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    2 Reviews
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      17.09.2012 12:09
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"



      Ordering my machine:
      My old washing machine finally died at the beginning of July. I was rather worried as I had nothing saved or spare put by to be able to get a new one. I'm terrible with saving so from July to the end of August I saved up £250 for a new machine. I had my eye on an Indesit 9kg washing machine for £249 and thought that would be perfect. Checked the day before I wanted to buy it that it was still on offer which it was. Of course, the very next day when I went to order it, it was back up to £400 full price. A tantrum and a few tears later, I decided to search elsewhere and found this Indesit 7kg washing machine for £229 from Comet.co.uk.

      I ordered it with free delivery which meant it could come any time between 7am and 7pm. I got up at 6.45 because I knew with my luck it would come at 7am when I was asleep still. It ended up coming at around 2pm and I had paid £10 for them to take away and recycle my old washing machine. Thanks to comet, they even took away the packaging from the new machine but I wasn't prepared to pay another £20 on top for them to install it so left that for my dad to pop over and help me with.

      What I needed from a washing machine:
      A miracle! after months of wanting a new washing machine and letting my old one live it's life to the end, I was beaming with delight to see the new shiny Indesit washing machine sitting in my kitchen.

      This IWB71250 Indesit has a 7kg drum which is 2kg more than my old one was. I wanted to make sure I bought one with all the right specifications and it took a while to find one in my price range which has what I needed.

      My personal specifications were:
      A energy rating or more
      Delayed timer for use with economy 7 washing
      7kg drum or more
      Quick wash for delicates
      Easy to navigate
      £250 or under

      I managed to find all of the above from the Indesit range of washing machines. My dad also has an Indesit and told me they were such an excellent make as his fridge was also Indesit and has had no problems with either appliance. (touch wood!)

      What does it look like?:
      I chose to have a white washing machine as all the other appliances in the kitchen were also white. This washing machine is super white! my other appliances now look grubby and off white so I'm sure my new washing machine is happy to look superior over the rest of the kitchen. It has a white, shiny, gleaming body with a glass see through door. The drawer for all of the washing detergents has the list of the different wash settings and has some I had never seen before. It has two dials, one for putting it on the number setting for the wash you have chosen and one for the temperature you are setting it at.

      The delay timer is a button which co-ordinates with some lights with 3h, 6hr, 9hr and 12hr next to them.
      To choose a time, you push the button marked "delay timer" until you light up the desired time you want to delay your wash. I love this feature the most as economy 7 washing is much cheaper for your bills.

      What is economy 7? I never knew what it was until my dad explained it to me. If you have 2 readings on your electricity meter, a day and a night reading, this means you have economy 7. With British gas my economy 7 times are 12.30am-7.30am. If I set my washing machine to start a wash at 6am, It will wash during these times and I will pay half the electricity I would have if I put it on in the day. That way, when I get up at 7.30-8am it's washed and ready for me to hang out on the line.

      It has a pause and a start button, an on and off button and spin variation to switch from 1200 to 600 spin and a intensive wash button which is for sports wear and shoes.

      Settings for the washing machine:
      This machine has so many different functions which is excellent but I mainly use just two settings for everyday use.

      The settings it has are as follows:
      1. White cotton 90 degree wash
      2. Cotton 60 degree wash
      3. Colour cottons 40 degree wash
      4. Cotton 30 degree wash
      5. Synthetics 50 degree wash.
      6. wool
      7. Silk/curtains
      8. Jeans
      9. Express 15 minute wash
      10. Flash cotton
      11. Sports intensive
      12. Sports light
      13. Special shoes.

      These 13 settings are on the first large dial along with rinse, spin and drain if you want to give it an extra spin or rinse after your wash had finished.

      I prefer to use settings 3 and 9 most of the time. I use 3 for everyday cotton clothing and even put whites in too. I don't like to wash whites on too high of a wash, so 40 degrees is just about right. I use setting 9 for delicate clothing which I don't want being washed for too long. I mainly use it for underwear as I've had a few bra's eaten up by my old washing machine so a shorter wash is perfect for those.

      I have used most of the settings to try them out. I don't own any pure wool items of clothing or blankets so that setting will most likely never be used, but it's good to know it's there if it's needed. The jeans setting is great as some grass stains on Hollie's knees of her jeans came out really well and they came out well drained and spun. I took down my curtains around the house and gave them a wash on setting 7 which was excellent. They came out relatively wrinkle free which I was shocked about. I didn't have to iron them which was a plus.

      When first getting the machine, I had to set it at it's highest 90 degree wash and the longest to clean the machine before I put clothes inside. It was very quiet which was very exciting to me as my old machine would make that much noise I wouldn't be able to hear the TV or speak on the phone because it sounded like I was standing on an airport runway.

      Installing the machine:
      When my dad finished work, he came round with the tools to be able to attach the cold tap into the back of the machine and to take the bolts out of the back. It's best to keep these bolts which hold the drum in place just in case you decide to move house because moving them without putting these bolts back in can really effect the machine and possibly break it. I needed a spanner for this which I didn't have so dad came to the rescue. When it was put back in and the drain tube was put back in place, we slotted it back into the hole and turned it on. HELLO HAROLD!

      We've named our new washing machine Harold. He is a new welcomed member of the family who we love dearly. Our other washing machine just didn't want to wash our clothes properly and left a scum of washing powder on some of the clothes. This one was about to change it all and make our clothes come out clean and smell nice.

      I was slightly confused as first because I wondered how I could do a 90 degree wash with only a cold tap plugged into the washing machine. After reading the manual, it was explained that the machine heats the water up inside.

      I had to do the 90 degree wash first so after waiting for that to finish it was 9pm. It took almost 3 hours on that setting but it cleaned the machine and got rid of the horrible chemical smell from inside the drum.

      Once it was finished, I put in my first load of washing. I had gotten some washing from upstairs and put it in a basket which I had filled to the top. Putting it into the machine, it still room for another basket full so I added some towels into the wash to fill it up. I set it at setting 3 and 40 degrees and as it was late, I decided to set it to 9hr delay which would start it at 6am. I woke up at 8am the next morning and hadn't heard a peep from the washing machine. I was slightly worried incase setting the washing machine that early would wake Hollie up or even me and I would struggle to get back to sleep.

      This definitely wasn't the case. It was quiet enough not to wake us. I went down to unload and was very happy to smell my washing as soon as I opened the door. I had used Lenor's yellow summer fresh conditioner which smells wonderful and really clings to the clothes for quite a few days after so I put it straight out on the washing line as it was a nice sunny day. After a few hours, it was dry and I brought it in to check over the clothes to see if all dirt and any food splats on Hollie's clothes were gone. All stains and spills on the clothes were gone. I had washed my bedsheets and even those looked brighter and cleaner. Maybe it was me being biased to the new washing machine, but everything seemed much fresher and cleaner.

      The instruction manual:
      Inside the drum of the machine came the manual and a 5 year warranty for any parts that would be needed if it needed fixing. The manual labour would have to be paid for, but it does come with a 1 year warranty from comet too which was free. The manual helped me understand how each of the buttons worked and which settings are best for the different fabrics of the clothing and other materials I would be washing. It asks you to do the 90 degree wash before putting any clothing inside and gives you step by step of how to set it up. At the back it has some FAQ's incase something is making a noise, or if something isn't working. It has all of the contact details too for the machine so keep it safe incase anything does go wrong.

      From reading the manual for a good half an hour, I understood each button and dial on the machine. It is very easy to use and it's basically explained on the washing machine too. I thought the manual was very well explained and easy for a novice to technology like me.

      Recommending the washing machine:
      I would definitely recommend this washing machine to anyone. This washing machine fits a very good amount of washing inside and all of the specifications it has are excellent. For me, it will save me a lot of money being an A rated energy machine and being able to delay the wash up to 12hrs.

      To stop any mildew or even any limescale building up inside the machine, once you have put a wash on, keep the door open for the machine to dry out. The drum and door will be wet and giving it a wipe over and letting it dry for an hour or two can save you a lot of hassle in the future. Unfortunately for me, my previous machine was left here by the landlord and it was already on it's last legs. I managed to keep it on life support for 3 and a half years but it finally gave out and flooded my kitchen.

      A 7kg drum is great for a big family. I mainly chose a large drum for being able to wash more at once. When it's a nice sunny day, I can now get towels, bedding and clothing into one wash and get them out on the line and dried by the afternoon. With my previous machine, I would have had to do 3 separate washes as I didn't want to overload it.

      Indesit is an excellent brand as I did read a lot of reviews and ratings on washing machines before I made my final decision. It seemed that Indesit was scoring highest for energy consumption and also consumer reviews.

      I give this machine 5/5 stars for being an excellent machine. I have been nothing but thrilled with it since it arrived and now my clothes smell like they should. Clean and fresh.

      Thanks for reading my review



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        05.08.2011 17:31
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        Good All Round Washing Machine

        When our previous dinosaur of a washing machine decided it was time to give up the ghost as we'd been expecting it to for some time, it was essential with a new baby in the house and all the extra washing she was creating that we replaced it immediately. So off we trotted to Comet expecting to pay over the odds compared to what we could get a machine for online, however after just two loads of hand-washing we really weren't willing to wait for delivery.

        Once inside the array of washing machines, and different special features provided was truly baffling. We had already decided a budget before we entered the shop and was soon to find that the price range varying from £200 to well over £1000 would leave us walking out with one of the cheapest machines in the shop.

        Why we chose the Indesit IWB71250:

        We eventually found this specific Indesit machine tucked between a few of the more expensive machines we couldn't even justify spending out on and to our delight it was on special offer. This was our primary reason for chosing it, the RRP was £349.99 and the offer price was a mere £220 only £20 over our budget.

        Our other reasons for choosing this machine are as follows. Indesit are part of the Hotpoint group of companies and this is a name I have grown to trust as this is the make of our previous machine which lasted well over 12 years with only a couple of minor repairs.The 15 minute wash cycle function was also a big selling point to us giving the fact we were already finding we were spending far more time using the washing machine probably sealing the fate of our old appliance. Last but by no means least the Hotpoint 5 year parts guarantee was a big selling point to us, this means to me that they are confident this machine will last this long without repair which should hopefully mean an investment of less than £1 a week to own this appliance which we discussed and eventually decided this would be a good compromise between price and features offered when compared to the other machines in store. This is also an A rated appliance which means it will not be costing you the earth to wash your clothes, but if honest the initial outlay meant more to us so this was a bonus that we noticed whilst unpacking the washing machine after we got it home.

        So after this careful consideration and comparison, and a fair bit more confusion we caught the attention of the salesman and informed him that this was the washing machine we would like to be leaving the store with. We did try to get a little off of the price but as we were paying by card and it was already on offer unfortunately this was a no go.

        Getting It Home and Installation:-

        Having a two door Ford Focus I was a little sceptical as to whether I would actually be able to squeeze it in, but need not have worried as being quite a standard size machine (W 59.5cm H 85cm D59.5cm) it went in with plenty of room to spare. The only consideration to not having this delivered would be the weight as at around the 50kg mark this makes it quite difficult to remove from the car and maneuver into its place of use with only 1 person and no extra muscle available.

        Once removed from the packaging there are the usual transportation bolts to remove from the rear of the machine along with corresponding rubber spacers. The sole intention of these is to prevent the drum of the machine moving during transportation. There are 4 of these bolts to remove and if installing yourself you will need an appropriate spanner or socket as these are too tight to be spun out by hand. There are four blanking caps provided to fill the holes left behind and it is advised that the bolts and spacers are kept for if the machine ever needs transporting again.

        So now I was ready to install our new shiny machine and thankfully our floor is level so we did not need to adjust the feet, this is however quite an easy task if slightly fiddly and definitely something that would be made easier by having a second person just to take the weight of the machine whilst the feet are adjusted. It is advised that if the appliance is to be installed on a rug or carpet the feet are adjusted to give adequate ventilation underneath.
        As seems to be the case with all washing machines now this is a cold water feed only and the machine heats the water itself meaning dead easy installation with only one pipe going in. This pipe needs first to be attached to the water supply and then onto the machine itself. This is simply a case of a threaded attachment at either end that screws onto the wasing machine and tap at the other end. The end that connects to the washing machine is angled as such that it allows it to be pushed almost flush against a wall leaving the machine taking up minimal space. All attachments and the inlet hose were attached with the machine.

        Probably the most important thing to think of when installng is the waste water pipe, which can either be hung on the edge of a basin/sink 65 - 100cm above the floor. This can however also be connected straight into the sink trap in the plumbing underneath the sink, I would not like to have tried this myself and ours is simply hung on the edge of the sink using the handy plastic hook provided that snugly holds the waste water pipe.
        So I think that covers everything on the installation side of things and the only thing left for me to do was plug the machine in (plug supplied and ready fitted) and run it on the advised hot-wash at 90 degrees with detergent but no laundry for the first round. Once this first wash cycle had finished the machine was now ready to use as I pleased.

        Description and Features:-

        The machine is a pretty standard front loading top feed washing machine looking similar to most other base range machines finished in white however the door is glass rather than plastic, and has a 7kg load capacity. It has the usual with detergent drawer on the front top left and is capable of accepting liquids, powders and also has a seperate compartment for the softener. The drawer opens and closes easily enoughand fits snugly once shut. There is the expected on/off button, and the dial for selecting which wash cycle you wish to use. Next to this is the temperarture control dial allowing temperatures from 30 - 90 to be selected or a cold wash setting.
        As well as the on/off button there is a start/pause button which will start or pause the machine without cancelling the wash cycle. The machine also has an energy saving feature which will automatically put the machine into standby mode after half an hour. This is easily deactivated by quickly pressing the on/off button.

        There are four function buttons across the top of the machine there functions are as follows:

        1. Eco-Time:- This allows certain wash cycles to be run on a slightly quicker cycle time setting usually saving around 10 minutes from the total wash time, and is advised for lightly soiled clothes, saving both water and electricity.

        2. Intensive Wash:- This function uses a larger amount of water in the first stages of the wash and also has a longer than standard cycle time which as the name suggests gives a more intensive thourough wash.

        3. 1200-600:- Again pretty self explanatory this function gives the user the ability to change the spin speed from 1200rpm to 600rpm.

        4. Delay Time:- This is another feature I personally like as we are on economy 7 with our electricity and this allows us to delay the start of the washing machine for up to 12 hours and use it when it is most efficent for us. This function can be used with all cycles on the machine with the only draw back being you cannot use a liquid detergent it has to be a washing powder.

        Lastly there are the indication lights which run down the right hand side of the machine which let you know the stage at which the washing machine is at, and these lights also act as the indicators as to how long you will be delaying the wash cycle for if using the delayed timer.
        The wash cycles avaialble on this machine are as follows :-

        1. White cotton (90, 60 and 30 degrees) 90- Extremely Soiled Whites, 60 degrees Heavily Soiled Whites, (30 degrees) Lightly Soiled Whites and Delicate Colours

        2. Cotton (60 degrees) Heavily Soiled Whites and Resistant Colours.

        3. Cotton (40 degrees) Lightly Soiled Whites and Delicate Colours.

        4. Lightly Soiled Cottons (30 degrees), Lightly Soiled White and Resistant Colours.

        5. Synthetics (50 degrees) Heavily Soiled Resistant Colours.

        6. Wool (40 degrees) Cashmere etc

        7. Silk/Curtains (30 degrees) Silk and Viscose Garments and Lingerie

        8. Jeans (40 degrees)

        9. Express 15 (30 degrees) To Refresh Lightly Soiled Garments. - Limited Load 1.5kg

        10.Flash Cotton (60 degrees) Quick cotton wash. - Limited Load 3.5kg

        11.Sport Intensive (30 degrees) Heavily Soiled Sports Clothes - Limited Load 3kg

        12.Sport Light (30 degrees) Limited Load 3kg

        13.Shoes (30 degrees) - Max 2 pairs

        There are also the options to run just a Rinse, Spin or Drain functions individually. The run times of the cycles on this washing machine range from 60 minutes for the lightly soiled loads through to 170 minutes for the heavily soiled loads differing accordingly. This is of course excluding the handy 15 minute quick wash cycle which tends to get used quite a bit.

        Does It Do The Job?

        So far so good there is not a load of washing that has come out dirty or a different colour to which I have put in. The handy functions mean all I have to do is check out the chart on the front of the washing machine and all is made clear. As many of you may appreciate being male when it comes to help with washing and little pointer or clue is handy when trying not to shrink or dye clothes.

        Baby sick on black T-shirts and dirt and oil on jeans and trainers have all come out spotless providing I have stuck rigourously to the above mentioned cycle chart so no definitely no complaints or grumbles as far as the cleanliness of my clothes are concerned. So yes it certainly does do the job it is supposed to do well.
        Some of the wash cycles seem a little long and drawn out but I do suppose I would rather wait for clean clothes. I feel the main reason for this is that it is a standard top feeding washing machine rather than a model that has jets firing water in from all angles. In fact the length of the wash cycles is about the only thing I can fault this washing machine on in both functionality and looks department, and the fact is A rated is an added bonus.

        Would I recommend this washing machine:-

        With the 7kg load capacity and the 15 minute quick wash cycle, along with the rest of the functions listed above, this is most certainly one of the better low priced washing machines I have had the privilige of using being both effective and if need be quick. So yes I would definately recommend this washing machine if you are looking to buy on a budget especially if you can find it on offer or have the time to wait for it to be delivered from an on-line supplier you will not be dissapointed in the quality of the machine for the price you'll pay. It is a fairly quite machine however I am comparing this to my last washing machine which we could hear a full storey above in every single room.

        The wash cycle times for me are unfortunately enough for this product to loose a star but don't let this put you off as it is damn near perfect in every other aspect.
        4/5 stars from me.

        Thanks for reading and I hope I haven't bored you to much in your hard earned time away from washing machines and such appliances.


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