the top of the machine you have the drawer to pull out for the washing detergents and softener etc, then you have an on off button. This is a good thing so you can turn it off from the machine. Our old one didn't have this on it. Next is the wash cylce knob which you turn round to the number of the wash you want to select. Then you have two small knobs, one for temperature and one for spin speed. The wash cycles are all set to use a temperature and spin speed but you can alter this yourself as long as the temperature you want to select is not hotter than that which is set for that cycle. This is the same for the spin, so you can set it to a cooler wash or a slower spin than the set one but not hotter or faster spin. This is a good thing as it stops you setting a hot wash for something that might spoil. If the temperature is set too hot then then the machine won't start and the lights will flash until you turn the temperature down. Next to these buttons are the lights which tell you the wash cycle progress so you can see at a glance where the washing is at. Underneath this there is a start pause button. This is good if you want to pause the washing for some reason, then you can start it again where it left off. There are also four function buttons along the bottom, The functions you can choose from are reduced creases, mini load, extra rinse and super wash.

      You have 13 different cycles to choose from, the first is for cottons, and you can choose three different heat settings depending how soiled the washing is. The hottest wash is 90 degrees and the spin on all three is 1200rpm. The second is also for cottons. These washes last for between 92 minutes and 197 minutes. The third wash is for coloureds. You can fit 7kg of laundry into the machine for these washes which is quite a good amount. The next cycle is for synthetics, for this you can wash 3 kg of laundry at a time. Next is the fast wash, this lasts for an hour and you can have the temperature up to 60 degrees. It tells you not to put items in that are wool or silk or for items that need a hand wash. You can change the temperature on this setting though to a cooler temperature if you want to. It does the fastest spin too so it is quite a handy cycle to use if your washing isn't too soiled.

      There are then some special cycles, baby cycle is for washing baby items that are heavily soiled but might be delicate colours. It uses a 40 degree temperature and spins on 800 rpm. Next is shirts, this also does 40 degrees but spins on 600 rpm. Then there is a lingerie cycle which washes on 30 degrees and spins on 600 rpm. Then there are two washes, one for wool and one for silk, the wool washes on 40 degrees and does an 800 spin and the silk washes on 30 degrees and doesnt spin at all.

      Next you have three eco cycles, cotton, synthetics and another fast wash. They all use cold water instead of a temperature. You also have the partial wash cycles for rinse, spin and pump.

      As you can see, there are a lot of variants when you add in the function buttons and the temperature and spins that you can change yourself. We have used quite a few of these washes already. When washing things like jeans and things that have got really dirty we have tried it on the 60 degree cotton wash and found the washing came out nice and clean. We use Surf small and mighty in our machine and a bit of Comfort conditioner and it smelled really nice when we tipped the washing out after into the basket. We have also used the fast wash 60 degree one as I like the extra spin on it. It takes an hour to do a wash and you can fit in 3.5 kg of laundry, its great for things like t shirts and everyday washing, and the spin spins it so well that it practically feels like it its dry when it comes out and doesn't take long to fully dry after. I have used the cold water washes too for things like washing the bedding and found this does just as good a job as the hotter washes used to do and we are saving money. My OH has put his shirts on the shirt wash and found they come out much better on this wash, they have less creases in them and if he hangs them on a hanger they don't need much ironing.

      The drawer at the top is easy to take out to clean it and the rest of the front of the machine is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking nice and new.

      I am really pleased with our new machine and find our washing is coming out much better than it used to do. I would recommend this machine if you are looking for a new one. We only bought our one a couple of months ago but I can't find it now on the Argos website, so not sure if they have stopped selling it, but Tesco are still selling it and its going for £349.97 on there and you will get club points in this amount.


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    • Product Details

      The Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine has a large 7kg drum with a 1200 spin speed and comes in a bright white finish making this a great addition to a family house hold.It has been rated A for energy efficiency spin performance and wash performance so you can expect all round good results / The WML720P has 7 temperatures and 16 programmes including a 60 minute fast wash cycle and a baby cycle that gently washes garments getting rid of them tough stains whilst looking after them / There is also an Eco cycle that reduces costs whilst helping the environment and saving energy / This model fits perfectly into a 60cm gap and has a 180 degree door that opens from right to left. /

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