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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2013 07:43


      • "Ease of use"


      Does what it says on the packet-washes clothes VERY WELL and QUICKLY

      LG i s a well known brand for alot of electrical items, so already knew this would be a high quality item. I have had this item for around two years now so can see the pros and the cons. The pros? Good looking machine firstly, very easy to clean with a good capacity for clothes which is 8kg. Quite a standard size overall so didnt feel it was massive in the kicthen and slotted away very easily. The funtions/settings/buttons are very easy to use.Plenty of different wash options etc. half load,hand wash, intensive, pre wash soak and so much more. To be honest, many of these settings I havent even used, but great that theyre there. The time it takes for a load to finish obviosuly depends on which setting, temperature etc you have put it on, but to be fair I can put a wash on when the kids are having breakfast before school and by the time I'm back from school run washing is complete.

      The Cons? I know this machine is supposed to be very quiet, and to be fair its alot more quiet than my last machine, but I still think its alittle loud, i excepted something with less noise. Also, just over a year after buying and using the machine, the bit you push in on the door handle to pen the door broke off. The door can still open, but would have thought this would have been able to be much long lasting, consdering you use the machine alot, your going to open the door alot!

      Overall a machine that didnt cost the earth as I got it in sale and got further discount from the retailer, large capacity so perfect for those with those who have families or need to do alot of washing, but more importantly they was clothes very well and quickly.


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      09.05.2011 10:55
      Very helpful
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      • "Ease of use"


      A contempory looking intelligent machine that has the latest drive technology.

      This machine looks fantastic. All the LG machines out there are sculpted to look contemporary and fantastic in your kitchen. This one especially, with the silver glossy chrome effect around the door looks extremely stylish and luxurious. LG have been making washing machines since 1958 and think they finally have them down to an art. This model comes with a two year warranty and a ten year warranty on the direct drive motor. They must be extremely confident in their product to offer this.

      The washing machine is the most quietest I have ever heard. LG''s Direct Drive technology attaches the motor directly to the drive to reduce vibration, noise, and energy usage. I cannot hear it if it switched on in the kitchen and I am in the next room. The best advantage due to this near silent machine, however is that with the 3-19 hours time delay I can set the machine to come on in the middle of the night. This way, I can take advantage of cheap electricity (Significantly cheaper) and sleep through the night without being disturbed. I wake up in the morning to fresh washed clothes and can pop then straight on the line. The wash sound is measured at 54dBa and the spin at 57dBa.

      The machine's dimensions are 84 x 60 x 59cm. This is average sized for a washing machine but it features a whopping 8 kg drum. This means I only need to do a couple of washes a week. It also means I can wash my duvets. It even has a setting for this. The large porthole moves 180 degrees so it's easy to pop the load in and get it back out. The spin speed 1200rpm ensures that clothes always come out as dry as possible. A child lock function is available on these machines. Unusually, the machine plays a little tune when the machine is switched on and when it finishes a cycle. I think this is something you can disable but I actually quite like it!

      The machine is rated A++ with a consumption rating of 1.23kwh making it extremely economic and a little bit less on your carbon footprint. When full it does use 56L of water which is more than some but it does have a much larger drum. As the machine can detect the weight of the load, it adjusts the amount of water used. Therefore for a smaller load it would use less water.

      The large LCD display is helpful, it shows the setting, the weight of the load and the time left.
      There are so many programmes to use and all are simple and easy to set. I do not use half of the options provided but it's good to know they are there! The shortest cycle available on this machine is the quick wash which is thirty minutes long. I use this most frequently. It is perfect for freshening up work clothes or quickly washing items of clothing that have only been worn once.

      The longest cycle available is the boiling wash programme, which is 2hrs 17 minutes long and is designed to tackle tough stains. I use this for my white towels that usually end up with tough make up stains on.

      The standard cotton wash runs for 1hr 54minutes and is ideal for mixed loads of t-shirts and jeans. There is also a quick wash cotton programme. Some of the most useful cycles include:
      Duvet Cycle - so you can freshen up those duvets.
      Economy wash and the half load function use less water and energy.
      Hand wash/wool - I have used this on an angora wool jumper. I was a little nervous when it came out but it was in perfect clean condition.
      Bio cycle - gets rid of tough stains.
      Medic cycle - removes all traces of detergent. Ideal for those with sensitive skin.

      Overall I'd fully recommend this product. I paid £450 for my machine which means it comes in at a lot more than others in the market. I have seen it cheaper since purchasing it though however. Either way, it is definitely money well spent.


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      Short name: LG F1247TD

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