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Indesit IWE81281K 1200rpm Washing Machine 8kg Load Class A+ Black

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    1 Review
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      12.12.2013 21:43
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      decent machine that performs and looks classy

      When my washing machine blew up in June 2012 I needed to upgrade. I wanted a black appliance to match the decor in our kitchen. I researched online to find something suitable for a family, in black, by a well known brand and for a reasonable price. My silver Hotpoint washing machine had lasted me around 5 years and had served me well, but wanted something with a few more features to make life a little easier. I found this Indesit washing machine reduced on the boots website from £300 down to £250 so ordered online which also gave me a few boots points on my advantage card. The white version can be purchased for a little cheaper.

      *****The washing machine*****
      Having 3 boys to look after (2 kids and 1 fiance) I needed something that would wash everything we needed and more yet not drain our electric (my flat runs on electric only so its very expensive to run). The washing machine arrived with 4 white polystyrene blocks then tightly shrink wrapped to keep it protected.

      Being black gloss with an LCD screen it looks very high tech for a washing machine, the standard washing machine just has a standard dial with numbers so this looked very smart in my kitchen.

      It has a black gloss finish (pain in the bum for fingerprints!). On the control panel at the top you will find the detergent dispenser drawer, a 'on/off' button, wash cycle knob, temperature button, spin speed button, delayed start button, 'start/pause button and 4 option buttons (Eco time, energy saver, extra rinse, easy iron....I will go into detail about these below). Below is the door. Its measurements are as follows: H85 x W59.5 x D60 cm. Remember to leave enough space so that the machine isn't resting up against anything so you must allow enough space.

      This machines features seemed perfect for what we needed;

      Energy rating A+

      Capacity of 1 to 8kg, so its brilliant for small or large loads. This feature is a massive bonus for us as I hate having a few bits sat in the laundry basket so do about 3 washes a day, normally 2 small loads and 1 large load.

      High spin speed of 1200 rotations per minute so guaranteed the clothes wont still be wet after a cycle.

      4 wash options; Eco Time - selecting this option enables you to suitably adjust drum rotation, temp and water to a reduced load. It enables you to wash in less time which is fantastic as it saves both water and electric! (However it can only be used on wash cycle 2, 3, 4, 5).

      Energy Saver - this function saves energy by not heating the water used to wash the laundry, saves energy so again brilliant (however it can only be used on wash cycle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11).

      Extra Rinse - this option increases the rinse, guaranteeing the removal of detergent, its ideal for people with sensitive skin, my youngest has eczema so we love this option.

      Easy Iron - using this option reduces the formation of creases by changing the wash and spin cycles.

      Quick 20in wash, ideal if your in a hurry.

      Special wash programmes to was different fabrics (outwear, wool, sport intensive, sport light, special shoes).

      Digital display, gives you the time for each cycle, it also shows an icon when in cycle to tell you how far along the wash is. It also shows a door lock symbol, so you know when the door is locked.

      Delay start, has the option of delaying a wash for 24hours

      Self adjusting temperature button so you can manually decrease or completely exclude the temp.

      16 different wash cycles;
      White cotton
      cotton standard - 1
      cotton standard - 2
      synthetics - 4
      mix coloured - 5
      cotton standard
      mix light
      20' refresh
      sport intensive
      sport light
      special shoes
      spin + drain

      Installing the machine is pretty easy thanks to a very detailed instruction booklet. The machine is to be installed on a flat surface without leaning against anything. If the floor is not level then there are 4 feet on the bottom that can be adjusted. The washing machine only needs to be connected to a cold water tap. You then need to connect the drain hose, this cannot be bent. Again there are detailed pictures as well as clear instruction's to show you exactly what to do. Then simply plug the machine into the wall and your off.

      *****Care and maintenance*****
      The instruction booklet advises to turn off the water tap after every wash cycle, it will limit wear on the hydraulic system inside the washing machine and help to prevent leaks. The outa parts and rubber components can be cleaned with warm water, no chemicals needed. Although I do use a little lemon juice on the rubber to avoid it becoming a little smelly. The detergent drawer can be removed by raising it and pulling out, this can be run under warm water and should be done frequently to avoid build up of products causing blockage and lime scale. My little boy was in and out of hospital throughout November and December for various things so I forgot to do it, meaning there was a little lime scale, I just brought a lime scale remover and it looks good as new.

      The washing machine is fitted with a self-cleaning pump which does not require any maintenance.

      *****Our thoughts*****
      Having owned this washing machine for 18 months now im still getting used to all the settings. Its 1 of my most used appliance's as I do 2 washes a day, so the A+ for energy rating is a massive hit for us, as said above, my flat runs on electric instead of gas and electric so im forever trying to reduce my electric bill and I believe this machine helps.

      Its easy to use (once you have read the instruction manual a few times), the many settings and features will take some getting used to, I still have not completely figured it out after the time I have had it, simply because I don't need all of the extra feature. But its nice to have them there should I require them.

      The machine is very quiet. Even on fast spin, naturally a bit of noise is to be expected but its quiet compared to some washing machines I have heard.

      I love the extra rinse option, my youngest has very bad eczema (especially in the winter) so this option is brilliant for us because we love to use fabric conditioner which I was told was not ideal due to my youngest's eczema being pretty bad. So I love the extra rinse option.

      Due to the fast 20min wash cycle we can have freshly washed clothes in as little as 20mins. The 20min speed wash is my favourite being a busy mum I dont tend to use the longer wash cycles unless needed. Ive never had a problem with using this machine to wash our clothes. Im even able to wash our duvets at home without having to drag them to the dry cleaners.

      I like to run so love the sports option. I can wash small loads and even my expensive running trainers without having to worry about wasting water or electric as I can adjust it myself manually to avoid waste.

      I love my machine, and have no problems at all (other than the annoying finger marks which I also get on the matching tumbler dryer). Highly recommended.


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  • Product Details

    Boasting an A+ energy rating as well as a large 8kg load capacity, the Indesit IWE81281K is ideal for any family home and will fit into your lifestyle perfectly! This washing machine has been specially designed to give your clothes the professional care they require / With 16 tailored programmes on hand you will find a selection of programmes suitable to care for your finest silks and delicates, all the way through to thicker fabrics and denims / Including a 15 minute quick wash , ideal for freshening up clothes if you are in a hurry! This clever machine has a water balance system that will only use the required amount of water needed for the load, added with the EcoTime option on selected cycles, you will be using less water and energy, saving on time and money / The high quality LCD display on the IWE81281K ensures you are kept up to date at all times with the progress of each wash cycle / This, together with the 24 hour delay start option, makes it incredibly easy for you to fit your laundry into your busy schedule / An overflow device ensures peace of mind when you are running the washing machine at night / Short name: IndesitIWE81281K

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