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    5 Reviews
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      16.05.2010 20:38
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      Washes clothes effectively - value for money

      I bought this waachine as an emergency, after my previous machine broke suddenly. I have 3 young children and usually do at least one wash every day, so we had to buy a new machine pronto, without any time for research.
      However, I've had this machine for just over a year now, used it practically every day and so far it's been performing well.
      It has 13 different wash programmes, I won't name them all but they include a fast wash (takes around 30 minutes), a cool wash, 95 degree wash, acrilycs, wool, hand wash and a 60 degree wash.
      The fast wash works fine for lightly soiled clothes, but I find it can't handle the more grubby stuff. The standard 40 degree wash takes just over an hour and does a decent job, I find only the kids heavily stained clothes need another go.
      I've used the hand wash programme several times on really delicate items and they have all come out clean and undamaged.
      The machine is a 1400 spin speed and the clothes are all well spun at the end of the wash - apart from on the fast wash, which I find leaves the clothes wetter than I'd like.
      It is not the quietest machine in the world and on when on spin I can feel the vibrations through most of the house. However it's not enough to be annoying and I've learned to tune it out.
      In addition to the different programmes there are also 5 additional optional settings that can be used - mini load, wash enhance, crease reduction, rinse hold and extra rinse.
      There are also dials to allow you to reduce the spin speed and temperature of your chosen programme, although I've found that there is always a standard programme to meet my requirements.
      Despite the number of functions, this is a very simple machine to use. Most of the time I use the same setting and it's just a case of hitting the On button.
      There is the usual drawer where you can put your washing detergent and fabric conditioner, although I personally have never used this, prefering to use a dosing ball.
      It isn't a head turning machine and looks very run of the mill. Ours is hidden away in a laundry room, so the look of the machine didn't worry us.
      Overall I've found it to be a decent machine, especially for the price - we paid around £280 for it.


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      28.11.2009 08:27
      Very helpful



      Washing machine from hotpoint

      Some of you may remember my previous washing machine review, where I praised my Zanussi washer/dryer and wrote about how fantastic it was. Note the previous tense. Soon after the review, I had to call the engineer out four times in under two months, each time secretly hoping they would just replace my machine, but (so reads the small print!) if the parts are still available they will continue to repair! Eventually we let the policy expire and when the machine left rust spots all over my whites we finally decided to replace.

      Now, I didn't want just any cheap brand, but as money is an issue, top makes such Miele and Bosch were definitely not on our list. Luckily for me, my husband works for a builders merchant who sell kitchens and also the white goods that go with them. This means we were able to take advantage of a generous staff discount, but still, we couldn't go mad and our choice was limited to the brands they stock. We decided to take the brand names, do a bit of research on Ciao and Dooyoo and have a good look at the specifications, prices and photos on internet shops.

      One brand which kept coming up was Hotpoint and when we compared the specs against other brands it seemed like too good a deal to pass up. Being a little cynical, this also worried me, why are hotpoint cheaper? Is the quality poor? Reassured by a few Hotpoint owners (suddenly it seems almost all my family have some appliance or another made by them!) and spurred on by the overall good look of it, we decided upon the Hotpoint WT540P.

      === Why? ===

      Okay, so I've harped on long enough about how we chose it, but why? So apart from good reviews from family, basically because of what you get for the price, here is the list:

      * 1400 rpm max spin speed
      * 7kg max wash load
      * A energy rating
      * A wash performance rating
      * B Spin rating
      * Choice of white or graphite
      * 16 programmes

      I was really pleased with the energy rating, it's good to know the cheaper models are still energy efficient. Also I was really happy with the extra 1kg load capacity, I seem to be always washing towels and coats (messy boys) and that extra space means I don't have to split washes.

      === Programmes ===

      These are chosen from a dial, but unlike my Zanussi which had a digital display, I have to consult the hand book to check how long each programme takes. As you can see, the quick wash really isn't that quick!

      * A - Cool prewash - 30 degree - 25 minutes
      * B - White Cotton - 95 degrees - 2 hours 30 minutes
      * C - Superwash - 60 degree - 2 hours 20 minutes
      * D - Everyday - 60degree - 1 hour 30 minutes - Colourfast cotton
      * E - Fast wash - 60 degree 1 hour
      * F - Everyday - 40 degree - 1 hour 15 minutes - Non colourfast
      * G - Man-made - 40 degree - 1hour 15 minutes - Synthetics & acrylics
      * H - Cool wash - 30 degree - 1 hour 50 minutes
      * J - Wool - 40 degree - 1 hour - or 50 minutes if you also choose the Wash enhance function as it automatically chooses a lower spin speed
      * K - Silk - 30 degree - 55 minutes
      * L - Fast wash - 30 degree - 30 minutes
      * M - Handwash - 25 degree - 50 minutes - delicates except for wool 7 silk.

      You can also choose to seperatley rinse & spin, fast spin, slow spin and drain from this dial.

      There are two other dials on the machine, one which sets the spin speed and the other sets the temperature. Both dials are set on their highest settings and if unchanged will not affect the programme you choose. i.e. programme is a 40 degree wash with a 1200 spin. If you decide you want a 30 degree wash, just change the dial to the correct position.

      I change these quite often as some of the temperatures on the wash programmes are fairly high, for example I may choose the 95 degree White wash (B) but I turn the temperature down to 60 degree. Therefore I know my clothes are getting the right amount of rinses, but being more environmentaly friendly at the same time!

      There are also buttons to the right of the dials to help tailor the wash. These are:

      * Mini load - so the machine uses less water and takes a little less time

      * Rinse hold - holds the programme on the last rinse, keeping a small amount of water in the drum and a soft spin every few seconds to prevent your washing from creasing or sitting in the drum damp - just press the button agin and it will complete the wash

      * Wash enhance - For more soiled items OR woollens without a machine washable symbol. I think this is excellent, it has actually been approved by Woolmark and I have used it on my husbands golf jumper which has come out perfect.

      * Reduce crease - As it says really! It uses a lower spin without you having to alter the dial, so the ironing should be easier!

      * Extra rinse - useful if you have sensitive skin as it is an added precaution to remove all traces of detergents.

      === My Likes ===

      This sounds terrible, but it seems my old Zanussi really wasn't doing such a good job after all as I have noticed an amazing difference in my washing. My son started school this year and wears the white polo shirts. I used to soak them before as I couldn't get the marks out of his collars (caused by lunch and him chewing them!) but now they usually are clean without a soak and I've washed them on both the white 90 degree wash and a more economical 30 degrees.

      The machine is much quieter and doesn't vibrate as much, although if you are used to a quiet machine, this one would probably sound noisy by comparison, it is noisier than my mums Miele.

      The door is larger, making it easier to get items like sheets in.

      The washing definitely doesn't crease as much.

      The detergent dispenser drawer is easy to remove and replace, so easy for cleaning as they get really blocked up with gloopy fabric conditioner.

      The dials, buttons and door feel like good and sturdy. I was worried that the plastic would be cheap, flimsy and easy to break. Glad I was wrong!

      I looks nice! Sad I know, but our old machine was built in so unseen, and anyone who has had to choose a machine will agree, some are just downright ugly!

      === My Dislikes ===

      There doesn't seem to be a programme for just washing in fabric softener, I sometimes used this function just for refreshing holiday clothes or winter coats which had been shut away for a few months, but I suppose it's no big deal I can just use a quick wash without the powder!

      I miss the digital display, but obviously this is pure laziness on my part as it's not difficult to read the guidebook and check the clock!

      I was hoping that with the machine being newer, the programmes might be quicker! My mum in law's machines quick wash only takes 25 minutes, actually her normal wash takes about as long as my quick wash! However, my mum has a Miele and those programmes take the same amount of time as mine, so I'm putting it down to quality!

      === Recommended? ===

      Yes, we've had it eighteen months and I'm very happy, so far so good (although I will update if I get any problems!) It has all the specs of a top brand machine but without the price tag. Another point worth mentioning is that it also comes with a form for a free five year parts warranty.

      === Price ===

      I won't tell you what we paid for it, as we had discount and the prices can vary enormously from site to site as they do for most white goods. I've put a few different prices below, but all I can say is do your homework and look for the best bargains!

      £288.16 - Valueelectrical.co.uk
      £269.99 - 123electricals4me.co.uk
      £280.00 - Appliancesonline.co.uk


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        29.07.2008 18:31
        Not Helpful
        1 Comment



        A value for money durable product

        The HOTPOINT WT540P 1400 Spin Speed Aquarius Washing Machine. The Hotpoint WT540P is an A rated Aquarius washing machine. It has a 7kg load capacity and 1400rpm spin cycle. The WT540P has 16 wash programmes, including wool and delicate washes. It includes features such as quick wash and half-load functions. It also has rinse hold and refresh options, and a mechanical control panel.
        I have owned this product for just over twelve months and it is fairly durable and easy to maintain.
        It can be noisy and cycles are long, however the quick wash is thorough and speedy.
        It is ideal for a family as 7kilos is alot of washing. Not ideal if you have small children as their is no child lock and so programmes can be easily stopped. Also no indication of how far through the cycle the wash is.
        An all round reasonably priced and reliable product.


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          26.06.2008 13:06
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          very good machine

          I have had this machine for just over a week. I really love this machine, My last machine lasted 10 years and to be honest probably was not doing its job properly. This machine has halved the time I spend washing. My clothes are really clean now and the machine is so quiet. I have to say that so far, this machine is a pleasure to use and has made my life so much easier.
          The programs are easy to use and both my 9 and 6 year old can program this. The buttons dont stick out past the machine.

          As the previous person said thre is a 5 year parts warranty, I have taken out the additional cover also. All I can say is so far so good. I would definately reccomend this machine to any one who has a family and wants to save money on their electric bill. The 1400 spin is really good.


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            20.02.2007 17:10
            Not Helpful



            buy hotpoint but check you have ample warranty - without paying extra!

            Well - I purchased this machine begining of February and by middle of February I found myself calling the engineer out to repair it as its broke! - what can I say, it looks lovely, and when its working you can get loads in it and its nice and quiet ..but its very quiet at the moment because its not working at all!!!! The only advantage is the 5 years parts warranty which it looks like I may well need!


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          Short name: Hotpoint WT540

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