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Ikea's washing machine stays true to their brand - well designed, simple and with many useful functions. Whilst it can be slightly noisy, it washes well and is very affordable.

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2012 20:16
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      overall a good washing mashine - surprisingly!

      Now I can't say that I would ever in a million zillion years have bought an Ikea washing machine. As much as I do like Ikea and have bought quite a lot of stuff from there I'm not entirely sure that I would trust them to produce a decent washing machine. I mean they sell flat packed furniture, not appliances right! Anyway when we moved into our new house 11 months ago the previous owners had installed this brand new Ikea washing machine. It was actually brand new when we moved in, and it had never been used.
      I've had a quick look online and it currently costs £399.00 from Ikea.

      It's a built in washing machine, and ours is currently housed behind white kitchen cabinets in our utility room. Because our washing machine is located in a utility room and hidden away, the previous owners could have chosen to put a free standing washing machine in there, of which Ikea seem to have 3 to choose from, including one at just £249.00. But anyway built in ours is.
      I have to admit that is a really easy washing machine to use, probably the easiest that I've ever used. So it's scoring brownie points already!

      The detergent drawer has just 2 holes, one for powder or liquid detergent, and one for fabric softener. If you want to use the pre-wash feature you need to add the detergent for the pre-wash directly into the drum. It has 'max' lines on both the detergent and softener holes so that you don't overfill it. It also has a little flap in the detergent hole that you switch depending on whether you're using powder or liquid detergent. I always use powder so I've always just kept ours in the powder poition. The drawer is easy to remove so that you can clean it occasionally, and it then easily slots back in.
      The only gripe that I have with the detergent drawer is when using the delayed start feature. I've found that if you set it for 9 hours then for some unknown reason all of the fabric softener seems to run out of the drawer. I'm entirely sure where it ends up, maybe it just runs out and is stored somewhere else, and still goes in your wash? I don't know. On the occasions that I've noticed this I've always topped up the fabric softener again just to be on the safe side.
      The washing machine has a large selector dial to choose the wash programme. It has loads of different wash programmes, 20 in total; featuring cottons, cottons with pre-wash, cottons economy, synthetics, delicates, wool/handwash, rinse, drain, spin, etc. And each programme has various temperature controls to choose from; 30, 40, 60 or 90.
      I have to admit that I do miss a 50 temperature on this washer, I always used to wash my towels on a 50 wash, I've swapped down to a 40 wash now however and they do still come up nice and clean and fresh.
      The spin speed will automatically light up next to the selector dial according to the wash programme that you have chosen, you can change this if you want to by pressing the spin speed selector button until the spin speed that you require is lit up.

      You basically just add your detergent and softener (if you use it - I never use fabric softener with towels as fabric softener actually makes towels lose their fluffiness over time, obviously this is only really practical if you have a dryer as otherwise without fabric softener your towels will end up as stiff as a board!), choose the programme and temperature that you require, press start and that's it. The washing machine door is locked when in use, and will unlock a few minutes after the washing cycle has completely finished. It doesn't beep or anything when the cycle has finished, the light above the start button just comes on.
      The washing mashine has a delay start function, you can choose to start the wash cycle in either 3, 6 or 9 hours. This allows you to wash when it suits you or maybe when a lower rate electricity is available such as the Economy 7 overnight rate. I have used this a few times, but I don't really need to use this function that often, plus as I mentioned earlier on the 9 hour delay start the fabric softener seems to seep out somewhere!

      The washing machine also has a super quick function, for items that are not really dirty as such, they just need a quick freshen up. I find that this function works best when the washing machine isn't too full, if you try to put too much in the washer and then use the super quick function the washing doesn't really smell clean and fresh to me.
      I have to admit that this is quite a noisy washing machine when in use, it doesn't bother us as it's located in a seperate room, but I can imagine that if it was in your kitchen and you were in there having dinner or something then it would really get on your nerves. It is especially noisy if you leave the kitchen cabinet door housing the washing machine open, my husband always does this for some reason and you can really notice the difference.

      It also seems to take forever to wash a load, for example a 60 cottons with pre-wash takes around 2.5 hours. A 40 easycare takes around 1.25 hours. It's not a massive problem, I've just used quicker washers in the past so this just seems like it takes forever!
      The washing machine holds up to to 6kg, I don't weigh my washing, who does!!?? But I can say that I have filled the washer to absolute capacity on a number of occasions and it works perfectly well, and still gets everything clean and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean.

      The instruction manual that comes with the washer is in every language you could possibly think of! It is a very short and sweet manual, but it is easy to understand and well laid out, and provides all the information that you need.
      Overall I'm impressed with this Ikea washer, I know that I've pointed out a few gripes, but this is a review so I wanted to list everything. I would certainly reccomend it, and I would consider buying an Ikea washer again. We haven't had any issues or problems with ours at all. It has had 11 months of constant use, I would say that I use it on average 4 times per week.


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