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    1 Review
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      01.02.2007 01:14
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      An excellent washing machine that is easy to use and very quite

      I brought this washing machine in August when my old washing machine broke down costing about £500 but you can get it for lesser than now. I got an engineer to install this for me and he even said that this was a very good model!

      First I will describe the features of this machine in detail, hopefully it's won't bored you dead.
      The front panel is on the top front of the washing machine, which has:
      Detergent drawer- I was able to remove them with 1 hand for easy cleaning. Can put in detergent, water softener and strain softener.
      Start button to starts the wash machine
      Addition options buttons to be added to the basic programme-short, per-wash, soak option or water plus with indicator light to show which option selected
      A range of variable spin speed of 1200 rpm, 900rpm, 600rpm, 400rpm, rinsehold and without spin to choose from. Higher spin cannot be selected on certain programme i.e. silk/delicate as it could ruin your delicate clothes. So no mistakes make accidentally.
      Dial programme selector-To select the wash and temperature programme. Clockwise or anti-clockwise. I found this is great as I do not have to keep turning around to the right one when I selected the wrong programme by just one knot.
      Programme sequence indicator light-show which section of the wash programme has been reached.
      Time Remaining Display- a good indicator when washing is going to finish, although it does not do it by minute by minute as the machine measures the amount of water absorbed by the laundry and uses it to calculate the load during the first 10 minutes. It even knows how to shorten the time to wash if it a smaller load, which I found great.
      Check light-Excess detergent indication, check drain and check inlet.
      Door button
      and finally on/off button-for switching machine on/off or for interrupting a programme making it easy to change programme.

      The following Wash Programmes and the running time roughly are:
      Automatic (40 C) - For mixed loads of cotton and minimum iron fabrics which can be washed together. Soft according to colour or dark colour can blend into brighter clothes. Duration 50min~ 1h 05min
      Cottons (30 C - 95 C)-For cotton and linen garments. Duration 1h 25min~ 1h 55min
      Minimum Iron (30 C - 60 C)-For polycotton or cotton mix fabrics. Duration 1h~ 1h 15min
      Delicates (Cold - 40 C)-Minimises creases on synthetic fabrics. Duration 50min~ 1h
      Woollens (Cold - 40 C)-Even gentler than hand washing and prevents shrinkage. Duration 40min
      Silks (30 C)-Hand-washable fabrics which crease easily and do not contain wool, gentler than hand washing and prevents shrinkage. Duration 37min
      Quick wash (40 C)-For washing up to 3kg, cotton programme for small loads of very lightly soiled. Duration 31min
      Starch -Duration 19min
      Separate rinse (16min), drain and spin(8min)-when you're already hand washed the clothes
      plus additional option-soak (2hrs) adding more water, pre-wash(15min) and make is wash quicker(shorten by ~10min) but only if your clothes are not very dirty or it won't be very clean.

      To open the door, you either press open door switch when the machine is on or if it is off you use some soft of orange flat plastic tool nicely tuck away inside the detergent.
      When I used the delicate and silks programmes, the laundry was washed and spun very gently reducing creasing and less ironing was used, which is great, less time doing boring stuff.
      At the end of a wash programme, the drum continues to turn intermittently to prevent creasing up to half on hour called anti-crease stage and you can unload your laundry once the finished it final spin. Therefore the longer you leave you clothes the fewer creases it would be.

      So this machine is great, giving me less ironing time, clothes are warm if you use one of the higher speed giving less drying time and very clean clothes. Have good indicator on when the washing going to finish and the progress. It is very sturdy built and it spins very quietly, even while I'm cooking in the kitchen. There are a lot of features and it is very easy to used, nothing too technological advanced as everything it written on it with switch and yellow light indicator to show what you've pressed (no unknown symbol/number to refer back to instruction manual. Usually, I just choose a automatic programme and let the machine finish the laundry for about one hour and 10min.

      It comes with a free 3 year guarantee when it was on promotion when I got this but its usually 2 free years.

      If you want to check for more information go to the manufacturer website www.miele.co.uk


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    • Product Details

      Front Load Drum Washer / Efficiency: A+AB / 11.02 lb / load / Features: Delayed Start Timer / Time Remaining Indicator / Colors: White / Short name: Miele 520

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