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Indesit Washer Dryer WD12 X

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    4 Reviews
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      17.10.2012 14:31
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      If you can afford to get anything better then do!!

      Bought this washer dryer when I moved into my small flat about a year ago and it's been tempremental to say the least! It's reasonably compact so fits under my worktop no problem.

      The design is pretty standard, with a small LCD screen and the usual buttons. It has a small load capacity (only 5kg for washing, 2.5kg for drying) in comparison to more expensive ones on the market, but as it's just me and my partner using it, i thought this would be ok. I was wrong, however- as even just doing the bedding (duvet cover, sheet and 2 pillowcases) seems a bit much for this thing (only washing)!

      Each cycle varies in length each time i use it- the 30 mins on 40 degrees C cycle takes anywhere between 30 mins and 2 hours- so not reliable if you just want to pop something in before you head out!

      it also refuses to start alot without a little encouragement (hitting it seems to help lol!)

      The dryer is ok but the capacity is too small to make much use of the wash into automatic dry function as you can only dry 3 or so items at a time.

      For the price this washer dryer will do the job, but as they say. you get what you pay for , so if you ca afford a better one then get a better one!


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        17.07.2012 14:03



        Dryer has horrible smell, clothes come out very hot but still damp and creased!

        After moving house and not having the room for a separate washing machine and dryer, I opted for the Indesit WD12X. I wish I had read some reviews before purchasing! Perhaps this is the case with most washer dryers, I am not sure, but the dryer really does not work! Even if putting a small load in and having it on for ages, it seems that all the dryer does is spins them around in a lot of steam; the clothes come out all steamed up, burning hot but still damp and so creased that everything needs ironing. Also there is a funny smell when the dryer is on, plastic/rubber, not quite sure exactly how to describe the smell, but the clothes end up smelling horrible. My friend who has an Indesit washer dryer, but a different model, claims that hers does exactly the same! So whether or not this is the case with all Indesit washer dryers I don't know, but since I have stopped using it for drying clothes, I feel like I have wasted my money as I might as well just bought a washing machine which would have cost a lot less! Apart from that, it washes well, so I have therefore awarded it 1 star!!!


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        14.05.2009 20:11
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        great budget buy!

        nice washing machine, cleans clothes well, not too quiet, drys clothes well enough but you can only dry 2 or 3 things at any one time.

        also does have a bit of a funny smell when you use the dryer on this and I believe this to be on all indesit dryers, but over all i would say this is great value for money and would buy again.

        has some great settings on it for eg. non crease washing is great for when you get your clothing out and neew to iron it straight away when dry.

        great lcd display, easy to use, great functionality, does what it says on the tin i guess.

        Indesit's do not tend to last very long though, that is one f the unfortunate downfalls, but have to admit I did not have any problems with this perticular model.

        would recommend to friends and family for budget.


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          08.12.2005 14:54
          Very helpful


          • "Ease of use"


          Cheap machine.

          When I moved into my house about 3 years ago, I inherited a manky old Hoover washing machine. It was truly horrible but it did it's job and I couldn't affford to buy a new one.

          I got about a years worth of use out of it and was pleased when it decided to stop working, even though it meant me forking out for a new machine!

          Now, because my house is tiny I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a washer/dryer; I was fed up with clothes hanging around on airers around the house. People warned me against buying one mainly because of problems they had had with theirs. Anyway, my mind was made up and I'm very glad about it.

          Now, about the machine:

          Dimensions - Width: 595mm
          Height: 850mm
          Depth: 535mm

          Capacity - For the washer: from 1 - 5.5kgs
          For the dryer: from 1 - 2.5kgs

          Spin speed - up to 1200rpm

          Water supply - Hot and cold preferable

          Price: I paid just under £300 2 years ago from Powerhouse. It wasn't on offer, so I think this is an absolute bargain!

          This is a front loading machine and is white (also available in silver). It's appearance is quite plain but not in a cheap and ugly sort of way (wouldn't be allowed in my kitchen otherwise!)
          The control panel is very easy to use and consists of the detergent dispenser on the left followed by 4 buttons and 3 control knobs. There are no fancy LED's on this machine unfortunately!

          Button 1 - Anti-crease. This button allows you to stop your wash programme mid cycle and will hold you clothes in water. Obviously this is a common feature on many machines and stops your clothes from creasing if you want to go out and leave your washing machine on for the day.

          Button 2 - Slow spin. I've never used this feature but basically it allows you to reduce the spin speed from 1200 to 600rpm for cotton and linen programmes and from 850 to 600rpm for synthetic programmes.

          Button 3 - Extra Economy. This is one that I use alot. It reduces the water consumption during the rinse cycles for smaller loads.

          Button 4 - On/Off. Pretty self explanatory!

          Then you've got your drying contol knob. This is great because you can set the drying time from 40 - 150 minutes. It also has an IRON setting to reduce the effort for clothes you intend to iron, a WARDROBE setting for clothes you want to store for a short while in your airing cupboard and an EXTRA DRY setting for clothes you want to be, er, extra dry!

          Then there's your temperature control knob which allows you to set the wash temperature from 30 - 90 degrees C.

          Finally, you've got your programme selector knob.

          One feature I want to mention is the Daily Wash programme. This is a 30 degree C, 30 minute programme and is ideal for lightly soiled clothes and one that I tend to use alot. It's great for those with a busy lifestyle and allows you to get through your laundry bin at great speed!

          My personal experience of this machine has been fantastic. The only problem I've ever had was when I foolishly left the drying cycle knob set to 40 mins. This meant that once the wash had finished it went straight on to drying and I didn't want it to! The result of this was a couple of tight t-shirts, but I caught it before any real damage was done.

          As I live alone, the machine doesn't get overworked but as I'm the sort of person who wears something once and then washes it, then it has had to work reasonably hard!

          Overall, the machine has proved to be excellent value for money and apart from the above mentioned, I've had no problems with it whatsoever (touch wood for me please!). It's extremely easy to use, which is something I am very grateful for and I would recommend it to anyone - certainly those in a similar situation to me.


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        • Product Details

          Dimensions: Height (cm) : 81.5, Width (cm) : 59.5, Depth (cm) : 54.0, Performance: Energy-saving class : B, Wash efficiency class : B, Spin cycle efficiency class : B, Max load capacity (kg) : 5, Max drying capacity (Kg) : 2.5, Main functions: Easy Ironing, Stain Erase, Spin speed reduction, Automatic consumption control, Silk program / Structural characteristics: Colour : white, Basket : Inox, Door opens 180° Overflow device / Short name: Indesit WD12 X

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