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    1 Review
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      27.11.2008 10:32
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      • "Ease of use"


      Not as whisper quiet as I had hoped, but very good anyway

      This is an unusual review for me, as I normally concentrate on tech and gadgets, but I suppose this sort of crosses over into that area. When our last washing machine gave up, I researched about these new 'direct drive' washing machines. Our previous machine was belt drive, where the motor has some sort of cog, the belt then goes onto this cog and also attaches to the back of the drum (where you put the washing). The drum is balanced by heavy stone weights. IT is when this weight shifts or goes off-centre that you get the 'noisy washing machine syndrome'.

      So, direct drive is meant to sort this. Basically, the motor is right at the back of the unit and attaches directly to the drum. With no belts involved and no heavy weights, the centrally mounted drum rotates without as much vibration. There is also less risk of it going off centre. The final positive is no belt or cogs, so less to go wrong.

      Well, in the four months we have had this machine it has performed well. It washes nicely, has very easy to use controls, a nice 8Kg load capacity and the delayed start (that was essential for us). What does not work so well is the direct drive. I do believe it is quieter, so a good point there. However, it still wobbles around and manages to vibrate itself so much that it protrudes an extra 1cm from the worktop after each wash. This mat be to do with out laminate floor and the slippery feet of the machine. We have tried shoving sponges under the worktop to support the top of the machine and this does work great, but I am now in the process of looking at some laminate floor cups to put under the LG's feet.

      All in all it is a great machine. Paying the extra for 'direct drive', well I think it was worth it, but please do not buy if you think it is an instant solution or a whisper quiet machine, as it is not. If I was buying again, then yes, I may well try another, or look at the Dyson range perhaps.


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      Short name: LG WM12331FD

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