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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2017 10:31
      Not Helpful


      • "excellent washing"
      • "well made"
      • reliable


      • "perhaps price"

      The most reliable appliance I've ever bought.

      I've had a Miele Novotronic 1514 for over 13 yrs - I can't actually remember how old it is but I know I had it before my son was born! We are a family of 3 with a dog & we use it at least 7 times a week. It has never broken down, never needed repair & is still going strong. It is a little noiser than it was & may need some attention at some point but compared to most appliances these days i'd say that's a very good track record.
      It is easy to use with some useful settings such as the ability to shorten washes, express wash or add extra water to the rinses, and I've not needed the instructions beyond the first few uses.
      Can't say what customer service is like because I never needed it and I can't remember what I paid for it just that it was more expensive than all the others perhaps around £500 at the time.


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      27.06.2008 15:26
      Very helpful


      • "Ease of use"


      A brilliant washing machine with style in abundance

      Being a married woman with children ( 4 to be exact ) two of which are twins. I have an exceptional amount of washing. The dogs also contribute, I have a very old greyhound with toilet issues!!! I need a machine that can deliver on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day or night.. I believe this does.
      After much deliberation with my husband on which brand to choose from we agreed on Miele. I had heard of the brand but was not really clued up on them and why their products were alot more than the brands we see daily on the high street.

      Miele is a german brand, and all Miele products are made in Germany still today. The company originates from Herzebrock, and in June 1898 Miele & Cie was formed and in the following year production commenced making cream separators. In 1903 Modell A was produced, the first washing machine. By 1911 they had moved on to produce their first electric machine and by 1914 their first water powered machine. In 1923 they produced the first machine with a belt driven drum and chain driven wringer. They continued through the years to improve on the machines and even diversified onto other products entirely, car making for one! But the best changes came from Miele in the 1980's.

      Miele were well ahead of their time for the products they were inventing and bringing out onto the commercial market. They were able to captivate a global market and still continue to do so today.

      If you have ever owned a Dyson you will know with the first few models that came out they were unable to hoover on all floor surfaces successfully. Miele however achieved this in 1955 with the Prasident S, all new hoover suitable for all floors!!!

      Bearing this in mind and how diverse the company is I expected nothing but greatness from my new Miele 1514 washing machine.
      In 1996 Miele surpassed themseles again and brought out a revolutionary new idea for all of their washing machines. Whatever model of Miele machine you own you can at any time have a Miele engineer come out to your home and he can update your machine to have more prgrammes, even years after purchasing your machine - brilliant!! So if you cant afford the top speck Miele machine today, you can buy their cheapest model and just have it upgraded later on. Genious.

      So, what do you get for your money?

      Well, there are two styles that I have seen on the market. The nicest option being this one - the 1514. It has a round drain outlet flap located at the bottom on the front of the machine as apposed to the square one on the other style, this being very handy for all those bits that get left accidentally in the pockets and can block the machine. The blocked drain outlet is a very clever way of retrieving those bits without damaging the machine. Firstly Miele have covered this by cleverly inserting a lever behind the detergent drawer fascia panel for you to open the outlet flap. Once you have opened the outlet flap you need a tray at the bottom of the front of the machine and then you unscrew the filter, water most definately will accompany anything found in the outlet, how much varies, so be prepared.

      The 1514 clearly has a very big door which unlike any other brands of washing machine I have seen it has a flat finish, in other words your kids can no longer step on your washing machine door and use it as a little step ladder to get to the cupboards above!! very clever idea. Also, unlike any branded other I have seen is the size of the door hinge ... its huge, a wopping 4 3/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. Very substantial. I also think it looks very attractive and I like the whole overall design of this product.

      Programme wise there are several for you to choose from and ofcourse with any new appliance there is always a smal period of adjustment until you get used to all that it can offer. I found both the front panel of the machine and the accompanying booklet very helpful so I would say it must be idiot proof. If I can use it , you can use it.

      To select any programme there is a dial on the front of the machine at the top, located on the display panel, when you have selected any of the programmes on offer it will be highlighted in orange so you know which one you have selected. Then it will say what the programmes is, the spin speed and the time for the programme to complete. This is not all though, each programme has a different weight allowance. Bearing in mind you get a generous overall 5kg drum size you will still need to refer to the booklet to make sure the programme you selected can accomodate the amount of clothes you require washing.

      Cottons - max load 5.0kg
      Minimum iron - max load 2.5kg
      Delicates - max load 1.0kg
      Woolens - max load 2.0kg
      Express - max load 2.5kg
      Automatic - max load 3.5kg
      Shirts - max load 1.5kg
      Denim - max load 2.0kg
      Dark garments - max load 3.0kg
      Spin - You can select the speed required.

      The booklet even advises which garments it recommends you to wash inside out.
      You can ofcourse change the spin speed on all programmes or even turn it of completely if you wish. You can also change the wash temperature for each programme, if a particular load of clothes is extra dirty you can also add on an extra option. You will find your extra options located on the front panel next to the list of programmes, these include;

      Short - For light soiling, so the programme duration is reduced.

      Water plus - The water level is increased as is the rinse level.

      Pre-wash - For really dirty clothes, they suggest for sand and dust.

      Buzzer - A buzz noise to alert you when the programme has finished.

      I have to say at first I left the buzzer on , but then it got on my nerves!!

      One of my favourite things for a washing machine to have is the time display clock. It allows you to see how much time is left on a programme so you can get on with other things - girls you will understand!!

      When the machine first arrived I was suprised it required two big strapping men to insert it into my utility. I was told this was because the drum is incased with a stainless steel outer tub and a cast Iron stabilising cradle round the front to stop vibration during spinning and also reduce the noise of the spinning cycle and the overall noise of the whole wash cycle. I have to say this is true, in comparison to my previous machines its very quiet.

      One special feature of this machine I have to mention, is the automatic wash programme. The water level and spin speed are automaticallly adjusted ( obviously why the programme is called automatic ) so it gives the best possible washing results possible.
      Brilliant. I use this programme probably the most, because of this function.

      You can ofcourse cancel any programme initially after it has commenced. You do this by pressing the start/stop button and when cancel programme is displayed you press the start/stop button again and then the door button and it opens allowing you to change the programme or add the sock you just found on the floor behind you!! You cannot change the programme once it has started however, you have to cancel and follow that given procedure.

      On your very first use, the booklet comes in very handy. Once you have turned on your machine by the start/stop push button you are asked to select the language you require, it then asks you to make sure you have moved all the transit bars - well this was all very new to me and I wondered what else then it was going to ask me!!? But, it then suggests once you have removed the transit bars to press the start/stop button and you are now ready to rock and roll..It advises you to run a programme at 60c without any detergent, this is just to get rid of any unwanted smells.

      You will also notice in the booklet there is a brief couple of pages advising you on how to wash clothes properly and the required amount of detergent to use, great for first timers.

      Well, thats about it. Miele do recommend that you clean your machine regularly and state that if you use the correct amount of detergent in each wash it should not need descaling - I disagree, I live where the water is very hard and so I have personally purchased some discaler from Miele. I shall get back to you on that though I have yet to use it.!!

      My Miele machine is placed in my utility where I have a tiled floor, so I have to mop it regularly ( thanks to the dogs ) but one word of warning though, do not try to move it on your own to clean under or behind ..... its very,very,very heavy.

      Now the price, well as I have said Miele is a very good company renouned for up to the minute technology with the best quality so much so that they offer a five year guarantee with free parts and labour with this machine. However if you visit their official site it states that they expect all of their machines to run for twenty years!!!!!! now who can beat that???

      Back to the price, currently its best price I could find is for
      Electrical Direct

      In summary then, an expensive machine but with a brilliant company reputation, a vast array of ingenious programmes and features and with a five year guarantee as standard.
      Dont think about it, if you need a machine buy a Miele.

      For Peformance and reliability I rate it 5/5

      For Style I rate it 5/5

      For ease of use I rate it 5/5

      For price I rate it 3/5

      However, you do get what you pay for and if it lasts 20 years it will be well worth the money.

      This machine is A rated for energy.


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    • Product Details

      Front Load Drum Washer, Efficiency: A+AB, 11.02 lb / load, Features: Dial Controls, Time Remaining Indicator, Colors: White / The Miele W 1514 Front Load Washer has a capacity of 11.02 cu / ft., wash programs available: Delicates, Wool, Wrinkle-Free, Soaking, Cotton / Short name: Miele W1514

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