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Hotpoint WMUD962P Washing Machine Ultima 1600 Spin 9kg A++AA LCD

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5 Reviews

A high quality washing machine from Hotpoint, it has a fast spin, is eco-friendly, quiet and has a very large capacity. Whilst some of the programs are a little long, you can tailor each wash to your needs.

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    5 Reviews
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      01.04.2015 12:28
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to understand"
      • "Big drum"
      • "Fast wash"


      So good I'd buy it again if I had to.

      I've had my Hotpoint WMUD962P for over a year and a half and I love it. It has masses of features I never use and plenty that make my life both easier and much cheaper than it was with my previous washer.

      For a start it has a massive drum that takes up to 8 kg of washing and consequently, most weeks our household of two people does a light wash for undies and bedding and a dark wash for everything else. This compares really well to previously doing almost twice as many washes.

      It has a fabulous fast wash which means that most of what we clean is done on 45 minute cycles. I have a 40 degree, 45 minute wash with a 1600 rpm spin set in the washer's 'memory' and it's foolproof - even my husband can figure out how to do that. On the rare occasions when I need to do something special - a delicates wash, a heavy wash, or last week when I got oil all over my coat - it's easy to reset the system.

      The 1600 rpm that I use means that the washing comes out of the machine already well squished and dries very quickly. About 6 months after getting the washing machine, our tumble dryer broke down. We bought another and we've never actually plugged it in because the laundry dries well in our utility room just hanging from the wall-hangers.

      Almost everything about this machine is intuitive. I did read the manual - sort of - but only because I was obliged to as part of the testing regime. I think filed it and forgot it. Everything I do now, I work out as I go along. It's a very easy machine to use, and thanks to the fast wash programme, a very cheap one as well.

      If my machine broke down, I'd buy it again. That's how good it is.


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      05.08.2013 21:36
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A great washing machine from Hotpoint.

      ~*~*~ Hotpoint Ultima WMUD962P ~*~*~

      I would just like to mention that I was chosen to test this machine by Ciao and Hotpoint, and it is thanks to them that I am able to provide this review.

      ~ Out of the box experience ~

      When the Hotpoint Ultima was delivered I was quite shocked (but in a good way) of the size of the machine. Compared to my previous washing machine it looked somewhat bigger however I think this was just due to the overall look, with it having a bigger drum and therefore a bigger door which made the appearance quite deceptive as it fitted straight into the space that was there for the machine in the kitchen.

      It was very well packaged but I didn't have to deal with any of that as the Hotpoint delivery man disposed of this so it was straight down to my first impressions which were really good.
      The Ultima that I have is white, and a very crisp clean white it is too. It is a front loader machine with the large round porthole door being in the middle of the washing machine.
      The dispenser drawer is a completely new thing for me, as unlike any washing machine I have ever used in the past, this one does not just pull out by rotates to the side which I think is a really cool feature. It makes the inside of the drawer really easy to get to and I am no longer filling a narrow slot with powder as the slot is quite large and rounded.

      On the our side of the dispenser drawer you will find all the wash cycles printed which makes it easy for you to see what you are doing at a glance.
      On the opposite side to the drawer is a neat little digital display screen, this lights up with orange coloured writing when on.

      And in the middle of the drawer and screen is the power button which is surrounded by a series nine smaller buttons which control the wash cycles. The buttons are silver in colour which I think adds a really nice touch to the washing machine.
      So far so good, I am already really impressed with it and that is before it has even had a chance to wash any clothes!

      ~ First Steps ~

      Before we done anything with the machine we had to read through the manual, there was also a separate sheet of safety and installation instruction to follow in order to get the machine plumbed in.
      In the back was a set of transit bolts and these had to be removed before use, so using a spanner I got these loose and removed the four of them, I then went ahead and plumbed it in and fitted the drainage pipe onto the correct fitting under the sink.
      Of course it was then plugged in and it was away to go.

      It is important to note that the machine will require you to perform a maintenance wash before the first use, so I set it to 60°C Cotton wash without adding any washing powder. From the digital display this was very easy to do and follow and I knew that I was doing it all correctly as it was there in writing for me. The timer showed that this wash would take 3.00 hours. This did dismay me a little as I had washing to do and wanted to get it done, but this is an important step to take to make sure the machine is cleaned and ready for use without ruining any clothing.
      As the machine was running I was really surprised by how quiet it was and on numerous occasions went back to check that it was actually on, the only really sound heard was the sploshing of the water that filled the drum.

      Again, so far so good. Impressive machine!

      ~ Using your machine ~

      Once the maintenance wash was completed I was eager to get a load of washing in the machine. Having a pile of whites and darks at the ready I set about with the dark load first. The machine has a huge 9 kg capacity drum and even though I had a fair pile of washing to put in, I was quite disappointed with myself that I hadn't managed to fill it! Anyway, this load wasn't particularly dirty so I though a fast wash would suffice.

      You wouldn't believe how impressed I was when I found out that the Hotpoint Ultima can do a wash in just 15 minutes! I didn't use that cycle at that time but chose to do the Fast Wash 30 which washes clothes at 30°C and takes just 30 minutes. All I was required to do was simply press the Mix button twice, filler the (awesome) drawer with powder and press the start button.
      I also feel that I should mention that the machine sings to you! Not literally but when you put it on it does a little beep tune and the same when you turn it off. This is something I love!

      The washing was done in 30 minutes and it was easy to see how long was remaining as the digital display has a timer which tells you. Again this is a feature I really like as in the past I have put on a load of washing, got ready to leave the house and assumed that the load was nearly done only to be sat waiting for another 20 minutes or so whilst the machine does finish. Not anymore!
      I was a little dubious as to how clean the clothes could be within just 30 minutes but they were clean and smelling fresh.

      I washed the white load on the Fast Wash 60 which washes clothes at a temperature of 60°C and lasts 60 minutes. This load came out sparkling clean too.
      When my son arrived home from school I noticed that his uniform was looking clean but not smelling so fresh (he's 12!) so I popped his clothes in the machine on the Fast Wash 30 but then decided to take a closer look at the manual and that is when I noticed that the fast wash got even faster!

      Around the digital display screen is a number of buttons, 9 to be precise, by pressing the Time Saver button when on the Fast Wash 30 this meant that the time was reduced by 50% meaning I could get my sons uniform washed in 15 minutes, it only needed a freshening up as it wasn't dirty so I gave it a try, and I am really pleased I did as this is now something I use on a daily basis as it means I can get his uniform washed, dried and ironed in record time. In the past I would leave it until late at night and then put it in the dryer before I went to bed but now there is no need for me to have the dryer on all night and it is saving me electric.

      ~ Button Functions ~

      Now that I have mentioned the buttons I feel that I should go through them and tell you a little about each button.

      Around the digital display are nine buttons each on obviously has a different function.
      1. Cleaning Action - By pressing this you can choose your desired wash intensity.

      2. Anti-Allergy Rinse - For more rinsing should you require it, helps get rid of allergens/pollen etc.

      3. Delay Timer - Delays the wash cycle for when you want it to come on.

      4. Time Saver - To reduce the wash time on certain cycles.

      5. Reduced Creases - Modifies the wash and spin cycle to reduce creases.

      6. Eco Wash - Uses cold water rather than heating it to save energy.

      7. Child Lock - An incredibly cute baby symbol pops up on the digital display to show that you have activated the child lock function, hold the button in for a couple of seconds and it will then beep to show that it is active. Great for stopping little fingers from messing around with the machine.

      8. Temperature - Allows you to change the temperature of the wash cycle.

      9. Spin - Allows you to reduce or exclude spins from the cycle.

      Underneath this is the Start/Pause button which you of course press to start the wash cycles or to pause it mid cycle.

      ~ Special Wash Functions ~

      The Hotpoint Ultima has a range of special wash function. It has the most different wash functions I have ever seen!

      Like I have already mention I have used the Fast Wash 30 along with the time saver which cut it down to just 15 minutes. I am so impressed with this as it is ideal to freshen up clothes that are particularly dirty, I wouldn't use it for stained or soiled items of clothing but if something has been hanging for a while and has a musty smell or like in my case my son's slightly whiffy uniform, this special wash is brilliant.
      The fact that it even has a Reduce Creases button is beyond me! How cool is that!

      And also the Eco Wash would be good if you are trying to cut down on energy consumption. I am yet to try this feature but I suppose I will at some point.

      ~ Ultima's Technology ~

      This washing machine is packed full of really cool technology. It seems more than just a simple washing machine! I love doing the laundry and tend to do it everyday and this machine has simplified this aspect of my life somewhat!

      Having the digital display helps me see exactly what I am doing, how long is left, when I want to do it, everything. It's all there at a touch of a button.
      There is a button on the machine that is symbolised with a simple M, this is the My Cycle feature, this allows me to store my own preferred washing cycle on the machine, meaning that I don't have to go through multiple button presses to get the wash done, I can access this wash by simply pressing the button marked M. I think this is a brilliant touch and is something really useful to me as I do tend to stick to a certain cycle when washing. I will use different cycles now and again but generally stick to the one.

      There is another button that I use frequently too and that is the Bed & Bath function. I do think it important to wash bedding and towels at a higher temperature than I do for general clothing and this is all set for you. With the push of a button the cycle is set and ready to go. This uses a 60°C wash and makes sure the bedding and towels get a good and proper wash.
      With certain cycles you can choose to change things, like the temperature, the spin, and I like this as I feel I have more control over how my stuff gets washed.

      ~ The Basics ~

      So now I have told you what this machine can do, here are the basics -
      The Hotpoint Ultima has a massive 9kg capacity, it is super silent down to it's brushless motor with Super Silent wash action, it has the coolest rotating dispenser drawer which is something I have never seen before, making it easier to access the compartments. With it's 1600RPM spin speed it can get more water out of the wash load and reduce drying time.
      It has a really sleek and attractive look that is very appeasing on the eye, it excels when compared to other cheaper washing machines I have had in the past and with the masses of technology it has it gives the user more control. I feel I am able to choose the wash cycle more aptly now for different garments and have been really impressed with how well it washes clothes.

      Due to the generous size of the drum I am able to wash quilts at home now rather than take them to a laundrette which of course saves me money and time.

      ~ Overall ~

      I am sure you can tell from the review I am really impressed with this machine, there isn't one thing that I don't like and I have enjoyed every minute of using it.
      It is so quiet that you barely even notice that it is on so I am thankful for the little beep that it gives at the end of a wash to remind me that, yep I did put the washing on!

      This is a smart looking machine that would take pride of place in any kitchen, unlike years gone by when an appliance was simply that people now tend to look for more fancier looking white goods and this is definitely an attractive appliance that is modern and has kept with the times. The crisp white finish is set off by the little silver hints and it looks like an all round great, classy machine.
      I was very pleased with the delivery and was offered installation but decided that I was more than able to do that myself, the delivery man couldn't have been more helpful and removed the packaging and disposed of it too which saved me a trip to the skip yard.

      As previously mentioned the installation was a straight forward process which involved connecting the water pipe and the drainage hose to the appropriate places under my sink.
      The washing machine has been used daily over the last three weeks and it has worked perfectly every time. With the beautiful weather we have been lucky enough to get lately I have had the washing on the line all the time and with the short washes on this machine I am getting through washing quicker than lightning! I have even seen the bottom of my wash basket which is nothing short of a miracle!

      The amount of features it boasts is outstanding.

      Thank you for reading :o) x


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        05.08.2013 15:12
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        A thoroughly modern machine

        After having put up with my old washing machine for more than fourteen years, using the new Hotpoint Ultima was like all my birthdays and Christmases coming up once. Good customer service meant that I was kept very well informed about when it was going to arrive and when it did, two helpful delivery men brought it in to the house, plumbed it in and even gave me a demonstration of how it worked. Nothing was too much trouble and I was impressed by this level of customer care from Hotpoint.

        The washing machine looks very sleek and smart with its digital display meaning there are no more awkward dials to turn. I like the fact that there are icons imprinted on the front of the machine and once you turn it on, all you have to do in order to select your programme is to select the digital image that matches the icon on the side. It is important to me that it is so easy to use because I'm not a great one for reading instruction manuals and my understanding of technology is limited to say the least.

        The first time that you use the machine, you have to run the auto clean cycle. After that you are ready to go and there are a number of different wash cycles that you can select depending on your needs. You do have to turn the machine on before you select though. Now this might sound obvious but I never needed to do that on my antiquated machine so I do sometimes find myself pressing buttons but feeling perplexed that nothing is happening!

        When you have switched on, the digital display lights up and you can choose the appropriate programme depending on what you are washing. However, if you tend to do a similar type of wash many times you can use 'my cycle' as this remembers the preferences that you have set and want to use constantly. This is very useful for lazy people like me who can't be bothered to think too much every time I put on a load of washing.

        However, having said that, I have not made much use of 'my cycle' as I have enjoyed exploring all the different cycles and have found all the functions very easy to operate. Once you have chosen your cycle, be it for cottons, synthetics, wool or delicates; anti stain, fast wash or bed and bath, you can then be flexible with certain other features. One very useful thing that you can do is to alter the temperature depending on how heavily you think that your laundry is soiled. The choice of temperature also affects the total length of the cycle.

        Another fantastic thing is that you can alter the spin speed. The highest speed is 1600 rpm and this is amazing. It means that the clothes come out virtually dry which means that either the time spent on the line or in the drier is substantially less. This actually caught me out at first as I was taking the laundry out of the washing machine and into the drier and putting the drier on for my usual length of time. It soon dawned on me though that I could cut my drying time in half therefore saving quite a bit of money. However, there are some items that you will not want this very high spin speed for and then you have the option to reduce it to anything down to zero. Added to this there is a 'reduced creases' function which is particularly useful to use alongside the fast spin speeds. This is a must when washing quilt covers - definitely saves on ironing!

        There are a few more functions to praise as well. If you want to save time (and money) you can use the time saver function meaning that you can reduce the actual cycle time by up to 50% which is very useful if you are washing clothes that are only lightly soiled or if you are in a hurry. Unfortunately it cannot be used with they anti-stain cycle which, at three hours long, would be useful. Obviously, the anti- stain element would not work so well in a shorter amount of time. Now that I have mentioned the anti-stain cycle, I have to say that I think it is brilliant. It has really worked on some hard to shift stains that I had despaired of ever being able to get rid of even with the strongest stain remover. This works and I have not even have to have added any other removing agent.

        The other wash function that I want to mention is 'Eco Wash'. This allows you to save energy by not heating the water at all. I have not tried it with any heavy duty washing but with lighter loads it works a treat. Unfortunately though, there are quite a few cycles that you cannot use it with so it is a bit limited.

        One huge benefit of the Hotpoint Ultima is that the drum can take a massive 9 kg. This is brilliant for large families as it cuts significantly the number of washes you actually need to do. This was something else that did catch me out a little at first though as, so used to my old machine, I was gathering up the same amount of washing that I always used to and it took a while to realise that I could fill it up with a lot more. I think that this is brilliant and I'm sure that it must save me money. However, there is one problem though and that is the fact that I nearly always put my washing straight into the drier. Not a problem you would think apart from the fact that my drier only has capacity for 7kg. However, some items come out so dry on the 1600 spin that they really don't need drying at all and I can just put them straight into the airing cupboard.

        There is so much to like about this washing machine and I keep on discovering more features such as setting a delayed start (handy if you are setting a wash before going out in the morning and you don't want your wet washing sitting there all day - just set it to finish for when you are going to come home), the desired wash intensity depending on how heavily soiled the washing is, being able to set the rinse type depending on how sensitive your skin is, and there's even a child lock. I don't really need this as my daughters are older but I can remember how frustrating it was when they were younger and I would be about to take out a wash only to discover that they had fiddled with all the dials.

        Overall, I can't fault the Ultima Hotpoint - I only wish that I had discovered it before!


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          29.07.2013 09:40
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          Save time, energy, the environment, and get great washing results at the same time.

          Hotpoint Ultima Washing Machine
          WMUD 962 with Anti Stain Technology

          My own washing machine is a Hoover and over the years I've had so many problems with it, I vowed never again would I buy one of that brand. My predvious machine had been a Hotpoint, and I had worked it to death over the years I'd owned it. On the very rare occasion that it broke down, I was even able to repair it myself. At the time I was late twenties/early thirties, single parent family and a total technophobe, so if I could manage it, anyone could. When the family expanded with a new partner and a new baby and the extra washing that brings, the machine finally gave up the ghost; I'd had it ten years or more and it was second hand then, so a rest was long overdue. Due to budget constraints I went against everything that I'd learned about Hotpoint and purchased the aforementioned Hoover. Well that was to be one of my biggest regrets yet, regarding a purchase I'd made. Therefore, when I was given the chance to test and review the newest Hotpoint on the block, the Ultima WMUD 962, I literally jumped at the chance. May I just offer one word of advice though, 'always read the small print' - I was in such a hurry to sign up, I'd neglected to read that I was also to be filmed giving my points of view and experience. Never mind, it was worth it just to test the Hotpoint and see if it lived up to my past experiences, and this review discusses my thoughts.

          Delivery and Installation

          The first thing I knew that I'd made the final selection of being a Ciao/Hotpoint reviewer team and was indeed receiving a machine to test, was when I received a call off Hotpoint asking me when I'd like my machine delivered. I'd initially said Saturday. After giving details about where best to park (no off street parking here) and if there are any steps into my property, I changed my mind and decided the sooner the better. I was informed that delivery could be made between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m, but I would receive an email the day before confirming a two hour slot, so I could go out if I needed. Nothing was too much trouble for the Hotpoint advisor and I was extremely pleased I wouldn't have too long to wait.

          The next day I duly received my email stating they were due between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.. I then received a text saying the driver was on his way, and he should be there within the next thirty minutes, however, just five minutes later the driver himself rang and said he'd be there in the next five; and he was.

          The Ultima was brought into the kitchen, installed promptly and all the packaging was taken away. The driver also double checked that I didn't need my own machine disposed of. I needed it for after the test, so I kept it. I was pleased that he'd asked again though as if I'd have made this purchase myself, I might have had second thoughts and needed it removed.

          What did annoy me a little, after giving it some afterthought, was that within the hour Hotpoint phoned up and asked if all had gone OK with the installation, which I did appreciate. The machine was still running its first wash programme (Auto Clean) and hadn't been running long enough to detect any problems, leakages etc. What bothered me though, as soon as they had gathered that I was happy enough, she immediately went on to try and sell me the extended guarantee. I always purchase a guarantee with expensive purchases such as these, but a phone call the following day would have been appreciated more and I recommend that Hotpoint consider this.

          The Instructions

          I'm not one to study instructions as a rule, but I do admit to making an exception due to the fact that this machine was not mine, and I was only testing it. Looking over the 16 page manual, you are immediately aware how clear and concise it is. It gives you all the information you need without overloading you with unnecessary detail. The first 5 pages will be of no consequence if you get Hotpoint to do the installation for you, which I presume is at a small charge, but I still recommend you keep the instructions and all the protective screws that hold the drum rigid, in case you move home and need to re-install it yourself.

          The following pages are about care and maintenance and general safety tips - how to clean the washing machine (the aforementioned Auto Clean), cleaning the pumps and checking the hose. These are just general once a month things to keep the machine running at its optimum performance, and I recommend setting a date to do this, say the first of the month etc. Look after your Hotpoint and it will look after you.

          The consequent pages are the ones that you will most probably feel the need to familiarise yourself with on more than one occasion. Although the machine is pretty much straight forward there are some nifty programmes on this machine that you aren't immediately aware of their function - the M button for example - this is where you choose your favourite program, with your chosen spin speed and temperature, and store it in the memory, for use by other members of the family; it's ingenious!

          The wash cycle and function list has some rather scary times on it. For example, the Anti -Stain program has a maximum load of only 5 kg, but lasts a whopping three hours long (without the rinse, drain and spin, but that will be covered later in my review). Getting familiar with the instruction booklet and the machine display will enable you to customise the wash cycle to suit your needs better, and you will realise that the timesaver function to reduce this time by up to 50%, saving both time and energy consumption.

          The Machine

          You are presented with a machine which looks more or less like any other. I do like that it's a bright polar white, rather than a creamy white, as I feel this won't date or discolour with the passing of time. The door is central to the appliance, and it has a 'proper' handle rather than just an extra piece of plastic projecting out, like on my own machine. The handle feels sturdy and solid, but it isn't cumbersome, and people with dexterity issues will easily be able to manipulate the opening and closing of the door.

          Beneath the door, there is easy access to the pre-chamber, where small items that have gotten into the wash will fall, thereby protecting the main pump. You are able to get to this from behind the plain white cover. This adds to the machines sleek and modern lines and gives the machine a less cluttered appearance. I've not had cause to utilise as yet, but the instructions are clear and well set out as how to gain entry, so I have no concerns in that respect.

          Above the door is the main control panel featuring the dispenser drawer, the wash cycle selector, the illuminated display unit which is surrounded by the extra function buttons and the all-important start button. Owning a Hotpoint Ultima tumble drier already (I wouldn't really want any other brand now, after learning from my mistakes), I'm pleased to see that the layout is exactly the same, so if I can operate my tumble drier, using this should be instinctive - It is, and I can flow between one machine and the other with no problems whatsoever.

          * The Detergent Dispenser Drawer - Well this is a feature in itself, and one that I do and don't like. Let me explain further. Instead of being pulled out like a bog standard dispenser drawer, this one rotates as you pull it out; when fully opened it looks like a quadrant of a circle. Hotpoint say this is a space saving feature but I'm not very convinced. It is the same width as my old machine's drawer and certainly the same depth, so how is this space saving? Nevertheless, it really looks good, and is quite a quirky and modern feature. I did initially have a few teething problems with the interior. It's supposed to be easy fill, and I suppose it is to someone who's not as caggy handed as me. I'm right handed, but I pour the conditioner, after measuring the quantity in the lid, with my left hand. The conditioner recess (denoted by the blue/grey plastic section) is also on the left, right next to a larger plastic wall that becomes the face of the drawer when closed. I initially kept spilling the conditioner when pouring into this recess, but after a couple of attempts, I soon got to realise that taking a small step to the right gave me easier access. It's just a minor thing but was most irritating to me at first, and now I can happily say that it's become second nature just to take that little step to the side of the drawer, rather stand directly in front of it. Another feature on the drawer that I like, is the handy measuring lines. This is on a piece of plastic that slots into the detergent section. If you use powder this must be removed so the powder can be dispensed more easily, but if you use gel or liquid detergents you will find this a handy addition, especially for brands that need to be added via the drawer and not directly into washing load.

          * Wash Cycle Selector - this features the on/off button at the centre and is surrounded by nine other buttons in a circular pattern. Each button has a small icon on it, to denote its function. These also correspond to the Icons listed on the dispenser drawer, and here it gives you more indication as to the function it performs without having to refer to the instruction manual at every wash. The cycles are Clean Plus, which features the aforementioned anti stain technology; Special washes, such as fast wash, my cycle and bed and bath; Extra's, for items such as wool/delicates and finally the rinse and spin controls.

          * Illuminated Display and Wash Function Buttons - The large black LCD display, is illuminated orange when powered up. It has a bold appearance and is very clear and easy to read. The display lets me know what other functions are available for the wash program that I initially chose, and lets me see exactly what it's doing, how long I have left, and what stage I am at. The buttons surrounding the display correspond to these extra functions and enable me to tailor-make each and every cycle to my requirements. I'll explain this a little further on. The start/pause button illuminates with a lovely bright lime green, not that it matters what colour it is, but it's a nice touch.

          Other indicators on the machine inform me of the brand (Hotpoint of course), the model number, and its capacity and economy/wash performance ratings (9 kg and A++). There is also the Woolmark Platinum three star rating and the Eco Tech label, so I'm expecting some pretty dazzling results from this machine, it has to be said.

          The Washing Performance

          As with my Ultima tumble drier, I have to switch this one on before I can operate any of the control features. At this point the display becomes illuminated, and I can make my selections. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't even attempt to review and appliance such as this until I'd used it for at least a month, yet just two weeks after delivery, I am asked to submit my thoughts. As a consequence, there are some programs that I've not have time or need to use yet, so this part of the review will focus on the ones that I have.

          Clean Plus

          * Anti Stain Technology - There is no extra washing function with this one, as it's the best of the best. I can however instruct the machine to perform an anti-allergy function, which adds an extra rinse. Ideal for people with sensitive skins or allergies to detergents. That extra rinse can make all the difference. The Anti Stain works brilliantly. I've done a fair number of wash loads on this setting, and the results are astonishing. I've tested tea, blood, grease, paint and even spaghetti Bolognese, all notorious for their stain producing properties. I've even let a couple of stains sit for an hour or two, to further test the machines abilities. In the current heat wave (30 degrees most days - Mid July 2013) I had very little confidence that they would be removed at all. No matter what detergent I used, from the recommended Ariel Acti-lift to Tesco's own brand, the results were the same - brilliant!

          * Cottons - With the cottons wash I am able to toggle between and normal wash, delicate or super wash. I've only had cause to use the normal at the present time. Again, I am able to select the rinse that I require. I am able to personalise the temperature settings that I need, from 90 degrees right down to a cold wash. I can also select the perfect spin setting - 1600 rpm gets my clothes almost touch dry, but I can lower the speed by 200 rpm by repeatedly pressing the button. I like the fact that I can choose one of the machines other special features, Timesaver mode too, if I need my clothes in a hurry, or they are just not that dirty and need freshening up.

          * Synthetics - I did have one occasion to thoroughly test this setting. I was wearing a polyester/elastane dress (sounds delightful), which features some rather heavy beading around the neckline. I was hesitant regarding what program to choose. Do I select synthetics or delicates? I needn't have worried as I was able to press the synthetics program twice and it gives me a synthetics/delicate program. Perfect! I was then able to lower the temperature if needed, but most importantly I was able to lower the spin speed and protect the delicate beadwork.


          * Fast Wash - This is my 'Go To' program. You might or might not have noticed that there isn't a half load option with this machine. That's because you simply don't need one. For just a few items, or ones that are just lightly soiled, you can put them in a fast wash. There are two choices of length - 60 or 30 minutes. Again you can customise your program with the spin speeds and temperature, and you can also add the special functions such as Reduced Creases, Eco Wash or set the Delay Timer. You are not able to add the Time Saver function on this setting, but as this is the fastest program on the machine, why would you need to?

          * My Cycle - Now this is an ingenious little button. It enables my whole family to put a load of washing on now. There can be no excuses - even my 10 year has to pull her weight now. This is where you can set the machine with your own personalised program, the one that you use most often. If you like the Bed/Bath program, with an anti-allergy rinse, a 60 degree wash, and the full monty 1600 spin speed, oh and not forgetting the time saver function, you can select that, then hold down the 'M', My Cycle button, and that's it, Bob is most definitely your Uncle. No-one has no excuse not to put a wash load on ever again. Simply add detergent, switch on, press the my cycle button, start and away it goes. Perfect results every time.

          * Bed & Bath - I've used this several times now, for a combined wash of bedding and towels. It's a longer length wash but it's said to make the most of the softener performance and helps save time and energy while also killing any mites that may be lurking (yuk).


          * Wool - I've had no occasion to use this as yet, but I'm glad it's there for whenever I do.

          * Delicates - Like I mentioned before, I was a bit unsure about whether to use this program or not, but like the wool one, it's there if I need it.

          * Spin/Rinse/Pump out - Each program lets me know how long it is at the beginning, so a 30 minute wash will take 30 minutes. That doesn't take into account of the spin, rinse or draining water though. Each one of these actions has its own time allowance and that initially bothered me. I know what to expect now though, a 30 minute wash, might take 45 minutes from start to finish, so it's all well and good - now I know.

          Special Functions

          * Delay Timer - Again I've not used this but would be an absolute godsend if you were on a special energy tariff, such as Economy 7. It would also come into its own if you wanted to have the washing set to run through the night, so it would be ready to be hung out to dry as soon as you awoke.

          * Time Saver I've mentioned that I have used this often. It's a brilliant feature to have. It reduces the program time by up to 50% depending on which one you have chosen.

          * Reduced Creases This isn't one that I've tested as yet, but I can see it will be brilliant in the winter when I tend to tumble dry clothes more often than hang them on the line. Having washed the clothes with this feature, tumble drying tends to loosen creases anyway, so it might even make my iron redundant, well I can dream...

          * Eco Wash I'll hold my hands up and admit that I've only used this once, and that was to test the effectiveness of it. It's probably not something I'd use day to day, but during this hot summer, and the inevitable hosepipe bans etc. I can foresee that I shall be using this more often. The only reason I've not really used it as much as I should, is that I tend to wash at the lower end of the temperature spectrum anyway. Detergents nowadays can cope with the lower/cold temperatures that will reduce our electricity bills and further harm to the environment. I did notice at lot more action in the machine and a higher volume of water, presumably to get the same great results but with only cold water.

          * Child Lock This comes into operation automatically when the start button is depressed so I see no reason for this to have a dedicated button. I like that there is a key icon in the display, and this informs me that at this point the door is not able to be opened, and everything is secure. (Edited to add: so I've been reliably informed, this is to stop little people from pausing the cycle mid wash. So there is a reason after all.)

          My Thoughts

          I'll admit now, that when I knew I was chosen to test the machine out, I immediately went to a washing machine stockist to check it out. I found it to be really competitively priced in the market place, considering that it's jam packed with features. I will be completely honest, and was expecting it to cost around the £500 mark, so when I learnt that it was generally less than £400, I was mightily impressed.

          I knew that I was to receive the 9 kg drum size and as my own one was just that little bit smaller; I was impressed with how much difference just that 1 kg could make. With my own machine, I was able to wash a single duvet, but with the new Ultima, I managed to wash (and comfortably) a king sized one. My duvet was desperate to be cleaned, as after owning it for nearly a year, I hadn't been able to wash it myself before, and there are no dry cleaners locally. I used the bed and bath setting and knowing how dirty the quilt was, but I reduced the temperature down to 40 degrees, rather than the pre-set 60. Filling the machine with the duvet, I was amazed that there was space to spare. Obviously I didn't want to overload the machine, or cause an uneven load, so I left it at that. I was highly impressed that after the 1600 speed spin, it came out touch dry and only needed to be hung outside to dry and air for a couple of hours, before being able to add a duvet cover, to dress the bed ready for that night.

          I'd always been warned by people 'in the know', never to have the highest spin speed as it wears the motor out and also because of the noise it would make.That's why my previous machine was a 1400 rpm even though there was a 1600 speed one for sale at the time. The Hotpoint Ultima has brushless technology so it's whisper quiet (51 decibels during the wash, and 83 dB on the super fast spin speed) , and I'd have no hesitation in buying the faster speed now. I also have complete confidence in the Hotpoint guarantee. Hotpoint offer you a five year parts guarantee as standard, and the additional one year labour protection. When the customer advisor rang me to see if I was happy with my 'supposed' purchase, she offered me the chance to upgrade the labour insurance to two years at only £3 per month for 20 months, and the final four months free. I know it's kind of false advertising as you are already getting the first year free, and only paying for the second, but I do appreciate that people would be able to spread the cost with such a small monthly payment that they wouldn't even notice it leaving their bank account.

          I really like that you can tailor each individual wash load to its own requirements. The list of choices is almost endless in this respect. My other machine had ten programs and I only used one, two at most, but with the Ultima I can vary each load to my particular needs at that precise moment. It's extremely easy to do and probably sounds much scarier than it is. I like that if I'm in a hurry for a whole load of washing or just one individual item, I can alter the settings to get the whole dirty load more quickly (Time Saver), right down to just the one or two lightly soiled items (Fast Wash). It's like saying I need this, I need that, and writing my own prescription to get the best end results.

          I love that I can choose the right temperature for my needs whether it's to save money, time or the environment, simply by pressing one little button. This machine is so simple to operate; OK there are buttons to press, and not just a dial to twist, but it's so simple - even a child can do it.
          Save time, energy, the environment and get great washing results at the same time. Buy the Hotpoint Ultima - I can guarantee you won't regret it.

          On the Hotpoint presentation that I was part of, I awarded the machine five stars, and just a few days later writing this review, it's still five stars. I can't fault it. I only wish that they'd sent me the Graphite version to try so it matched my tumble drier, but hey, I can't have everything, I got a brand spanking new washing machine to play with for a few weeks. :)


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            26.07.2013 21:07
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            • "Ease of use"


            a Hot machine!

            I was picked to test the new Hotpoint Ultima washing machine on behalf of Ciao and Hotpoint. I have been trialling it for the past three weeks. I will now discuss my experience of this washing machine.

            ~Hotpoint Ultima~

            The model that I will be discussing is the Hotpoint Ultima WMUD962P. I will briefly mention the features offered by this washing machine and then my experience of said features.

            This washing machine has a 9kg capacity and is A++ energy rated. It is a freestanding machine, which needs to be connected to your cold water pipe and has a 1600rpm spin speed. This washing machine has 16 different programmes and features an anti-stain technology cycle. It also has a variable temperature control, an LCD display and a variable spin speed option. The machine has a brushless motor for super silent washes. It has a woolmark platinum cycle for delicate fibre laundry and is self-cleaning.

            My washing machine is white in colour and the measurements are 850 x 595 x 599 mm. Included is a 5 years parts guarantee and 1-years labour guarantee. This washing machine has an annual consumption of 12056 litres and an A spin performance.

            ~Initial Impressions and Design~

            My washing machine was delivered and fitted by Hotpoint staff. As someone who knows nothing about fitting washing machines, I was pleased to have this done for me. I was given a pack with the user guide, which is very easy to follow but to be fair, this washing machine is a doddle to use without even needing to look at the user guide. This washing machine replaced an older Hotpoint model and was the same size so fitted well into the space that I have in my kitchen.

            Initial impressions of this washing machine were good. As I have all white appliances in my kitchen, it fitted in well. This washing machine is attractive in design and looks well built and solid. The drum is large and the machine has an easy to open door which feels well made unlike a previous Beko machine I owned. The door opens to the front and the machine is very easy to load. The design of this washing machine is excellent. Not only does it look incredibly modern and attractive, it is so simple to work. The top part of the washing machine features a number of buttons.

            Each button has a clear picture to indicate which wash it is for. There are a few other buttons underneath the LCD display and everything is easy to locate. The detergent drawer is easy to pull out from the machine and extends at an angle. There are three sections - detergent, pre-wash and fabric conditioner and I quite like the fabric conditioner section, as there is a plastic bit over this to ensure you do not overload the machine.

            ~Using The Machine~

            I was eager to try out my new toy so set about doing an initial, empty wash. This machine is so simple to use. The drum is huge! I went from using an 8kg drum to this 9kg drum and I must say that I prefer the larger drum. As a family of three and with me having a slight OCD with washing clothes, my washing machine is normally used a few times per day. The drum is big enough a large double duvet and bed sheets to be put in at any one time. It is so spacious and is perfect for families in my opinion.

            I have used a number of functions and cycles on this machine so far and haven't been disappointed by how well it performs. I particularly like the LCD display as I haven't owned a machine with this feature before. It is clear, bright and tells me how long each cycle will take. Once the machine has been turned on, it bleeps quite loudly. The bleeping is also noticeable when you start a cycle and when each cycle finishes. I can hear the bleeping in my living room so know when a wash is finished. I find the various buttons to be very clean and pretty much self explanatory.

            Within a few seconds of loading the machine, it is good to go. There is very little room for mistakes with this machine as the display shows which cycle you have chosen and the buttons around the display allow you to adjust the temperature and spin speed to suit your needs. You can reduce the temperature or the spin speed at the touch of a button. The machine indicates what it thinks is the right temperature for your chosen cycle but you don't need to go along with this - it is so versatile and user friendly. It is worth reading through the user manual as it states the maximum load for each cycle.

            I tend to stick with the 1600rpm spin speed but often adjust the temperature as some clothes I wash do not need a high temperature. With the 1600rpm spin speed, my laundry comes out of the machine fairly dry which I find excellent and this is a complete time saver when it comes to drying the laundry. I would say as far as the super silent claim goes, this machine is quieter than most models. It isn't completely silent nor would I expect it to be but I can shut my kitchen door over and be confident that the machine isn't going to take off.

            ~Anti-Stain Technology~

            This cycle takes 3hours and allows for a maximum load of 5kg and maximum temperature of 40c. This is the main promoted aspect of this washing machine and having used it a few times now, I have been extremely pleased with the performance! Hotpoint claim that this technology will remove up to 20 everyday stains including blood, chocolate, ink and oil. Other machines I have owned have failed to remove stains in one wash - even on high temperatures.

            I have been pleased with how well this machine has removed various stains including blood on a towel (cut my leg badly when shaving), stubborn tomato based stains on my dish towels (from cooking) and also ink on my partners work clothes after a pen leakage. Stains have disappeared in just one 40c wash and there is no need to pre-treat the clothing. I just use my normal detergent and fabric softener. We are not a dirty family but clothes can get dirty and I am confident that this washing machine will eliminate the stains effectively.

            It is recommended that you use powder detergent on this cycle but I have used both powder and liquid detergent with equally as good results.

            ~Fast Wash~

            There are two fast wash options and I must say that these have proven to be invaluable in my home. If I am in a rush to go out but want to do a wash and hang it out to dry before I go, I use the quick function. I also find this ideal to use on clothes that are simply needing a quick freshen up as opposed to a thorough wash. I mainly use the 60-minute fast -wash, which is a 1600rpm wash with a maximum temperature of 60c. The 30minute fast -wash offers an 800rpm at 30c. I find the fast wash options to be excellent although you can only fill the washing machine with around 3.5kg of laundry so definitely not for full loads. Clothes are freshened up and cleaned perfectly well.

            ~My Cycle~

            If you have members of the household who aren't too sure of how to work a washing machine (my partner for example) then this cycle is for them! My Cycle remembers your most popular wash cycles and stores them in a memory - cycle, temperature, spin speed etc. This makes it super quick for anyone in the house to select a programme and do the washing. No excuse now hubby!

            ~Bed & Bath~

            This is an excellent cycle especially for those who have young children that have became unwell. If your child is sick or unwell through the night, the drum is big enough for all of the bed linen and towels to be thrown in and washed together on a 60c, 1600rpm wash. This wash takes up to 2.20hours depending on which temperature you set it at. Thankfully, my son hasn't been sick since owning this machine but I do use this wash for all my towels and bed linen anyway and I am comfortable popping them all in together.

            ~Cottons, Synthetics and Wools~

            There are a number of cotton, synthetic and wool cycles available on this machine. I have used the cotton wash at 40c which took 3 hours and my cottons were left clean and soft. There is a 60c and a 20c option too. The synthetics cycles include those for delicates and resistant laundry. I can't comment on the wool cycle as I don't own anything wool or cashmere but this cycle is 40c at 800rpm and takes 1.5hours to complete.


            The additional features on the machine are great but very rarely used by myself. There is a child lock which is easy for an adult to operate. I very rarely feel the need to use the spin or rinse function as laundry is spun and rinsed perfectly well. The time save feature is excellent for lightly soiled garments as it reduces the duration of the cycle by half the time. The reduced creases feature is good and effective especially for those of us who hate ironing. I have noticed less creases when using this but of course, laundry won't be completely free from creases. The Eco wash feature is perfect to use alongside a liquid detergent and it works by not actually heating the water. Again, I find this okay for lightly soiled laundry but I favour a hot wash for other laundry.

            As I said before, this washing machine is self-cleaning and this is a quick and effortless task. There is an anti-allergy rinse, which removes any detergents and other allergens to ensure sensitive skin is cared for. I find that my washing machine has remained very clean smelling inside and is very easy to maintain. Additional features include a delay timer, which is a very handy feature to have if you want a cycle to begin at a certain time and finish for you coming home for example. This is also ideal for ensuring a wash is done in the morning before I get out of bed! The machine goes in to standby mode if no activity is detected after 30minutes. All these additional features are excellent.

            ~Where To Buy~

            The Hotpoint Ultima WMUD962P is available from a few stores.
            *www.currys.co.uk - £379.99
            *www.johnlewis.com - £399.99
            *www.tesco.com - £380.00

            I would say that these prices represent excellent value for money. You get a lot for your money.


            I love this washing machine and I am so pleased that I got to trial it for Hotpoint. It has an excellent range of features and whilst I won't personally make use of them all, there are plenty that fit in with my household needs. The large drum is perfect for my household as I can do more washing at any one time. Hotpoint have put a lot of thought in to additional features including the anti-stain feature, the delayed time etc and the machine is just so easy to work with. I would say that some of the cycles do take quite a while to run through but the results are worth waiting on in my opinion. All of my laundry comes out fresh, clean and smelling lovely. I find that this machine whilst very thorough at cleaning my laundry is kind to the laundry too.

            This washing machine is of a high quality and build. Each wash is incredibly smooth and I have been extremely impressed by how dry laundry actually is when the cycle is finished. I have washed quite a lot in this machine so far including my sons clothing, partner's work clothes, my own clothes, bedding and towels and haven't experienced any issues with its performance. I have been able to cut down on the amount of washes I have to do per week due to the large drum and in turn, this has reduced my electricity use too so all is good.

            All in all I can highly recommend this washing machine.

            Thanks for reading :)

            More pictures will be added asap.


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          • Product Details

            The HOTPOINT WMUD962P washing machine comes with an excellent A++ energy efficiency rating.a 9KG wash load.1600 rpm spin speed and 16 wash programmes for you to choose from / / The Hotpoint WMUD962P Washing Machine Ultima has a 1600 rpm spin speed and can wash up to 9 kg at a time, making it perfectly suitable for busier and larger households. With a LCD display, it has a wide range of programmes including delay timer, spin cycle control, automatic consumption control, anti crease programme, extra rinse and bed & bath cycle function. The Hotpoint WMUD962P Washing Machine Ultima is rated A++ for energy rating because of its high performance and low energy usage. Hotpoint Eco Tech icon is awarded to the Hotpoint WMUD962P Washing Machine Ultima due to its eco wash programmes, which is an ultimate energy savings performance. With A rated for wash and spin performance the Hotpoint WMUD962P Washing Machine Ultima will meet all your washing needs and deliver fantastic results, while consuming as little energy as possible.

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