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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2013 22:49
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A good washer but a bad drier.

      I only have a small kitchen ,not big enough to swing a hamster in let alone a cat, so it was decided that I would need a washer dryer as one of my first large appliance purchase when moving into my house 4 years ago.

      This was my house-warming present from my auntie and the model I have is in silver. WIDXL126S. I would like to just point out that this coating has stood the test of time and the hands of both of my children. The unfortunate accident of wax crayon being sprawled across the front was easily removed with a bit of WD40.

      It is front-loading and will hold 6kg of washing. Now I have never met anyone that weighs their washing before putting it in but I go by a good arms full. There are 3 compartments in the drawer for the washiling liquid, one for pre-wash, main washing liquid and then fabric conditioner. I have noticed that this can get quite grubby very fast so have now got into the routine of cleaning it each time. The drawer doesn't pull out, (that I have found) so that I can give it a proper wash-up.

      The machine is very easy to operate. There is one dial that picks what drying cycle you would like it to do, one for the temperature and then one to select the programme it needs. Each programme cycle is displayed on the front left-hand side so that you can easily decide which you need to use.

      There are 13 different options ~ I know, who really needs that much choice when it comes to washing?!
      Each option means a different length of time, spin cycle etc. Clever machine! It suggests a temperatur next to each one but you can change this with the temperature dial

      1. White prewash ~ obviously a prewash for your whites!

      2. White cotton ~ your usual white wash

      3. Colour cotton ~ coloured cottons funnily enough.

      4. Easy care ~ a simple programme just for day to day items.

      5. Wool ~ a useful programme for your woolen items.

      6. Silk/curtains ~ I have only ever used this one for a silk dress I had. That was nail-biting watching that go round but it came out fine.

      7. Drying cotton ~ drying your cottons

      8. Drying delicates ~ This is for drying all those delivate items you have in your wardrobe. Being a mum, that amount is rapidly decreasing.

      9. Flash clean ~ does a quick "1 hour wash" if you need something in a hurry.

      10. FlashNylon ~ I don't have many nylon clothes so never used this!

      11. Daily ~ This is the option I use the most. My clothes don't get particularly dirty and this does the job fine at 30 degrees.

      12. SpecialShoes ~ not one for sport now and never will be so this will probably go unused...
      13. SpecialSport ~ ....and this one.....I live in wellies or work shoes.

      Just one major negative about this washer/dryer. It's the drying part! I have not found a way yet where I can successfully dry my clothes without opening the door and immediately filling my kitchen with steam. It gets the clothes so very hot that you don't know what you are handling anymore ~ is that a sock or a piece of hot charcoal? Also, I have melted quite a few of those plastic coated logos on my son's pyjamas. (They have been fine for months in my mum's tumble drier, but in mine, no, not a chance.)

      Also, there is no way of stopping and getting the items out of the drying cycle once it is going soy uo have to be patient and wait for at least the minimum drying time of 40 minutes.

      Another, more serious part is, it will only dry 4kg at a time. So, picture the scene, you've washed 6kg and now have to try and dry 4kg. What do you do with that other missing 2kg I do not know?

      There are times markings for the drying part of 40, 60, 100 or 150 minutes and then also an ironing dryness, hanging up or cupboard option. There are little pictures on the maching incase you forget what each does.

      Needless to say, I don't use the drying part much at all, I hang it outside or take it to my mums around the corner from me. (She's lovely to me isn't she?)

      Personally, I would buy this machine for the ease of use but the drying quality is terrible and for that reason I am only giving it 3 stars as it does half the job I need it to do.

      **written whilst sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor staring at the machine**

      Also appears on ciao


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        15.02.2011 12:46
        Very helpful


        • "Ease of use"


        great machine not too badly priced

        We have had this machine for approx a year and a half, it has an energy efficiency rating of B which is great and retails for between £300 to £350 depending on where you purchase it. We managed to get this machine whilst it was on offer and then it had a little bit of paint missing from the side so we got an extra £20 knocked off - bonus. The washing capacity is 6kg and the drying capacity is 4kg, I believe this is the case with all washer dryers so if you want it to automatically dry your clothes then you do need to bear this in mind.

        The washer has a pull out drawer to the left hand side at the top of the machine where you put your washing powder and fabric conditioner, there is also a compartment for further washing powder if you want a pre wash. On the drawer is a list of all the different settings so you don't need to keep referring to the manual. Below the drawer is a curved area sized for your hand to allow easy pull out of the drawer. The machine is front loading and the door is a decent size to allow you to load the washing.

        To the right of the drawer are 3 dials, washing dial, temperature dial and drying dial. The machine has got 16 different settings including prewash, wool, silk, cotton and delicates. The temperature dial runs from 30 degrees upover and there are 3 different drying setting depending on whether you want your clothes bone dry or still damp. There are also buttons to allow you to delay your wash for up to 9hours, easy iron, extra rinse and to reduce the spin speed from 1200 down to 600. A normal wash takes just over an hour although there is a setting to reduce this to an hour.

        I have no complaint about this machine, we were dubious buying a washer dryer as we didn't know how good it would be but the washing and drying are both superb. Highly recommended.


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        10.02.2009 22:54
        Very helpful



        Reliable washer/dryer at a good price

        Specification overview:

        The Indesit WIDXL126 is a white front-loading washer dryer, measuring 85cm x 59.5cm x53.5cm (H/W/D). The wash capacity is 6kg, however the dryer capacity is only 4kg. This is quite usual for washer dryers and worth noting.

        The machine has 16 programmes, incl. hand wash, quick wash etc. There is also a useful delay timer, so you can delay the load to run overnight when electricity is cheaper (depending on your tariff).

        Energy efficiency is rated B, which I think is as good as you get for standard washer dryer, due to the dryer component.

        I purchased mine from Comet online for £275 with free delivery and was happy with the service.


        We moved recently to a house with a rather small kitchen and so needed to go for the washer/dryer option. As a rule I would avoid getting the combo if you can, as they are never as efficient as separates.

        That said, this has proved to be a very reliable machine. It washes very well and has some useful functions, such as delay timer and quick wash. I don't find it too loud and it's easy to keep clean (the drawer doesn't seem to get as blocked up as some machines).

        Where it falls down is with the dryer programmes. I typically use the cupboard dry option and find that laundry is often still damp and I have to run an additional drying programme. I think it may be because the washing gets so hot and the machine mistakes it for dry. I may also overfill it at times its true!

        As I already mentioned the dryer will only take a 4kg load, which means if you have a full 6kg wash load you will need to remove some wet laundry and dry separately. On the whole this isn't too much of an issue as usually I find at least some of of my load is line dry only, but in the case of towels/sheets etc. it can be a pain. Particularly as if you have the dryer dial set the load will go straight from wash to dry and you cannot open the door to remove laundry.

        Overall, I think this is a reliable machine at a good price and is pretty effective for a washer/dryer.


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        Short name: Indesit WIDXL126

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